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October 30, 2015 / itsnobody

Evolution and Determinism

A bunch of fools (atheists) I’ve been talking to didn’t understand how evolution absolutely REQUIRES a magical type of determinism to be true and therefore requires free-will to be non-existent so I’ll try to explain it here.

Since polls show that 79% of evolutionary biologists believe in free-will this absolutely proves that evolutionary biologists don’t value evidence or care about evidence.

– The scientific evidence telling us that free-will is non-existent is unbelievably concrete and clear (based on repeatable experiments and direct observations).
– The scientific evidence supporting evolution is unbelievably weak, and not even evidence, just imaginations.

Yet evolutionary biologists are unwilling to question the evidence on evolution but willing to question the evidence on free-will, thereby proving that the reason why evolutionists believe in evolution has absolutely nothing to do with evidence.

The reason why evolutionists believe in evolution is because they’re biased towards evolution and really want to believe in evolution, not because of evidence. Enough said.

If someone were to criticize evolution in the same way that free-will believers criticize the evidence on free-will they would get heavily attacked, kicked out, or fired. In other words you’re allowed to publish unscientific junk criticizing the evidence on free-will but not allowed to criticize evolution with valid scientific criticisms, so evolution is protected like a religious belief, not a real scientific theory.

All of the evolutionists I’ve spoken to believe in free-will, lol, they don’t understand anything about science.

I don’t know how anyone can believe in of all things evolution and also believe in free-will, the two things contradict each other. It shows you the ignorant nature of the evolutionist!

Evolution requires a magical type of determinism, where things repeatedly change and repeatedly increase in complexity in an orderly manner, obviously fantasy and not true, lol.
Non-determinism falsifies evolution (the same arguments free-will believers use), also entropy in deterministic physics falsifies evolution.

Karl Popper defines scientific determinism as “the doctrine that the structure of the world is such that any event can be rationally predicted, with any desired degree of precision, if we are given a sufficiently precise description of past events, together with all the laws of nature” (Karl Popper, The Open Universe, (London: Hutchinson & Co., 1956, 1982)).

How does evolution require determinism to be true?

Dating techniques: All forms of dating and time-measurement require deterministic equations to be accurate, so the dating techniques REQUIRE determinism to be true. Evolutionists often ridicule people for doubting or questioning the accuracy of the dating techniques, but non-determinism and disorder falsifies the accuracy of the dating techniques. If things don’t behave in a predictable way there can’t be any accurate measure of time or any accurate dating technique.Evolution heavily relies on the accuracy of dating techniques, without the dating techniques being extremely accurate evolution would be falsified.

All forms of time-measurement require determinism to be true.

For the dating techniques to be accurate, hard determinism has to be true for billions of years.

You can’t measure time without determinism being true.

Nothing can stay alive, reproduce, or replicate without determinism being true: Organelles in cells have to behave in a systematic orderly predictable manner for species to stay alive, reproduce, and replicate…if they don’t then species die.

Like for instance, the process of mitosis requires certain predictable step-by-step orderly events to occur in a systematic way, if these events are out of order or don’t occur (non-determinism, disorder) then mitosis wouldn’t occur or be malformed, malfunctioned.

The same with other processes, like going from a zygote to a human embryo, if certain predictable orderly events don’t occur then the baby would be malformed or die (congenital anomaly deaths).

The same with the human body…humans have 5 vital organs (the brain, heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs)…if any of your vital organs behave too disorderly or non-deterministically then you would die just like that. For instance people who drink too much alcohol too quickly die from alcohol poisoning, the alcohol affects the brain’s vital centers stopping the brain from behaving in a systematic orderly manner, when this happens you die!

So disorder makes species die off and become extinct, meaning that overtime species wouldn’t evolve instead they would go extinct.

Nothing can evolve in a non-deterministic universe or even in a deterministic universe with too much disorder!

So with non-determinism or too much disorder in a deterministic universe, nothing could be alive long enough for evolution to happen.

Studies show evolution as deterministic even when it appears random: The study published by Karin Kiontke as the leading author (, shows that evolution is deterministic even in cases when it appears to be random. The number of cell divisions declined overtime instead of randomly increasing or decreasing. This is actually evidence against evolution in a way since it fits more into what modern physics tells us that evolution wouldn’t happen because of the entropy.

The non-deterministic or disorderly effects on evolution falsify evolution and are evidence against evolution.

In high school a teacher of mind said something like “Evolution isn’t a theory, it’s a fact” he then went onto ridicule Calvinists saying that “of course we have free-will we know we do”…lol a what real idiot. It shows you how evolutionists don’t value evidence or care about evidence, understand how evolution contradicts free-will, or even understand anything about science in general, the reason why they believe in evolution has nothing to do with evidence. The gaps and issues with evolution are like a million times bigger than the issues with the hypothesis that we don’t have free-will.

Of course I think that evolution is false based on modern physics which predicts 3 possibilities for species: Remaining nearly the same, becoming weaker, or becoming extinct.
Of course I think that free-will is non-existent based on the evidence, the evidence is unbelievably concrete on this based on repeatable experiments and direct observations (the most concrete forms of evidence in science).

If someone questions the evidence on free-will, QM, GR, or any other theory or hypothesis in science with unscientific junk the atheist-controlled media has no issue, but if someone questions evolution with valid scientific criticisms the media and society doesn’t allow it , you could get fired, heavily attacked, kicked out, etc…it really shows that evolution is not a scientific theory but protected like a religious belief.

Evolution isn’t even a real scientific theory, it’s a science fiction story. Almost all of the evidence evolutionists have is imaginations, for every other theory or hypothesis in science we’re told that “imaginations aren’t equivalent to scientific evidence”.

In order for evolution to work things not only have to change but change and repeatedly increase in complexity in an ordered way, just like believing in magic or the supernatural (contrary to what evolutionists claim, evolution is not a natural explanation).

There’s like 3 experiments on evolution and almost everything else in evolution is just fanciful imaginations, just like someone imagining a perpetual motion machine diagram working their minds, it’s just fantasy.

Evolution is Maxwell’s Demon, except we’re told that for evolution “if you can imagine it happening, it’s good enough evidence”, for every other theory imaginations aren’t equivalent to scientific evidence.

I didn’t know that your imagination is the equivalent to scientific evidence as evolutionists believe.

What’s going to happen overtime to species is just what physics predicts (remaining nearly the same, becoming weaker, or becoming extinct) not the fanciful imaginations of evolutionists.



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  1. itstransvestitenobody / May 10 2017 11:54 pm

    Religion is filling people with fear. Religion is one of the main reasons why people are afraid of living. And when I say ‘living’ I don’t mean just surviving. To survive is one thing–even stones do that–but to live is a completely different thing. To live means to be sensitive, it means to feel, to grow, to discover your potential and achieve to higher states of being.

    The starting point of religion is fear. Religion is based on the idea of sin: all people are born sinners, impure souls, and if they don’t purify themselves, they will soon be condemned to hell by God, where they will have to experience eternal suffering.

    In order to avoid hell, religion demands that people prove to God that they are worthy of heaven. How? By following the dogma of religion. Naturally, when people are put in such a situation, they find themselves in a continuous state of fear. They are always afraid of whether their actions are right according to religion or not.

    When you believe that you are being continuously watched by an all-seeing eye of God, you will have to act in certain ways to please God. The fear of hell is continuously in your mind, filling you with worry and anxiety, and this does not allow you to live spontaneously. As a result, religiously indoctrinated people become neurotic and in some cases even schizophrenic.

    Religion is turning people against themselves. The demands that religion places on people are unrealistic. Religion, on the one hand, teaches that people are born sinners. Sin is what we are made of, and whatever we humans are doing is bound to be corrupted in one way or another. On the other hand, however, religion is teaching people to behave in the best ways possible – in a few words, to be perfect, just like angels. But obviously people are not angels, so how can they act in such an unnatural way?

    This has many serious consequences. When you fail to do what God has ordered, you start hating yourself. You begin to accept the idea that you are indeed a bad person, corrupted, and not worthy. And once you do so, your life becomes filled with hatred, bitterness and resentment — a true hell on earth.

    Religion is turning people against each other. The other is just a projection of yourself, a mirror, on whom you can see your own reflection.

    Once you start hating yourself, you are bound to start hating others too. When you accept the idea that you are a sinner, you start seeing those around you as sinners. And when you believe that others are sinners, there is always a deep-rooted fear within you that the other wants to harm you — the other is evil, ill-willed, an enemy of yours.

    In addition, you will not tolerate religious ideologies that are different from the one you follow. This is why you see religious groups fighting against each other. Similarly, religious groups are fighting nonreligious ones. To identify with a religious ideology and call it the only truth and way leads to tremendously negative effects — prejudice, bigotry, and all kinds of violence (just think of how many wars have been carried out throughout history in the name of God and religion).

    Religion is keeping people in ignorance. To live means to learn, and life is a continuous lesson. When, however, you have grown up conditioned to believe what is right and wrong according to a religious dogma, and you’ve been taught that to doubt the religion you were born into means to go to hell, naturally you become afraid of seeking knowledge. You stop searching to find truth, and hence to learn and grow as a human being.

    Knowledge and wisdom are incompatible with dogmatic religious ideologies. Indeed, religion is confining people’s minds in the darkness of ignorance, and those who are in search of the light of truth are being condemned by religion. This way, religion keeps people blinded by all sorts of beliefs that are not based on any factual or experiential evidence, which does wonders to stunt their intelligence.

    In conclusion, As you can see, the negative effects of religion on society are enormous. To blindly follow a religion, or any other ideology, simply means to restrict your perception, suppress yourself, and live in hypocrisy — in other words, to live in pain and misery.

    Many people choose to follow religion, even though they’re suffering from this choice, simply because religion frees them from personal responsibility. To live spontaneously one has to take responsibility for oneself, and this can be quite burdensome.

    Life is made up of choices, and to make the right choices isn’t that easy. So people prefer not to chose for themselves, but to have others choose for them. They prefer to walk on paths made by others, instead of creating and walking on their own paths.

    But unless we stop having an authority tell us what to do or what not to, we will never be free to live the way we deep down want to live. And unless we are free, we will never be happy and find peace with ourselves and the world.

    • rednig / May 14 2017 12:31 am

      If Christianity fills people wit the same fear we would know in an atheist nation, then you’re still an idiot. Be of good cheer, the Bible says. Fear not for I am with you. Let me carry your burdens. It’s obvious you haven’t a clue what is in most religions. Science points us to a religion to keep us all sane. With no religious expression, anarchy reigns. Look at your supreme anti-religion leader, Kim. Does it excite you he wants to feed you to starving dogs while he has an orgy? Where there is no God, anything goes. Then there is never peace, anywhere. Until atheism is dead, we will always have wars and murders.

  2. Anonymous / Feb 4 2017 10:59 pm

    5 words can sum up this blog:

    untreated bipolar disorder, manic phase.

    I just hope this guy gets help before he kills somebody.

    • rednig / Feb 6 2017 11:41 pm

      Uh-oh! You mean itsnobody is now an atheist? Sounds like it. After all, new atheism destroys brain cells, and causes some very odd activities, like slaughtering millions of humans for fun and profit. It’s over 140 million now, no? The people slaughtered by atheists…

      • Tim / Feb 15 2017 4:18 pm

        The Crusades: 6,000,000
        Thirty Years War: 11,500,000
        French Wars of Religion: 4,000,000
        Second Sudanese Civil War: 2,000,000
        Lebanese Civil War: 250,000
        Muslim Conquests of India: 80,000,000
        Congolese Genocide (King Leopold II): 13,000,000
        Armenian Genocide: 1,500,000
        Rwandan Genocide: 800,000
        Eighty Years’ War: 1,000,000
        Nigerian Civil War: 1,000,000
        Great Peasants’ Revolt: 250,000
        First Sudanese Civil War: 1,000,000
        Jewish Diaspora (Not Including the Holocaust): 1,000,000
        The Holocaust (Jewish and Homosexual Deaths): 6,500,000
        Islamic Terrorism Since 2000: 150,000
        Iraq War: 500,000
        US Western Expansion (Justified by “Manifest Destiny”):20,000,000
        Atlantic Slave Trade (Justified by Christianity): 14,000,000
        Aztec Human Sacrifice: 80,000
        AIDS deaths in Africa largely due to opposition to condoms: 30,000,000
        Spanish Inquisition: 5,000

        TOTAL: 195,035,000 deaths in the name of religion.

      • rednig / Feb 15 2017 8:03 pm

        Where are you finding these numbers? According to this, each war ended Europe and slaughtered a few million outside of Europe. This is stupid. 🙂 Yes, a few of them were in the name of religion. Very few.

        10 million stolen into slavery by Muslims, millions more overtaken. It still took Europe 400 years to react, and then it was too late for many. What 6 million? Clarify, please. Give references, not just urban legend.

        Most of these weren’t even religious wars. Europeans going to Africa were agnostic, at best. Most so called religious wars had nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with greed. After all, look at the 240 million who atheists slaughtered in a very short time. All for greed, to force them to become atheists.

        No historian will agree. They laugh at you, yes. According to historians, 93% of wars had nothing to do with religion. Therefore, may we conclude they do have something to do with atheism and atheists? The following is on atheists alone.

        Lethal Politics and Death by Government:
        Non-Religious Dictator Lives Lost
        Joseph Stalin – 42,672,000
        Mao Zedong – 37,828,000
        Adolf Hitler – 20,946,000
        Chiang Kai-shek – 10,214,000
        Vladimir Lenin – 4,017,000
        Hideki Tojo – 3,990,000
        Pol Pot – 2,397,0003
        Rummel says: “Almost 170 million men, women and children have been shot, beaten, tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed or worked to death; buried alive, drowned, hung, bombed or killed in any other of a myriad of ways governments have inflicted death on unarmed, helpless citizens and foreigners. The dead could conceivably be nearly 360 million people. It is though our species has been devastated by a modern Black Plague. And indeed it has, but a plague of Power, not germs.”

        The Atlantic slave trade was based on Islam and tribal wars. Note, as well, Christians rarely, if ever took part in it. It was Christians who stopped you people. You even forced a war in America to keep your slaves.

        You cannot count the Aztec Flower wars because each man went into battle hoping to a) capture someone to take home to sacrifice, and b) ultimately hoped to be a sacrifice.

        I want proof, not urban legends. How did western expansion destroy 20 million? There were never that many Native Americans in North America north of the rio grand.

        Spanish Inquisition was secular for the most part. About 300 people were executed at the request of the church who had been caught owning Christians as slaves, or doing human sacrifice. again, you need to actually read before posting. Try real history, not urban legends.

      • rednig / Feb 15 2017 8:11 pm

        Gomorrah! I forgot your condoms in Africa! Bush put 10 billion in AIDS research. BO took it back. Bush gave a lot more than condoms. BO sent aspirin and more rubbers, to nations where they’re made, in Africa, then recalled any medical staff W had sent over. Sorry, you’ll need another excuse other than rubbers, which, again, are made in those nations in Africa where AIDS is common. You’ll also please note, the majority of AIDS related deaths, and wars, are in atheist controlled nations. Also, MAJOR problem for atheist is that atheists are the cause of the modern religious wars. You people were so idiotic as to support Islam by destroying Christianity it enabled a backwards, 3rd world religion to jump into mainstream, then to invade. Not to fear, your suffering will soon end when they use that dotted line you drew on your neck, genius, by fighting Christianity. No hates atheists as much as even a moderate Muslim. And you welcomed them into your home…

      • blacknig / May 7 2017 10:47 pm

        The majority of the “3rd world” as you so rudely put it, is Christian. Following your own definitions, Christianity must be a “3rd world religion”.

      • rednig / May 8 2017 12:54 am

        When Christ was dragged into the homes of the rich, he became a tool of the wealthy. New info, chico, most of those 3rd world nations are still combating colonialism’s effects, and the affliction of atheistic governments. If you want a real, ugly 3rd world nation, go to any communist nation.

        Atheist governments tend towards slavery, and therefore aren’t too inclined to fight it in other nations. Mexico, for instance. Europe and Asia. In the US under the neolib dems. But, tell me, did you vote for Hilda-Beast even though she wants atheists dead? And gays, as well, apparently. Why else allow unlimited Muslim immigration, when she knows they hate atheists and gays? In fact, only the neolib political hacks are protesting any stop of Muslims immigrating to the US and EU. And, parts of the US and the EU are under Sharia Law, which condemns atheists to hanging, and gays to castration. And atheists still support these weirdos…But, 3rd world nations have no place to go but up, and they are rising while atheism makes the West crumble into the dust.

      • itstransvestitenobody / May 10 2017 11:48 pm

        1. Religion promotes tribalism.Infidel, heathen, heretic. Religion divides insiders from outsiders. Rather than assuming good intentions, adherents often are taught to treat outsiders with suspicion. “Be ye not unequally yoked with unbelievers,” says the Christian Bible. “They wish that you disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them,” says the Koran (Sura 4:91).

        At best, teachings like these discourage or even forbid the kinds of friendship and intermarriage that help clans and tribes become part of a larger whole. At worst, outsiders are seen as enemies of God and goodness, potential agents of Satan, lacking in morality and not to be trusted. Believers might huddle together, anticipating martyrdom. When simmering tensions erupt, societies fracture along sectarian fault lines.

        2. Religion anchors believers to the Iron Age. Concubines, magical incantations, chosen people, stonings….The Iron Age was a time of rampant superstition, ignorance, inequality, racism, misogyny, and violence. Slavery had God’s sanction. Women and children were literally possessions of men. Warlords practiced scorched-earth warfare. Desperate people sacrificed living animals, agricultural products and enemy soldiers as burnt offerings intended to appease dangerous gods.

        Sacred texts including the Bible, Torah and Koran all preserve and protect fragments of Iron Age culture, putting a god’s name and endorsement on some of the very worst human impulses. Any believer looking to excuse his own temper, sense of superiority, warmongering, bigotry, or planetary destruction can find validation in writings that claim to be authored by God.

        Today, humanity’s moral consciousness is evolving, grounded in an ever deeper and broader understanding of the Golden Rule. But many conservative believers can’t move forward. They are anchored to the Iron Age. This pits them against change in a never-ending battle that consumes public energy and slows creative problem solving.

        3. Religion makes a virtue out of faith.Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus.So sing children in Sunday schools across America. The Lord works in mysterious ways,pastors tell believers who have been shaken by horrors like brain cancer or a tsunami. Faith is a virtue.

        As science eats away at territory once held by religion, traditional religious beliefs require greater and greater mental defenses against threatening information. To stay strong, religion trains believers to practice self-deception, shut out contradictory evidence, and trust authorities rather than their own capacity to think. This approach seeps into other parts of life. Government, in particular, becomes a fight between competing ideologies rather than a quest to figure out practical, evidence-based solutions that promote wellbeing.

        4.Religion diverts generous impulses and good intentions.Feeling sad about Haiti? Give to our mega-church. Crass financial appeals during times of crisis thankfully are not the norm, but religion does routinely redirect generosity in order to perpetuate religion itself. Generous people are encouraged to give till it hurts to promote the church itself rather than the general welfare. Each year, thousands of missionaries throw themselves into the hard work of saving souls rather than saving lives or saving our planetary life support system. Their work, tax free, gobbles up financial and human capital.

        Besides exploiting positive moral energy like kindness or generosity, religion often redirects moral disgust and indignation, attaching these emotions to arbitrary religious rules rather than questions of real harm. Orthodox Jews spend money on wigs for women and double dishwashers. Evangelical parents, forced to choose between righteousness and love, kick queer teens out onto the street. Catholic bishops impose righteous rules on operating rooms.

        5. Religion teaches helplessness. Que sera, sera—what will be will be. Let go and let God.We’ve all heard these phrases, but sometimes we don’t recognize the deep relationship between religiosity and resignation. In the most conservative sects of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, women are seen as more virtuous if they let God manage their family planning. Droughts, poverty and cancer get attributed to the will of God rather than bad decisions or bad systems; believers wait for God to solve problems they could solve themselves.

        This attitude harms society at large as well as individuals. When today’s largest religions came into existence, ordinary people had little power to change social structures either through technological innovation or advocacy. Living well and doing good were largely personal matters. When this mentality persists, religion inspires personal piety without social responsibility. Structural problems can be ignored as long as the believer is kind to friends and family and generous to the tribal community of believers.

        6. Religions seek power.Think corporate personhood. Religions are man-made institutions, just like for-profit corporations are. And like any corporation, to survive and grow a religion must find a way to build power and wealth and compete for market share. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity—any large enduring religious institution is as expert at this as Coca-Cola or Chevron. And just like for-profit behemoths, they are willing to wield their power and wealth in the service of self-perpetuation, even it harms society at large.

        In fact, unbeknown to religious practitioners, harming society may actually be part of religion’s survival strategy. In the words of sociologist Phil Zuckerman and researcher Gregory Paul, “Not a single advanced democracy that enjoys benign, progressive socio-economic conditions retains a high level of popular religiosity.” When people feel prosperous and secure, the hold of religion weakens.

      • rednig / May 14 2017 12:25 am

        Atheism is still nothing but a wet dream promoted by bronze age pedophile goat-herders.

        According to science, religion promotes healthy mentality and cooperation between people who would be enemies. It usually creates peace of mind. Atheism promotes discord, hate, murder (110 million slaughtered in 89 years, alone, in the 20th century), crime explosions, and so on. In fact, it’s viewed with such horror, 13 nations have outlawed it as a mental aberration. It may be, if science is correct. Narcissism at its worse.

        Iron Age. Are you stupid? In the early Iron Age, women ruled most cultures. Only among atheists are women truly afraid. Sweden is called the rap capital of Europe, and Denmark the world pedophile capital. The UK is said to be as bad as S. Africa in crime. Humanity is collapsing thanks to atheism. Try reading something based on reality. Jesus told women who followed him they were as his mother. In his day, a mother had the right to kill her erring son. Men he called brothers.

        Atheists tend to give pennies, while religious people will skip meals to give yet more. Atheism caused most of the poverty in the world. Look at former atheist nations for that. Look at Mexico, an atheist nation that had a per capita income and life-style far over that of the US. Then atheists took over.

        When religion dies, so does democracy. My ancestry is Native American. Highly religious and 100% democratic in most cases. The rest were republics, including the Aztec, Inca, and Mayan. In many atheist nations, you can be killed by the cops just for being in the wrong place, or trying to save small children from wealthy pedophiles.

  3. jass15 / Jan 21 2017 10:46 am

    Hi you should write an article about scientism, a dangerous dogmatic ideology which threaten the world

  4. rednig / Nov 7 2016 7:01 am

    Dick: Go to and you’ll find thousands of fossils that are out of place. Dawkins dumped the fossil record. 🙂
    You really need to keep up on science. But, atheism is based on urban legend and wishful thinking these days. Nietzsche was right, atheists are destroying atheism.

    • tw@tface / Feb 4 2017 10:54 pm

      The ICR believes the second law of thermodynamics contradicts Evolution. It just doesn’t, and if you think it does, you clearly do not understand it.

      You really do not understand what Dawkins is saying either. Dawkins “dumped” the fossil record because there is significantly better evidence. the fossil record is contaminated. end of story.

      Religion relies on the weak, like yourself.

      • rednig / Feb 6 2017 11:39 pm

        Dawkins, yep. Because of lies, cheating, and fraud, he dumped the fossil record. We’ve been saying this for decades, and at last someone stands up and states we’re correct. Evo-nuts need to slow down and stop treating evo as a religious dogma. If you would, Dawkins wouldn’t have had to go so public. And, being wrong at this, the fossils and age of the earth, what’s next for the blind-faith in evo to defend? 🙂

      • blacknig / May 7 2017 11:02 pm

        You’re completely missing the point. The Fossil record is far too incomplete to be considered conclusive evidence. That’s what Dawkins was saying, but I guess you read what you want to hear and manipulate it into supporting your concrete view.

        Science constantly evolves as knowledge is gained. Religion stays static and ignorant.

        It’s quite hilarious to see people like you disputing science, yet you’re writing your posts on technology that relies upon the science you dispute.

      • rednig / May 8 2017 1:02 am

        And science is returning to God. In the 70s, 44% of researchers were atheists. Today, less than 11%. Atheism is for losers and not into reality. You live in that little, dark box called outdated atheist urban legends and people laugh at you. Your only real accomplishments were slavery, Mao, Hitler, Stalin and other mass murders. Yes, and people like Daumer and Bundy. I believe the death count in only 89 years in the 20th century is 240 million slaughtered by atheists to force your beliefs on others. Evo is static and refuses to admit to mistakes, and it’s lies and many scams. It’s based on money, not science. Christians developed the modern scientific theory, not atheists. At best, all you have going for you is some barely literate Bronze Age pedophile herding his goats. I bet you can’t grasp the fact that the majority of fossils found look like the animal drowned. Or that sea animals and land animals are found in the same groupings. Or that the geologic column you use is found nowhere but text books 🙂 You don’t follow science, but a fairy tale that’s worth billions in today’s money. I never dispute science, only make-believe.

  5. rednig / Oct 30 2016 5:18 am

    the above is not from me, but by another weakling atheist who proves new atheism causes mental disorders and fear. this is one major reason why atheists are viewed as cowards and anti-intellectuals. Itsnobnody is correct.

  6. rednig / Oct 30 2016 4:37 am

    Mexico tried to build a wall. Fox and Calderon (PAN Party) wanted to put in a ‘nature’ preserve all along the border, a hundred meters wide, cactus and thorn brush, and patrolled by armed men. The DNC killed it by pumping money into the PRI (Mexico’s Nazi Party) and blocking efforts on this side. You cannot have a closed border and cheap slaves. Mexico exports thousands of children and women to the US each year. Right now the price is down to an average 90 bucks for a male slave. The DNC needs the cash flow from their constituency, the wealthy liberals. Mexico has factories that closed down because they can’t get enough workers. Most of the jobs paid the US equivalent of 15-25 dollars an hour. But, the PRI needs an open border at a valve to stop people from revolting. It’s not working because the drug lords are out of control, and refuse to pay more bribes to the PRI and DNC. They did like BO’s donation of M16s, though. Of course, so did the average cit of Mexico, who killed the drug lords’ men to get them and small arms–both of which are illegal in Mexico without a permit, USD $3,000.00 per permit. You’ll never see a closed border so long as the Nazis run both countries.

  7. rednig / Oct 30 2016 4:27 am

    And then you woke up. Some day, maybe, huh? Proof of God, the Bible is a legal document with thousands of eyewitness accounts. That millions have abandoned atheist and atheism is crumbling and now seen as a social disease by billions is pretty good, too.

    That you need to pat yourself on the back is further proof new atheism is not for the intellectual, but the mentally disturbed. Atheists tend towards narcissism, often the violent forms. Ted Bundy, Hitler, Mao, Stalin and many more. These are your idols. Dawkins and pedophilia and his narcissistic attack on women. Harris proclaiming rape is natural. Thanks to the fact that atheism causes a reduction in mental capacity, atheists are viewed as a lower order of humanity. Once, atheists were viewed as intellectuals. That’s long past, chico. More so since you people destroyed the only defense you had against your friendly neighborhood terrorists. Nice dotted line you drew on your neck. The sign telling the killer to Place Sword Here seems a little much, but then, Nietzsche did say atheists would destroy atheism. Keep up the good work.

    • bluenig / Oct 30 2016 4:52 am

      The bible is a bullshit document written by ignorant men who lived in a specific desert far away in the middle east. If they were gods people, then you and itsnobody are satans people.

      All religion is easily explained by scrutinising the teachings of Joseph Smith. We now know he lied to the masses for personal gain.

      • rednig / Nov 2 2016 4:47 am

        Itsnobody is a pantheist, and I am not. The Hebrews were the best educated people of their day with a strict regulation children had be taught to read and write, and do mathematics. This is true today among believing Jews who are often top in science and excellent teachers. The Bible is strict on ecology and animal rights, as well.

        Joseph Smith was proved a liar by Bible scholars in secular courts. Long prior to that, he was disproved in churches. I used to be an atheist because my parents were and my grandparents agnostics. I left it and looked at religions because belonging to one made sense for the peace it offered. I was taught by to watch out for cults. They seem good on the surface, but like pagan religions, they’re manmade. People fear, not worship. 13 years later, I became a Christian because it was the only one that demanded faith and love, not fear.

        The LDS terrorizes people and that’s only one thing that makes it a cult. More, it depends heavily on ascended masters which are known to be demons. Anyone who looked into Nazism, as I was forced to by ex-Nazis knows Hitler was an atheist and believed as Smith did, that these demons were aliens from a distant planet and now are ascended masters.

        Smith was deeply involved in Masonry, which after the 14th level you’re forbidden to use the name of Jesus Christ but as a curse. He read and adopted a lot of the Qur’an. The LDS used jihad to enforce it’s regulations over people, even outsiders.

        Hitler was enthralled with them, and that the LDS adopted Nazism. The LDS was the only ‘foreign’ religion allowed to remain in Germany after he declared war on the UK and even after he outlawed Christianity. That turned me away from the LDS.

        And, that Pr. Hinckley, now deceased, told LDS believers in France that the LDS “Worships another Christ” from the one in the Bible. Smith’s Bible is BS, but the real thing isn’t. Worse, the LDS is growing more open into old-world Satanism, using child slaves as sacrifices. Most Satanists are atheists or agnostics, and go through the rituals because it’s fun to them.

        If you walked away from the god is wealth crowd, my best to you. Atheism is a step up from them. If you want revenge, then find a Christian church that uses love to work against Mormonism. I’ve been attacked for claiming, then proving, Jesus was a black man (self-defense is allowed by God). Been trashed, mocked, and lost jobs and friends because of them. But, I still talk to them, still help where I can. Net result is the LDS is a business and losing money. One unfortunate result is many of those I talk to show up at the door with a 6-pack of beer and pack of cigarettes. I can’t drink beer and smoke a pipe. If we ever meet, bring the gluten-free beer and at least a few good cigars, OK?

      • tw@tface / Feb 4 2017 10:33 pm

        rednig, you went to religion because you were raped by a priest. or at least that’s what you’ve said on this blog.

        Religion is bullshit. fact. prove otherwise. If you find peace in bullshit, I suppose that’s better than you killing someone, but it doesn’t change the fact you’ve been brainwashed by the same philisophy that the LDS have.

      • rednig / Feb 4 2017 11:56 pm

        Wow, are you living proof atheism causes destruction of brain cells? Yes, there are studies on that, and it seems to be true. I am not a catholic, my parents were atheists, so yes, I was in danger of being raped., but was not. Yes, it came pretty close a few times, an atheist neighbor raped all his children and wanted the rest of us. I learned early to avoid people like you. I was an atheist till age of 14, then realized I was not some sort of lower order and left atheism. I’ve not bothered to look back. Most of my family was atheist or agnostic. It was the biologists in the family who were first to go to church, then the psychologists. It still took me 13 years before I could overcome the urban-babble legends atheists call reality and started to attend church. Now, I’m a holy roller.
        The Bible is proof, the logical start. Atheism was founded by bronze age goat-herders several thousand years ago. It’s belonged to losers ever since. At least we have proof. You don’t. You cannot prove anything but wishful thinking and pipe dreams. This is why atheism is crumbling, too many like you who want to be an intellectual only to fall far short. In the 1970s, 44% of researchers (that’s scientists to non-intellectual) were atheists. Today, according to Pew, it’s 11% and falling. As Max Planck said, science advances one funeral at a time. Science is again advancing as the urban-legend crowd fades away.

        The LDS was founded by Smith, a witch, who was 33 degree Freemason. Not by a Christian. He studied Islam and adopted parts of it, but in fact, he was an anti-Christ using Christianity as a cover.
        Under atheism, in only 89 years, atheists slaughtered 110 million people trying to force them to convert to atheism. The long count, according to Hawaii U is over 240 million all told. Religious wars only rarely were fought over religion. Almost all of them were fought over real estate and wealth. That would include Islam.

        Thanks to atheists, Islam, which was a 3rd world religion, was able to break free. Atheists wiped out the power of Christianity and thereby broke down the walls of protection. Nice dotted line you drew on your neck, genius. You forgot to add sig heil, for your spiritual father.

      • rednig / Feb 10 2017 4:38 pm

        literacy more widespread around ancient Israel than previously thought
        02/10/2017 Wintery Knight 3 Comments
        Investigation in progress
        Investigation in progress

        Some skeptics like to attack the traditional authorship of the gospels by arguing that the gospels couldn’t have been written by anyone close to Jesus, because they were all illiterate. The impression I get from the skeptics is that they think that illiteracy was widespread in and around ancient Israel.

        But then, in the radically leftist New York Times, of all places, there is news about a new peer-reviewed study:

        Eliashib, the quartermaster of the remote desert fortress, received his instructions in writing — notes inscribed in ink on pottery asking for provisions to be sent to forces in the ancient kingdom of Judah.

        The requests for wine, flour and oil read like mundane, if ancient, shopping lists. But a new analysis of the handwriting suggests that literacy may have been far more widespread than previously known in the Holy Land around 600 B.C., toward the end of the First Temple period. The findings, according to the researchers from Tel Aviv University, could have some bearing on a century-old debate about when the main body of biblical texts was composed.

        […]The new study, published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, combined archaeology, Jewish history and applied mathematics, and involved computerized image processing and the development of an algorithm to distinguish between the various authors issuing the commands.

        Based on a statistical analysis of the results, and taking into account the content of the texts that were chosen for the sample, the researchers concluded that at least six different hands had written the 18 missives at around the same time. Even soldiers in the lower ranks of the Judahite army, it appears, could read and write.

        […]The study was based on a trove of about 100 letters inscribed in ink on pieces of pottery, known as ostracons, that were unearthed near the Dead Sea in an excavation of the Arad fort decades ago and dated from about 600 B.C. That was shortly before Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of Jerusalem and the kingdom of Judah, and the exile of its elite to Babylon — and before many scholars believe the major part of the biblical texts, including the five books of Moses, also known as the Pentateuch, were written down in any cohesive form.

        The Arad citadel was small, far-flung and on an active front, close to the border with the rival kingdom of Edom. The fort itself was only about half an acre in size, and probably would have accommodated about 30 soldiers. The wealth of texts found there, recording troop movements, provisions and other daily activities, were created within a short time, making them a valuable sample for looking at how many different hands wrote them.

        […]One of the longstanding arguments for why the main body of biblical literature was not written down in anything like its present form until after the destruction and exile of 586 B.C. is that before then there was not enough literacy or enough scribes to support such a huge undertaking.

        But if the literacy rates in the Arad fortress were repeated across the kingdom of Judah, which had about 100,000 people, there would have been hundreds of literate people, the Tel Aviv research team suggests.

        That could have provided the infrastructure for the composition of biblical works that constitute the basis of Judahite history and theology including early versions of the books of Deuteronomy to II Kings, according to the researchers.

        I just heard a debate on the weekend in which atheist historian Bart Ehrman made the argument that around the time of Jesus, almost no one was literate. Therefore, it’s unlikely that anyone who was an eyewitness to Jesus’ would have been able to write anything down about it.

        I think this evidence does have some bearing on that question, because it shows that literacy of at least Hebrew was more widespread in the area than previously thought. That means that the people around Jesus are more likely to be able to keep their own notes, and then pass those notes off to a writer of Greek. Instead of having stories being circulated for the 30-35 years between the death of Jesus and the writing of Mark (note: I think Mark was written much earlier than that), you would have written notes by the eyewitnesses that could then be translated into Greek.

        But there’s more interesting stuff about Bart Ehrman’s charge of widespread illiteracy. Consider this post that I found on Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin’s blog, where he makes the case that Bart Ehrman is even wrong about his estimate of illiteracy. And when I say wrong, I mean it looks like Ehrman deliberately misrepresents a primary source that he quotes in order to make his point. Maybe that will be fixed in a future edition of his book, but it wasn’t fixed in the debate on Saturday – he used the same botched quote then.

  8. rednig / Oct 29 2016 5:07 am

    But, annon the mouse, you just showed yourself to be closed-minded, proving itsnobody is right. Worse, you have to be close-minded to be an atheist. You cannot disprove God, and so close your mind just in case someone does come along with proof.

    • Anon / Oct 29 2016 4:56 pm

      And likewise, you cannot prove the existence of a god. You prove itsnobody is a retard with your comments. I would t be surprised if you’re actually itsnobody trolling itsnobody’s blog. That would make complete sense to anyone open minded.

  9. rednig / Oct 29 2016 4:56 am

    Money. Macro evolution is based on cash flow, not science, but it suits those who want to be in the Hunger Games as rulers, so we have evo-pushers loudly proclaiming anyone who denies the cash flow is a moron. Having bios and so on in the family, I know too well how things in academia are run. Who pays the best gets the most. They’re still in a panic over being outed by Schweitzer in ’92. A few years ago, many were still trying to claim is was a ‘Christian conspiracy’.

  10. rednig / Oct 29 2016 4:49 am

    You forgot to add sig heil. You should when quoting Hitler. News flash, when there is no question about anything in science, it’s hardly science, but now religious dogma. Try science, it works.

  11. rednig / Oct 29 2016 4:41 am

    Wow, and then Santy Claus flew down your chimney, right? One son-in-law, Muslim. Several neighbors, Muslim, and all are very liberal, and all hate gays and atheists. Ever hear of the Armenian massacre? Probably not, as the little dark box of urban legends tells you to ignore reality. Turkey, once a place of light and education, had an imam claim Christians were destroying the Qur’an, and caused riots even in the universities. A million Armenians were slaughtered, and many of the killers were liberal and moderates.

    You forget the religious component of atheism, which killed 110 million people in only 89 years. And has not stopped, only been subdued, waiting the right atheist to come out and start all over again. Come to think of it, Atheist China is now fronting most of the terrorism today. Prior to them, the atheist USSR. Three fingers are pointing right back at you.

    One, I never said I was a Christian. Two, most of the world believes Christ lived and did all that was said of him without believing he is god. Three, stupid comment from someone who knows nothing of Christianity. Four, you encourage hate by making a fool of yourself. Five, if I hated you, I wouldn’t bother to answer your asinine comments. What I am doing is laughing at you. That grasshopper mentality seems to be taking its toll, no?

    Christ’s words in the Bible, Avenger of blood. Sorry, but you hardly rank high enough to be an enemy. You’re obviously a bigot, yes, but rather low on the scale. Adding to this, He will go from nation to nation with the blood of our enemies spattered on his robes.

    I’m not a hell boy, nor can I go to Hell for speaking the truth. Wow, but you atheists really do suffer IQ loss by being atheists.

    I doubt you’ve ever been sober enough to sit upright in a college class without being a laughingstock, judging by your inability to act like a man. Your writing again points to gay Nazism.

    • Donald J Trump / Oct 29 2016 5:34 pm

      We’re gonna build a wall. And Mexico is gonna pay for it. No more Mexican scum in America, we’re gonna make America great again!

      • rednig / Oct 29 2016 5:35 pm

        I lied folks. I was justa troll all the time. God doesn’t exist, I was just having fun with you guys, sorry lol

      • rednig / Oct 29 2016 5:36 pm

        I’m a bit of an asshole actually. I like boys bottoms but I can’t admit it to anyone in real life.

    • itsnobody / Oct 29 2016 5:37 pm

      rednig come stick your cock in my ass buddy, I wanna taste your cum. mmmm rednig cum all over me yum yum

      • rednig / Oct 29 2016 5:41 pm

        I’ll come in your ass boy, then you can shit it all out over my face and lick it off

  12. Anonymous / Oct 27 2016 6:41 pm

    I believe your arguments are incredibly well supported but you must acknowledge that some atheists are just misinformed. I am not an atheist, but your ego and anti-atheist attitude can make your intelligence questionable, which i am sure you do not want.

    • Anonymous / Oct 27 2016 7:59 pm

      The writer makes statements such as:

      – The scientific evidence telling us that free-will is non-existent is unbelievably concrete and clear (based on repeatable experiments and direct observations).
      – The scientific evidence supporting evolution is unbelievably weak, and not even evidence, just imaginations.

      Where is this scientific evidence? Existence of a god set aside, the scientific evidence of both these facts is unbelievably overwhelming.

  13. Anonymous / Oct 27 2016 6:39 pm

    Fun fact argument king: being rude or atheist doesn’t justify someone as sub-human, just incredibly ignorant and close minded,

    • Anonymous / Oct 27 2016 8:07 pm

      only as ignorant as someone who proposes evolution is a lie.

  14. rednig / Oct 27 2016 7:49 am

    Golly gee, no I know nothing of the Nazis! But, my stepmother was in the SS and made captain. But, two aunts were in the Jungen and were in the German military at the end of WWII. I live in Pennsylvania, and the Nazis here, thousands of them and the KKK, put Herr Wolf in as governor. But, gosh, no I don’t know nuthin about no Nazis. But that nothing is tons more than you do. Hitler was an _atheist_. The party was based on evolution. Any occultism was atheistic, depending on ascended master who the Nazis believed were/are from a distant star. Not demons, not gods. Maybe you need to go back to school. Cornell U, an atheist college, teaches a great deal about Nazism, and how the Nazis were determined to destroy all religions.

    I doubt you have the brass to punch little girls in the mouth, let alone me. No, Nazis loved torturing children, so you probably cheer at all slavery issues, like abortion. But me? LOL, baby. Not to fear, I’m sure a Muslim friend is eyeing the dotted line you drew on your neck. They do hate atheists, no? Stick with the Nazism. They adopted it in the 40s.

    I live fairly close to Brooklyn, NY. I know you probably never heard of it, but it’s a big, big place with synagogues, schulen, and yeshiva. Lots and lots of people wearing fur hats, and most of them are interested in Christ. And not far from here is an Ethiopian synagogue, and most of them are Tribe of Dan, and many are Christians. Most of the Tribe of Judah from Ethiopia are Christians. Goa, Nagaland, and Asia, tons of Jews there, as well. An entire town in New Mexico, fulfilled Jews.

    I see you still haven’t figured out, it doesn’t bother me if you’re gay or not. You use that like a flaccid club. But, what you say comes from a flaccid mind. Nazism was based on militant gays and evolution.

    I called you Nazis pedophiles. Darwin was an inbred who married his first cousin, then was (stupidly) shocked when his children all showed signs of being inbred. Like a true ass, he blamed God for his faults. Hitler studied Darwin and Darwin’s racism, as he did the DNC, and used it.

    Um, are you falling mental? A nightclub in Florida was blown away, over fifty died. It was a GAY nightclub. It was targeted by Muslims because it was a gay nightclub. Have you ever heard of Sharia Law? Under Sharia Law, religious judges have ordered gays castrated. If that doesn’t stop them, then they’re hung by the neck until dead. Remember what your friend and fellow terrorist said in Iran, we have no gay problem. There are no gays or atheists there because both carry a death penalty. Gay groups are under constant attack in Europe and the US, and it’s covered up by the news media.

    I’ve never fallen fowl of anything. Fallen foul, yes. I keep trying to show you the truth, but your mind remains stuck in that little dark box of urban legends.

    Guess what, God created things in perfection. After the fall caused by the agnostic, Adam, things started to get hairy. So, your perversions and diseases cannot be blamed on God. Meanwhile, in order to make life harder on people, tobacco, which kills such little nasties, if being called the devil’s weed–by atheists.

    Thank you for proving my point, atheism is not for the intellectual. I’m studying psychology! 🙂 This is my third time in college because I love to learn, unlike you who lives blinded by a lack of knowledge and fears. Please, start to go to gay meetings and some day you, too, will get to meet god personally, after a terrorist blows you to pieces. Funny, you k now, you, a true-blue Nazi being killed by terrorists, who learned to hate from SS. BTW, you forgot to add I have a big nose and murder Christian children to make my matzo bread.

    • / Oct 27 2016 8:36 pm

      So all muslims targeted the nightclub? You really do show your lack of intelligence when you try to be clever. I’d stop if I was you, you’re just making yourself look like a spoiled teenager.

      All terrorism has a religious component, whether it be protestant, catholic, shiite, sunny or any other faith. Your ignorance of world events is astonishing.

      You’re no Christian at all, in any sense of the word. You’re filled with hate. An atheist I may be, but I do know that Christ didn’t teach hate.

      Christ’s words as per your precious scriptures:

      “I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Matthew 5:43

      “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them.” Romans 12:14

      Do I really need to list every occurence in the bible of similar phrases?

      If there is a god as you say, you’re going to hell boy!!!

      I also highly doubt you’re studying at any level of advanced education, judging by your lack of ability to construct a cohesive sentence.

  15. rednig / Oct 25 2016 12:41 am

    Spoken like a true-blue Nazi! No, I don’t think you know any Jews who are fulfilled (accepted haMashiah as Lord). Proof you are lying is, you don’t even know the terms. I know entire synagogues that have. A cantor is a very good friend and his father is a rabbi. Most in his congregation are believers. I can’t believe you just knocked out every non-white Jew. Never heard of Ethiopia? The Lembe? How about the Jews in Asia? Oh, non-whites and Christian, so like every good Nazi, you claim they can’t be Jews. Hitler would love you, but then, he was a gay atheist. I assume you are, as well.

    I’ve been to Chi, hated it, and guess what, it’s called socialism, something I’m against. In fact, you Nazis and KKK (children of satan) put scars on me for speaking against it. Chi is YOUR bag, atheist. I lived in Mexico. No need to whine because you people wrecked a bright, living nation. Your people, the atheists, did that.

    Gays respect people who respect them. The adult-minded ones, anyway. The infantile, whine a minute kind like you are the ones bears beat up and often kill. They call me pappy because I try to be a father to those I work with. When was the last time you let one get close enough to smell the cologne? Probably never because it would choke you, hiding in the closet shrieking sig heil like a good Act Up gay. I cry at their funerals and help where I can. You just abuse them by calling them normal. That’s Chicago medicine, let them all get AIDS and die is all you can do. That’s why you queen of the night wants more Muslims in, because Muslims kill gays, but they hate atheists even more.

    You like to throw around big words. Sorry, bigot, it doesn’t work because I know you reek of hate. Homophobe? Now, that’s hilarious and proves atheists cannot be trusted any farther than they can spit in the wind, and that’s what atheism is, spit. I’m still waiting for you non-intellectuals to prove atheism is real. It’s dying, thanks to people like you. People like you give little kids diseases and study them. You people did experiments that Hitler picked up on and used. After all, he was convinced by you atheists non-white is sub-human. You even taught him about gun control. No wonder not even atheists can trust other atheists. Yep, studies showed that, and they were done at atheist colleges. Ever hear of elevatorgate? 🙂 How about Dawkins the pedophile, and Hay, the founder of NAMBLA? How many atheists flock to their teachings? Harris, who claimed rape is only natural. Nietzsche was correct. You lack intellect. No one but followers of the new atheism found control half the world, only to watch it collapse.

    BTW, your use of street language shows you a loser, and according to psychologists, shows you lost the argument. 🙂 Now, go back to watching the clock as your life slips away, utterly meaningless. I’ll keep helping where I can, and when I kick the bucket, there’ll be hundreds who mourn me. You? You’ll make better methane.

    • Steve / Oct 25 2016 9:26 pm

      You don’t understand the term Nazi do you? Maybe you should look it up. It means much more than a disbelief in the Jewish (or Christian) faiths. I certainly don’t believe Jews should be exterminated, and I’d quite happily punch you in the face if you called me a Nazi in person. In fact you’d probably get a kick in the balls too, and you’d deserve it.

      At best, a few high ranking orthodox views have expressed the opinion that Christ and the Christian faith need to be re-examined. That’s a long way from submitting to Christ being the messiah, and it’s certainly a viewpoint that was nonexistent 10 years ago across the whole of Judaism.

      It’s also worrying that you keep calling me gay. Is this supposed to be some sort of insult? You’re only displaying your own hypocrisy as on one hand you claim you have no bad feeling towards gay people, yet you keep using it as an implied insult towards myself when you actually have no idea of my sexual persuasion.

      Just to put you straight on another thing, Muslims do not kill gays. That may happen in a handful of tyranic Islamic states, it is certainly not the opinion of any of the true Muslims I’ve encountered. Just because Donald Trump tells you something doesn’t make it true. I guess you’re not intelligent to see through his racist bigoted views and wills till vote for him anyway. Shame on you, you pathetic hypocritical bastard.

      Where’s your evidence for calling Dawkins a paedophile?

      You’ve lost the argument several times already by falling fowl of Godwin’s Law. It’s a low tactic which is often merely an admission of defeat. It also shows how low your intelligence is. I’d stop it if I was you, you’re not helping your argument at all.

      I’d love to hear your explanation of Onchocerca volvulus. Your cunt of a god created that nasty little creature which causes horrific conditions in over 30 million people worldwide, including some of the African communities you mention.

      I can only conclude you’re severely mentally ill, just like itsnobody. There really is no other explanation. Take everything you’ve written here to a trained psychologist and I guarantee they will conclude the same.

  16. rednig / Oct 22 2016 2:26 am

    Look, wonder boy, is it my fault you’re a loser? I don’t hate anybody. You do enough of that loserism for ten of us. Nice try to change the subject. But, it only makes you look even more guilty of giving children cancer, of selling them to pedophiles, impoverishing entire nations so you can have a few laughs. Mexico used to have a high per capita income and lifestyle than the US. Gold was selling for 22 bucks an ounce in 1910 and the peso worth $1.86 USD. In 1912, atheists took over the country and by 1930, it was 4,000 pesos to one US dollar. Thousands of people were rounded up and forced to work for the benefit of atheists. No pay, just slavery and it goes on today, with 8 million slaves in Mexico. That is atheism. No morals because they get in the way of fun. Like Nietzsche said, atheists will destroy atheism, and modern atheists doing a fine job. I work with a lot of gays. I write, edit, and do research. They call me Pappy and I can go visit them any time, and they come to my place. I respect them as humans, and they learn to respect me or else. I attend weddings and funerals–too damned many funerals, thanks to their lifestyle. Do you know what a fagot is? It’s French for kindling wood. It burns hot and beautiful, then is ashes. That’s why gays call each other that.

    I know hundreds of Jews who are Christians. Guess what, Jesus was a Jew. Right from the beginning, God had a plan to salvage those people who wanted to be saved. Adam wasn’t a Jew. Jesus was. You never heard of Ethiopia? The people are Tribe of Judah. Lembe in central Africa, Levites, and many are Christians. Goa, India, has a huge Jewish population, as does Nagaland, all Jews, many believers in Christ. Ka in SE Asia claim to be the Tribe of Asher. The list goes on. The Ashkenazim are one small segment of Judaism, and so many of them are coming to Christ most rabbis look the other way. Brooklyn, NY, is a day trip and I have family there. Ever hear of Jews for Jesus? It’s one organization amid dozens of organizations of Christian Jews. Jews do NOT convert, they fulfill.

    • Steve / Oct 22 2016 10:07 am

      I literally laughed out loud at the ridiculous rubbish you wrote. You really aren’t very bright are you? It seems you have trouble distinguishing between the Jewish faith and the Jewish line of ancestry. Yes there are some people of Jewish decent who are Christians, I know many myself. They certainly don’t go to the Synagogue though and do not practice Judaism.

      As for your pathetic diatribe about Mexico, that’s what your American brand of Chicago Boy Capitalism has done the world. It’s all about profit now thanks to you imbeciles.

      And what exactly do you mean by “they learn to respect you or else”? What exactly do you do to them if they don’t respect you? Pull your gun on them? That’s the American way isn’t it?

      As for your comment about the word “fagot”, I know it’s not easy for an inbred illiterate to tell the difference, but that is a different spelling from “faggot”. And I don’t know of any gay people that call themselves that. It was intended to cause offence by douchebag closet homosexual god worshippers like yourself. Homophobic bastards like yourself have been using that word against gay people long before the discovery of HIV and AIDS.

      That’s your problem isn’t it? When you were raped (if indeed that is the truth) you liked the idea of a cock up your asshole, in fact I bet you got off on it so much and had to go play with your tiny little dick straight away and felt disgusted with yourself. And the only way you can deal with your feelings is to hide behind the pathetic god you speak so highly of. And if that isn’t the case, you need to go and jack off or get some pussy. I bet you’re still a virgin aren’t you?

      “too damned many funerals, thanks to their lifestyle.” Again and again you show yourself to be an ignorant unintelligent cunt. In fact, your not even as useful as a cunt. You’re worthless.

  17. rednig / Oct 22 2016 2:10 am

    You just made people laugh at you for whining. Atheists slaughtered 110 million people in a mere 89 years, raping many of them, selling thousands of kids into slavery, but oo, it’s all god’s fault! No, it’s your fault because whiners like you don’t think, you react. This is why atheism is dying, because of posts like yours. Intelligent people look at what you write and laugh. I once was an atheist and abandoned it because of people like you, non-thinkers like you. Vox Day and a host of others and many in my family all left atheism because you whine and bemoan and cry. If that doesn’t work, you shriek and demand someone change your diaper–which is what you did claiming god or believers are at fault. You nitwits opened wide the gate to allow Islam to come in. Your politicians invite them into your home and guess what, they hate atheists. A non-thinker cannot believe it, and then you’ll be banging your head on the floor with the rest of the losers and shouting praises to Allah.

  18. rednig / Oct 20 2016 12:38 am

    Are you taking the blame? Adam was put in charge, then sold out to Satan. We have an out, Jesus, and you just pulled an Adam, who told God to get screwed and made it possible for kids to have cancer. Cancer caused by man-made chemicals. things you made. do you have a car, ride a bus? Take a plane? You’re producing cancer-causing chemicals. It sounds like you’re the selfish one, greedy and unstable, which is common in new atheism, the narcissistic rants against a god who may not even exist. Do you curse your shadow for walking on your feet, too? Yes, that’s what you just did, made a fool out of the few remaining intelligent atheists. Good shot. The more atheists there are like you, the fewer people will be attracted to atheism.

    • Steve / Oct 20 2016 4:41 am

      You do write some bullshit don’t you? Your cunt of a god created a world where children get bone cancer. Where insects exist purely to burrow into children’s eyes and eat them from the inside out.

      And just po put you right, most atheists aren’t ranting against your bastard god, they’re ranting against the foolish believers of that bastard god. You use the cunt god to justify your opinions of people that are different to yourself. You obviously have a problem with gays and whites and in your tiny little brain the easiest and laziest solution is to look to your prick of a god for justification.

      I’ve actually read quite a few of your posts. On one hand you refute DNA evidence, then you use it to try and make a point below. You’re mentally ill rednig.

  19. rednig / Oct 20 2016 12:05 am

    Why do you gays hate blacks so much? Oh, yeah, because Jesus was a black man! And Hitler was gay. (look up Pink Swastika, which won another round in court because it give definite proof the Nazis were a militant gay organization). Most the monkeys I’ve seen have pale skin. Back to Jesus: The Lembi tribe in Africa has been proven to be the Levites. Ethiopia, most Tribe of Judah and some of Dan. Asher, go to India, where many became Christians when Thomas the Apostle was there, before the white raja killed him. Goa to Nagaland, quite a few of the Hebrews are there, where Hindus call them hubshi, their N word. Go to the Germanic nations, gay, and not even pure Caucasians, but DNA shows all northern and western Europeans to be Asian with pale skins. Australia, pure Caucasian Abos. Hindus, pure Caucasians. Southern Europe? Hmmm. BTW, in black Africa, having red hair or green eyes is a sign of pure Negriod genes. The royal house of David, in fact, another black man. No wonder you people need evo. You’re lost without it to prove the superiority of gay whites like you.

    • Steve / Oct 20 2016 4:44 am

      Why do you hate gay people so much yet protect the Jews, who ultimately don’t care what you think because you’re not Jewish and cannot ever be Jewish.

      christianity exists because you have to be born jewish to be jewish. It’s not possibe to convert.

      The jews don’t believe in Christ. Otherwise they would all have converted to christianity. Yet most christianists defend them.

  20. Steve / Oct 19 2016 3:29 pm

    god is a complete and utter cunt

    bone cancer in children? and we are expected to worship that selfish bastard every day? fuck you god

  21. rednig / Oct 18 2016 12:06 am

    Father Harry Hay, defrocked Catholic priest, avowed atheist, founder of NAMBLA. Do you always lead with your chin? NAMBLA is an atheist organization, North American Man-Boy Love Ass. Their primer teaches how pedophiles can become priests and ministers, and gain access to children.
    Theravada Buddhists, only actual practicing Buddhist atheists, monks are forbidden to ever have sex with a woman, but male acolytes (little boys) are on the menu. Pedophiles in prison are almost always atheists. Most convicts in prison are atheists. Fewer than 40% of convicts in the US attend church, but many are attending the mosque, and learning how to kill atheists. And that’s only the tip of the atheist heartless iceberg. Shall we go on? Pedophilia in atheist UK is so common, it’s barely considered a crime. In atheist Sweden, no woman is safe from rape unless accompanied by other women. Never heard of Haggard. He must be an atheist.

    In 2014, atheistic Japan was the world’s largest producer and consumer of child pornography. Atheist Denmark is second. Cuba is still called the land of the best educated child prostitutes. Thailand is pedophile central, and atheist.

    Dr. Sam Harris is a founder of the New Atheism movement. Sam Harris is quite aware of the stigma surrounding atheism and has even advocated that atheists no longer call themselves atheists.[21] In fact, Dr. Harris has said concerning the label of atheist, “It’s right next to child molester as a designation.”

    And here’s an atheist calling you a liar about catholic priests.

    Stop leading with your chin. You make atheism look stupid, something grown common with the new atheism. Research things, first.

    • niggerfucker / Oct 18 2016 4:23 am

      God made black people black for a reason – it was to hide the dirt on their skin. He created them as a slave race so the decent more intelligent white people could have better lives. They’re not real people anyway, they’re descended from monkeys you know. You can see it in their faces – just look at the size of their lips, that’s not human at all. Then they started demanding rights for themselves and trying to be normal people, so god gave them HIV and AIDS in order to kill them off. But the good decent white people gave them medicine and tried to cure them.

      Things like 911, the Iraq war and all the hurricanes are god’s way of punishing white people for helping his slave race. The sooner things go back to the way they should be and all blacks are thrown back into slavery, the sooner god will forgive his white people.

      And nowadays it’s even worse. Black people think they can worship the white people’s god. God doesn’t like that at all, so he created his army of angels on earth, the KKK. Black’s have their own god, his name is Satan.

  22. rednig / Oct 17 2016 12:31 am

    What kind of god watches little children suffer? The god of the atheists. It’s called selfishness.

    Jesus came as part of His own plan. As atheists have no understanding, no one expects them to be able to read anymore with understanding. Jesus set the agenda. Jesus saw it through. Jesus did it.

    Atheist gods rape. When Adam decided to go agnostic, he set things in motion. Atheists are like that, aren’t they?

    Atheists rape. Or haven’t you heard of elevatorgate? Or your hero, Harris, who stated rape is natural. Maybe you need to watch the Hunger Games, which was made to show what happens to a nation taken over by atheists.

    Struggle to eat? Oh, you mean all those nations run by atheists. Cuba, 1,700 calories a day. N. Korea, where the body is the feast at the funeral. Atheism have caused more deaths by starvbation than all the plagues we’ve ever had.

    I hate to tell you this, but every Buddhist I know, and it’s a day trip from here to NYC, believes in a god. In fact, the Cao Dai preach Jesus as the perfect human being. They state his followers will ascend directly to supremacy and forego reincarnation. They kind of sets your friends, the Muslims, into a tizzy. More so, it makes the atheists denying people education freaky.

  23. rednig / Oct 17 2016 12:20 am

    Smart is right. I don’t quote rapists to get my point across. Why do atheists rape, murder, and lie? Because they have no life, and need to steal it from others. You just showed how warped atheists can be. Far from being the intelligentsia pre-Darwin, today, no one trusts atheists, especially other atheists. Who are you to judge anyone, who follows the religion is selfishness? As is said, atheists have to climb in God’s lap to slap Him in the face. Most of the worlds slaughter and rape, soul rape and more is caused by atheists. But, you’d rather stick your head in that airless, dark box of urban legends than face reality.

  24. Donald T / Oct 16 2016 5:44 pm

    Your god is a sick fuck if he does exist. He allows innocent little children to be raped and murdered.

    rednig and itsnobody, I hope you both get raped in your ass, before you’re left to die all on your own you pathetic excuses for human beings.

  25. rednig / Oct 14 2016 10:36 pm

    I used to be a true believer in the blind faith of atheism. I found it to be filled with stuffed shirt and holier-than-thou types, many of whom had trouble thinking coherently. That was decades ago and it’s worse today than then.

    Do you understand that history is a science? No, I thought not. You seem to be one more self-important stuffed shirt with no clue beyond what you‘re told to think. Are you opne of the new atheists? The anti-intelligentsia. I depend on facts for a living. You don’t. I demand proof and unlike you, don’t simply accept the asinine explanation of weak-minded ninnies.

    I hear Nazis like you explaining the world away. Who gives a damn how rich the catholic church is, or the Jews, or even your allies, the terrorist Muslims. Live with it. In the end, you look like an ass and a whiner. New news for you, you do not have to support the catholic church or the Muslims. For that matter, you can easily get rid of the Jews you Nazis hate by supporting your friends, the Muslims. This is called politics. Just like your friends, the dnc, are getting rid of gays by bringing in Muslims.

    Unlike you, I follow science, not psuedoscience. According to JACK HORNER, a scientist, oh my, they’ve been unable to reproduce whatever happened to keep dna going for millions of years. But, that’s science, not urban legends. They guess/theorize it might be able to hang on for a few thousands. But, no one can truthfully claim it manages to go on, being eaten by bacteria, for millions of years.

    I’ve two cousins who are biologists. Did you catch that in your blind faith in urban legends? Two cousins who are biologists. They follow evo. Neither believe it can be trusted because those in charge of it are greedy for fame, money, and power. Did you understand me? Scientists are not gods, but human, and act human. They live for themselves, not for science. You really need to graduate middle school before trying to make claims as you have.

    • the truth / Oct 15 2016 3:24 am

      What kind of god lets little children suffer just so adults can prove their love for him?

      What kind of god allows 3 distinct groups to kill each other in his name?

      What kind of god has to send his only son to earth to redeem our sins?

      What kind of god allows men to rape children?

      What kind of god allows men to rape women?

      What kind of god allows some people to be extremely rich while others struggle to eat?

      I could go on and on, but the answer is the same for every question: the kind of god that man invented to exhert control over people.

      I’d ask you one more thing – why do you need god in your life? Does believing make you a better person? Bhuddists don’t believe in your god yet they are probably the nicest people on earth.

    • the truth / Oct 15 2016 7:06 pm

      So come on then you smart ass cunt. How do you justify children being raped.

      “You either have a God who sends child rapists to rape children or you have a God who simply watches it and says, ‘When you’re done, I’m going to punish you.’ If I could stop a person from raping a child, I would. That’s the difference between me and your God.”
      — Tracie Harris, The Atheist Experience

  26. rednig / Oct 13 2016 1:48 am

    It was when the KKK adopted evo as it’s standard, that it became a religious dogma. Atheists proclaim religion and science do not mix. Yet, atheists are no less religious about evo than any other group, and atheists claim the truth is relative to the situation. If truth is relative, then science must be, as well, to them. And, so must reality be. And then there’s Nazism, which proudly proclaimed evo is it’s religious dogma, just as Germany had decades before, then committed genocide on all peoples it made war against. Shall I go on? If not for these two groups supporting it via governments, evo would crash.

    I have several cousins who are biologists. None of them are true believers in blind faith of evo. It’s science, not religious dogma, yet none dare talk against it or the very wealthy evos will crash down on them for it. Money, not science, makes evo go ‘round. Watch what Ben Stein had to say. Evo is so filled with scams, in an honest court, it loses each time its tried.

    Creationism went from from 0.01% of researchers to 11% today. Few researches today are atheists, and that’s dropping. About 11% according to PEW polls.

    Examples of the age of stone is primary among scientists who laugh at the scam artists of evo. Nothing works, and DNA cannot survive the perfect laboratory setting more than an estimated 100,000 years. As exposed as fossils are, a few years at the most. How do you think bacteria survive to feed on soft tissues et al?

    • Brian Dunning / Oct 13 2016 3:15 am

      Do you really believe that bullshit?

      The richest organisation on the planet is the Catholic Church. The richest people on the planet are Jewish or Arab/Muslim.

      As for your suggestion that researchers who believe in Evolution are increasing, where did you pluck these figures from? The hairs on your asshole? At best you can say 30000 PhD’s believe in Creationism. That’s actually less than 1% of PhD’s in the USA, nevermind the rest of the world.

      People like you read something they don’t understand and then apply it to everything in the world, like your claim DNA cannot survive more than 100,000 years. In many situations DNA can’t survive, but in many it can. And as for your implication that the fossil record is fabricated, please provide one single example of a fossil being in the wrong place. JUST ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE. You can’t because there are none. Dawkins didn’t ditch the fossil record because it is wrong, he ditched it because he is intelligent enough to realise there is much better evidence. There are huge gaps in the fossil record yes, but also unequivical proof. Take the horse skeletons as an example.

      You’ve made the same mistake as the foolish blog author. You’ve started off with an opinion, read some science you don’t understand and concluded in your favour.

  27. Brian Dunning / Oct 12 2016 6:43 pm

    Debating with a Young Earth Creationist is actually really easy, because they only have a few standard arguments, and haven’t come up with any new cogent ones for some time. These standard arguments have been published time and time again, and a practiced Young Earth Creationist can handily draw them like a six-gun at the drop of a hat. All of their arguments are silly in their wrongness and easily debunked, and if you’re prepared in advance, it’s easy to beat down any Young Earther with a quick verbal body slam. You’re not going to change their mind, since Young Earthers do not base their opinions upon rational study of the evidence; but you might help clear things up for an innocent bystander who overhears.

    So here are the standard arguments for a young Earth, and the standard rebuttals from the scientific consensus, starting with my favorite:

    Evolution is just a theory, not a fact. This is an easily digestible sound bite intended to show that evolution is just an unproven hypothesis, like any other, and thus should not be taught in schools as if it were fact. Actually, evolution is both a theory and a fact. A fact is something we observe in the world, and a theory is our best explanation for it. Stephen Jay Gould famously addressed this argument by pointing out that the fact of gravity is that things fall, and our theory of gravity began with Isaac Newton and was later replaced by Einstein’s improved theory. The current state of our theory to explain gravity does not affect the fact that things fall. Similarly, Darwin’s original theory of evolution was highly incomplete and had plenty of errors. Today’s theory is still incomplete but it’s a thousand times better than it was in Darwin’s day. But the state of our explanation does not affect the observed fact that species evolve over time.

    The next argument you’re likely to encounter states that Evolution is controversial; scientists disagree on its validity. Young Earth Creationists have latched onto the fact that evolutionary biologists still have competing theories to explain numerous minor aspects of evolution. Throwing out evolution for this reason would be like dismissing the use of tires on cars because there are competing tread designs. Despite the claim of widespread controversy, no significant number of scientists doubt either the fact of evolution or the validity of the theory as a whole. Young Earthers often publish lists of scientists whom they say reject evolution. These lists are probably true. In the United States, the majority of the general public are creationists of one flavor or another. But the scientific community has a very different opinion: Most surveys of scientists find that 95 to 98 percent accept evolution just as they do other aspects of the natural world.

    Young Earth Creationists also argue that Evolution is not falsifiable, therefore it’s not science. One of the fundamentals of any science is that it’s falsifiable. If a test can be derived that, if it were to fail, falsified a proposition, then that proposition meets a basic test of being a science. Something that cannot be tested and falsified, like the existence of gods, is therefore not a science. Young Earthers accept this to the point that they use it as an argument against evolution’s status as a science.

    In fact, evolution could be very easily falsified. Evolutionary biologist JBS Haldane famously said that a fossilized rabbit from the Precambrian era would do it. Another way to falsify evolution would be to test any of the innumerable predictions it makes, and see if the observation doesn’t match what was predicted. Young Earthers are invited to go through all the predictions made in the evolutionary literature, and if they can genuinely find that not a single one is testable, then they’re right.

    The next argument to be prepared for is that Evolution is itself a religion. This argument has become increasingly popular in recent years as creationists have tried to bolster their own position by decorating it with scientific-sounding words like intelligent design. And as they try to convince us that their own position is science based, they correspondingly mock evolution by calling it a religion of those who worship Darwin as a prophet and accept its tenets on faith since there is no evidence supporting evolution. Clearly this is an argument that could only be persuasive to people who know little or nothing about the concept of evolution or Darwin’s role in its development. This argument is easily dismissed. A religion is the worship of a supernatural divine superbeing, and there is nothing anywhere in the theory of evolution that makes reference to such a being, and not a single living human considers himself a member of any “evolution church.”

    Young Earth Creationists also like to argue that Evolution cannot be observed. Part of what you need to do to validate a theory is to test it and observe the results. Although there are evolutionary phenomena that can be directly observed like dog breeding and lab experiments with fruit flies, most of what evolution explains has happened over millions of years and so, quite obviously, nobody was around to observe most of it. This is true, but it misstates what observation consists of. There’s a lot of observation in science where we have to use evidence of an event: certain chemical reactions, subatomic particle physics, theoretical physics; all of these disciplines involve experimentation and observation where the actual events can’t be witnessed. The theory of evolution was originally developed to explain the evidence that was observed from the fossil record. So in this respect, every significant aspect of evolution has been exhaustively observed and documented, many times over.

    One of the most tiresome creationist arguments against evolution tries to claim that There is an absence of transitional fossils. If the ancestor of the modern horse Miohippus evolved from its predecessor Mesohippus, then surely there must be examples of transitional fossils that would show characteristics of both, or perhaps an intermediate stage. I use the horse example because the fossil record of horses is exceptionally well represented with many finds. If evolution is true, shouldn’t there be examples of transitional stages between Miohippus and Mesohippus? The creationists say that there are not. Well, there are, and in abundance. You can tell people that there aren’t, but you’re either intentionally lying or intentionally refusing to inform yourself on a subject you’re claiming to be authoritative on. Kathleen Hunt of the University of Washington writes:

    A typical Miohippus was distinctly larger than a typical Mesohippus, with a slightly longer skull. The facial fossa was deeper and more expanded. In addition, the ankle joint had changed subtly. Miohippus also began to show a variable extra crest on its upper cheek teeth. In later horse species, this crest became a characteristic feature of the teeth. This is an excellent example of how new traits originate as variations in the ancestral population.

    The layperson need look no deeper than Wikipedia to find a long list of transitional fossils. But be aware that many species known only from the fossil record may be known by only one skeleton, often incomplete. The older fossil records are simply too sparse to expect any form of completeness, especially if you’re looking for complete transitions. It’s not going to happen. However, the theory of punctuated equilibrium predicts that in many cases there will be no transitional fossils, so in a lot of these cases, creationists are pointing to the absence of fossils that evolutionary theory predicts probably never existed.

    Here’s another Young Earth argument, and when I first heard it I said “What the heck are they talking about??” It’s that Evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics states that there is no reverse entropy in any isolated system. The available energy in a closed system will stay the same or decrease over time, and the overall entropy of such a system can only increase or stay the same. This is an immutable physical law, and it’s true. Young Earth Creationists argue that this means a complex system, like a living organism, cannot form on its own, as that would be a decrease of entropy. Order from disorder, they argue, is physically impossible without divine intervention. This argument is easy to make if you oversimplify the law to the point of ignoring its principal qualification: that it only applies to a closed, isolated system. If you attempt to apply it to any system, such as a plant, animal, or deck of cards, you’ve just proven that photosynthesis, growth, and unshuffling are impossible too. Organisms are open systems (as was the proverbial primordial goo), since they exchange material and energy with their surroundings, and so the second law of thermodynamics is not relevant to them. Innumerable natural and artificial processes produce order from disorder in open systems using external energy and material.

    In a related vein, Young Earthers also argue that Evolution cannot create complex structures with irreducible complexity. This argument was made famous by Michael Behe, an evangelical biochemist, who coined the term irreducible complexity. Take a complex structure like an eyeball, and remove any part of it to simulate evolution in reverse, and it will no longer function. Thus, an eyeball cannot have evolved through natural selection, as a non-functioning structure would not be a genetic advantage. It seems like it makes sense at face value, but it’s based on a tremendously faulty concept. Evolution in reverse is not accurately simulated by taking a cleaver and hacking an eyeball in half. The animal kingdom is full of examples of simpler eye structures, all of which are functional, all of which are irreducibly complex, and all of which are susceptible to further refinement through evolution. For a dramatic visual example of how irreducible complexity can and does evolve through gradual refinement, and yet remain irreducibly complex, take a look at Lee Graham’s applet the Irreducible Complexity Evolver at

    Another effort to fight science using logic states that It’s too improbable for complex life forms to develop by chance. This is the old “747 in a junkyard” argument. How likely is it that a tornado would go through a junkyard, and by chance, happen to assemble a perfect 747? The same argument was made centuries ago by William Paley, except he referred to the exquisite design of a pocketwatch, and pointed out that such a thing is so complex and delicate that it had to have been designed from the top down by a creator. This argument is simply reflective of ignorance of the extraordinary power of evolution’s bottom-up design mechanism. Once you have an understanding of multigenerational mutation and natural selection, and also understand how structures with irreducible complexity evolve, there’s nothing unlikely or implausible about evolution at all. In fact, genetic algorithms (the computer software version of evolution), are starting to take over the world of invention with innovative new engineering advances that top-down designers like human beings might have never come up with. Bottom-up design is not only probable, it’s inevitable and nearly always produces better designs than any intelligent creator could have.

    You should also be prepared to hear that Evolution cannot create new information. Based on a misinterpretation of information theory, this argument states that the new information required to create a new species cannot suddenly spawn into existence spontaneously; new information can only come from an outside source, namely, an intelligent creator. This particular argument doesn’t go very far, since any genetic mutation or duplication can only be described as new information. Not all of that information is good. Most of it’s useless, called genetic drift, but once in a blue moon you get a piece that’s beneficial to the organism. New genetic information is observed in evolutionary processes every day.

    For a final blow from the logic department, be ready for the argument that Evolution does not explain some aspects of life or culture. This is an argument which is really just a logical fallacy: that since evolution does not explain everything, it is therefore entirely false. Evolutionary biologists are the first ones to stand up and say that there are still plenty of aspects of life we’re still learning about. That doesn’t make the things we’ve already learned wrong. It’s also increasingly common for Young Earthers to point to things that have nothing to do with the origin of life and speciation, like the Big Bang and the age of the earth, and argue that since the theory of evolution does not explain those things as well, it is therefore false. This is an even greater logical fallacy. Theories explain only those observed phenomena they are designed to explain. They are not intended to have anything to do with stuff they have nothing to do with.

    Those are the standard arguments. One thing I can’t easily prepare you for are the non-standard arguments you might get from a creationist who doesn’t know his business very well. For example, when evangelical actor Kirk Cameron and Christian author Ray Comfort were given a platform by ABC television in April 2007 to express their beliefs to the creators of the Blasphemy Challenge, they didn’t even know the standard arguments and just started throwing random stuff out left and right in a way that’s much harder to debate intelligently. Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy had a similar experience when debating moon hoax believer Joe Rogan, and he summed it up quite aptly by pointing out that it’s easy to know the science better than a believer does, but a believer can easily know the pseudoscience way better than you. Stick with what you know, and don’t allow an unpracticed creationist who’s all over the place to steer you off the track.

  28. Dick / Mar 19 2016 5:36 pm

    its hilarious that the technology that gives you your voice proves the science you dispute.

    you should really take your writings to a medical professional and seek help before you end up killing someone for your insane beliefs

    • B / Mar 30 2016 9:09 pm

      The writer is not criticising science in itself, I suggest you read it again.

      • rednig / Mar 31 2016 7:20 pm

        Rarely will you find intellect in the lucky strike blind faith club of atheism. I have, but it’s very rare. you have to remember, atheism causes a reduction in IQ. They no longer need think, so they don’t, just react. Eric Kaufman, U. London, also noted that atheism is dying out in most of the world. Intelligent people avoid them, and atheists are constantly forced to redefine atheism to pretend their numbers are growing. At this time, 14% of atheists believe in God, or ghosts, or other works of the supernatural. It’s comical, really, to see them scramble to play pretend. Also, it’s noted by Vox Day, that the average atheist probably has an IQ of between 100 and 74. And he’s not laughing about it.

      • C / Apr 6 2016 8:20 pm

        14% of atheists believe in god…

        Just think about what you just wrote.

      • rednig / Apr 7 2016 6:37 pm

        I have a slight problem with atheists. They should have left their flat-earth theory in the bronze age. Yet, we see it today. All fossils are out of line. Many fossils aren’t fossilized, yet we’re to believe they’re millions of years old. How can any organic matter, like soft tissues, survive in an environment like Hell’s Creek? The summer is tropical desert and winters Arctic, and the stone is porous, easily permeable by air, water, heat and cold. Since Schweitzer outed evo, the price of fossils has destabilized radically. No one trusts an evo, and shouldn’t. Did you know she was fired by Montana U for her work? Jack Horner found her a place in N. Carolina U. Your one fossil, out of many.

  29. rednig / Mar 11 2016 9:16 am

    A pantheist? Oh, shame on thee, o son of Chronos! 🙂 No matter, Einstein would admire you, especially considering how he despised atheism.

  30. For existing. / Mar 10 2016 8:30 pm

    On determinism:

    Is it the form or the content that is determined?

    Is the destination both set and reached simultaneously,

    and if so are we living the effect of the set and reached destination?

    What if time was circular, not lineal?

    • Thank you. / Mar 11 2016 6:45 am

      I should have formulated the first question differently, because naturally the content would be formed by the form. I was really asking if there is free will in the content, at all? Is it possible that we have limited freedom in the content, or is it an illusion?
      We can choose between A, B or C. The three would have been put there to serve the set/reached destination. But the truth is, we think we can create an option D and follow it. So is this because we have freedom in the content and not in the form?

      And by circular time, I also meant flat. What if time didn’t exist at all (only change), is my question. Change would simply happen, without destination, and we could be provoking that change. (That is, if the universe was expressing itself through everything, I’m afraid I’m a bit of a pantheist.)

      • Me, again. / Mar 11 2016 7:10 am

        On determinism II:

        Why do we find patterns and form logical conclusions? Why can we predict? I ask this because you mentioned the word “predictable”.
        Patterns make it seem like there is an underlying truth. Is the only possibility of this underlying truth, determinism? Are possibilities themselves in the form or the content of determinism. And what if time isn’t lineal, what are patterns in a flat time? (I had to ask again)
        Circular time would mean Nietzsche’s abstract eternal return, what do you think about this notion?

        As long as there are patterns, can there be free will?
        If free will happens because of consciousness, are we merely trying to figure out our set destination whilst getting there?
        Why do we seem to want to evolve, survive and procreate? And why do we seek to understand ourselves, and what is around us. How does this fit into determinism? Is the answer my second question of the second part, or could it mean something else?

  31. Isaac Aay / Feb 18 2016 6:58 pm

    guys there’s no mathematical proof that anything is true so STFU with that retarded word you fucking retards.

  32. conradseitz / Nov 20 2015 1:19 pm

    You guys are nuts. You really think that paleontologists don’t believe in evolution? Really? Name a few main stream paleontologists, not members of the faculty of Christian schools, but faculty at legitimate institutions of higher learning, who DENY evolution as a theory that has massive amounts of evidence backing it up. Please.

    • rednig / Nov 20 2015 2:22 pm

      Ah, what’s you field of study? Clown? Nothing has ever been proved, certainly not the age of the earth. Aging is based on a lack of isotopes, but we know now (modern science, not the 17th century knowledge which you proclaim) isotopes travel. they can be moved by even a slight breeze, washed away by water, leaving lead and minerals that make rock appear ancient. Case in point, a lava flow in Hawaii was declared 600,000 years old after testing. But, the flow had been recorded about 200 years ago. Fossils: Anyone can make them today, and do it in weeks or months. You can even buy kits to show the kiddies how it was done. Coal and crude oil are being made in the lab. Easy, if you know the process. No one believes in evo, but they do all the money flowing into it. And, the liberal government touts evolution because it’s a control on the religious people. They do not use science because biologists not on the take don’t follow it as a science, but wishful thinking. Look it up. Atheism is dying, and evolution is following a slow, final death. In the 1970s, 44% of scientists were atheists. Today, less than 20%, and most of them call themselves spiritual, which means they’re not atheists at all by proper definition. Max Planck (a Christian) laughed and said, Science advances one funeral at a time. As atheism is dying, so is the pseudoscience of evolution. Most high school biology teachers do not want to teach it because its untestable, and therefore not science but wishful thinking. My field is psychology and manuscript research. What’s yours?

      • pixelguy10 / Jan 10 2016 7:50 pm

        There is proof that you’ve decided to hide yourself from to avoid change. Why are siblings different from eachother? Why do people look and have slightly different genetics based on location? Why did kangaroos originate from Austrailia? You see, evolution is adaptation, not just change. Nature does everything for a good reason. And you see, atheism is not dying, it is just that more and more theists are accepting science. 44% of scientists were indeed atheistic in the 1970s, and now it’s 20%, but that does not mean that there are less atheistic scientists. There are more now. Atheism is not dying, no, it is spreading, but the fact that it is 20% now means more theists have hopped on board the science train. Think deeper. And if you think no one believes in evo, you are DEFINITELY sheltering yourself. Overall, with the guidance of a God or not, 2/3 of America believe that evolution has taken place. For a scientist, you should know these statistics before making such claims.

      • rednig / Mar 11 2016 9:14 am

        Every high school biology teacher doesn’t like evo be cause evo is not even a theory, but untestable. Most scientists are edging away from evo and no, only 11% of atheists are in the pure form, true atheists. You cannot in fact be atheist and spiritual. Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others are spiritual. Some religions have no gods, but are yet spiritual.

      • Dick / Mar 19 2016 5:12 pm

        Source for 20% of scientists are atheists please…..

      • tsi / Mar 19 2016 10:53 pm

        Pixel got it from Pew and other places that also were forced to redefine atheism. Out of the 20% there are spiritual atheists, agnostic atheists, and at least 14% of the atheists overall who believe in God, yet call themselves atheists. It definitely sounds as if atheist leaders are getting desperate. More so, they’re beefing up blacklisting scientists who are Christian or believing Jews to keep them from review. An atheist is an atheist or is not an atheist. Perhaps I, a Christian, should start telling everyone I’m a Christian atheist–Oops, there are atheists who claim that…

  33. rednig / Oct 30 2015 8:03 pm

    Well put. the Lucky Stroke Club will never give up as long as the governments of the world pay them to lie, cheat and rob the people. No matter how many have died or will die, evolutionists will continue to shout Lucky Lightnin’ strike!” Given that Berkley itself has edged towards disowning methods used to age rock (radio active isotopes, which they just discovered will travel, making rock appear much, much older than it is). Back to Net Zero, we sull know the age of the rocks! By how old the fossils are, of course, and we know how old fossils are by the age of the rocks. That’s the best they can come up with and still live off the tax-payers. And, often get rich doing it. I doubt any paleontologist believes in Evolution, but they do believe in the money it generates.

    • itsnobody / Nov 2 2015 10:00 am

      I just don’t know how anyone can look at the evidence and really believe in evolution based on the evidence.

      The atheist-controlled media is well-intent on forcing evolution onto society even though it’s not even a real scientific theory, but merely a science fiction story.

      • rednig / Nov 2 2015 12:45 pm

        I don’t think anyone believes in evo but those who aren’t involved directly. No one I know who is a paleontologist believes in it. Even Dawkins has dumped the fossil record. It’s a scam and always was, an excuse to own people like cattle, to control others. In the 19th Century it was common for scientists to buy blacks and Native American bodies, and to order them fresh. Australia, Africa, and North America lost a lot of people to them. Men would hunt down non-whites and kill them, then ship their bodies to labs to study. One woman was called the black widow for her eagerness to study the bodies. Even today, atheist biologists call non-whites sub-human and get away with it.
        As for believers in evo: the fallacy of exclusion. For example, the evolutionist Dr. Scott Todd, an immunologist at Kansas State University, wrote: “Even if all the data point to an intelligent designer, such an hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic”.[14] The fallacy of exclusion is a logical fallacy where “Important evidence which would undermine an inductive argument is excluded from consideration. The requirement that all relevant information be included is called the ‘principle of total evidence’
        It never matters if there is evidence or not, but they go on with it. It means money and prestige, Governments go along with it because they no longer have to worry about reality or truth. As a psychologist said, if atheists believe truth is relative to the situation, then they must believe reality is, as well. (AKA they’re nuts.)
        Pseudoscience has done the same with evolution. They cannot prove, so they mock, as Huxley did to win against a bishop. As was done in the kangaroo court at the Scopes Monkey Trial, where people brought charges of racism against the teacher–who was paid to do this by the ACLU and others.
        Keep up the good work. Atheism is collapsing into it’s own filth. On the world scene, it’s down from 4% of the pop to 2% and falling yet. In Europe, Dr. Kauffmann believes it’s reached it’s zenith and Christianity is growing again, tho slowly, but very much fundamentalism.
        In April of 2010, the British academic and agnostic Eric Kauffmann declared that “the rate of secularisation has flattened to zero in most of Protestant Europe and France.”[13] Kaufmann also declared that secularism “appears exhausted and lacking in confidence”.[14] In April of 2012, French scholars reported that evangelical Christianity was likely the fastest growing religion in France.[15]

      • itsnobody / Nov 9 2015 7:43 am

        I find it funny that in reality evolution is a supernatural magic explanation but is viewed as naturalistic, just like someone imagining a perpetual motion machine diagram working, it’s Maxwell’s Demon.

        Believing that evolution is false is a natural explanation, believing that evolution is true is equivalent to believing in the supernatural.

        Chemical reactions don’t magically go into order then repeatedly increase in order and complexity like evolutionists believe, that’s just fantasy, the same as believing in the supernatural.

        The atheist-controlled media trying to force evolution onto people but not forcing other ideas that are backed by heavy experimentation really shows you how well-controlled the media is.

        I’ve debated with many evolutionists, not one of them believes in evolution because of evidence.

        The debate usually goes like this:
        – Evolutionist: “Here’s some supposed evidence that evolution is true”
        – Me: I debunk the evidence with real hard facts and reasoning
        – Evolutionist: “But authority figures say evolution is true, incredulity tells us that it’s true”

        The reason why evolutionists believe in evolution is because of authority, incredulity, and really wanting to believe in evolution, not because of evidence.

        The same people who believe in evolution believe in free-will, or that the jury is out for gravity, time, General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and everything else in science lol…it really shows you how evidence isn’t the reason why evolutionists believe in evolution.

        The atheist-controlled media has no issue with people questioning literally any other theory or hypothesis in science with unscientific crap, but they have an issue with people questioning evolution with valid scientific criticisms, how ridiculous!

      • Dick / Apr 6 2016 9:06 pm

        Dawkins hasn’t ‘dumped’ the fossil record, he just said it’s no longer needed. DNA evidence surpasses it.

        All you young earth losers need to do is find one fossil out of place…JUST ONE.

      • rednig / Jan 21 2017 1:38 pm

        yes, I’d like to see one strictly on scientism! Sources for information are wide and well-documented, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro. Good idea, Jass. Thanks.

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