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June 25, 2015 / itsnobody

Global warming, a hoax or a waste of time?

Global warming is a popular topic in the media, but after evaluating I’ve concluded that I’m not sure if it’s true or false, but I am sure that stopping man-made CO2 emissions is a waste of time.

Is global warming a hoax?

Based on the evidence I can’t be certain. The temperature increases are minimal (by 0.1 C) and there are many different factors influencing the weather.

Temperature charts do indicate a temperature increase, but the global temperature increase from 1880 to now still has been extremely small and unnoticeable (only 0.8 C).

The IPCC has acknowledged that the temperature increase from 1998 to 2012 has been slower than the temperature increase since 1951 (, but blames it on other factors that influence the temperature.

Some people believe that the slowdown is caused by the Sun.

Is attempting to prevent global warming a waste of time?

Definitely YES.

Climate scientists have said the effects of global warming are irreversible and that even if we stopped all man-made CO2 emissions tomorrow the effects of global warming would still occur.

Climate scientists estimate that with the best most stringent mitigation we might be able to limit the global warming to 2 C or lower by 2100, but with no mitigation the temperatures might increase by 2-4 C by 2100 (“Joint Science Academies’ Statement” (PDF). Retrieved 6 January 2014., Stocker et al., Technical Summary, in IPCC AR5 WG1 2013.)

This means that doing nothing might have the same effect as the most stringent mitigation!

So this means all this effort put into stopping man-made CO2 emissions is a waste of time.

What we should be doing is preparing for the effects of global warming and also other catastrophic events unrelated to human caused global warming that could occur.

If we stopped all man-made CO2 emissions tomorrow the effects of global warming would still occur, and other events unrelated to human caused global warming would occur.

So what people should be doing is preparing for the effects of global warming first, then maybe focusing on stopping people from generating man-made CO2 emissions afterwards.

Possible effects of global warming include flooding, droughts, weather disturbances, and natural disasters which may cause a food crisis in the future (but these things could also occur without human caused global warming).

I predict that a global food crisis is realistically likely in the 2030s-2040s (but because of the increase in the human population up to 9 billion, not global warming).

The world population by the year 2200 will probably be 500 million or less, if my predictions are correct!

So it’s best for humanity and mankind to prepare for the effects of catastrophic events (food crisis, natural disasters, wars, etc…) in general rather than focusing on preventing global warming from happening!

What humans should be focusing on (instead of focusing on stopping a few people from generating CO2 emissions):
– Manufacturing and producing your own food (you can do this with traditional farming, a greenhouse, a aquaponics greenhouse or other methods in your backyard)
– Natural disaster proofing your home (from floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc….)
– Installing a bomb shelter in case war breaks out
– Producing your own water (can be done by drilling your own water well, with Atmospheric Water Generators or other methods)
– Producing your own electricity (can be done with wind turbines, solar panels, home generators, and other methods)

If people focused on these things that I listed as much as they do on stopping a few people from generating man-made CO2 emissions we would be able to possibly prevent the upcoming food crisis (it isn’t IF it will occur but WHEN it will occur) but instead the media focuses only on stopping a few people from generating man-made CO2 emissions (what a waste of time).

Hopefully the media’s attitude will change and shift towards getting people to prepare for catastrophic events in general rather than focusing on getting a few people to stop generating man-made CO2 emissions before it’s too late!

– The most stringent mitigation might be indistinguishable from no mitigation
– Stopping all man-made CO2 emissions wouldn’t prevent global warming or other catastrophic events unrelated to human caused global warming
– The recent global warming slowdown has been blamed on the Sun
– It’s better to prepare for the effects of global warming and other catastrophic events rather than focusing on stopping a few people from generating man-made CO2 emissions



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  1. annonomous / Feb 7 2017 10:35 am

    “If we stopped all man-made CO2 emissions tomorrow the effects of global warming would still occur, and other events unrelated to human caused global warming would occur.”

    you are pretty ignorant. yes global warming would still continue because there is no source to CONTAIN that CO2 in the air. There used to be a hell lot of trees on earth but most of the forests have been cut down.

    Those trees cut down release the carbon contained in them over the years. As there is more CO2 in the air then trees which can handle it, the CO2 remains in the air.

    cutting down CO2 and planting trees (and other photosynthesizing organisms) will slowly cool the air

    • rednig / Feb 8 2017 1:42 am

      Had you done ANY research on this, you would know old-growth trees are useless to clean CO2 out of the air, that fast-growing plants like grasses and forbs do a much better job, and any tree older than 25 years is not quite a powerhouse at cleaning CO2. Trees have a symbiosis with fungi, which produce CO2 and consume oxygen. Trees drop leaves and needles or simply begin to decay while yet alive, and fungi consume it. We also know, thanks to science, one volcano will produce more methane and CO2 equaling or exceeding what humanity can produce. You ignore that at one time the atmosphere held as much as 200 times as much CO2 as today. No CO2, no plants, me buck. Any commercial greenhouse producer buys CO2 to release it at night in the greenhouse. Plants absorb it, it kills fungal diseases and many insects. It’s a fertilizer, amigo. A FERTILIZER. Methane in small quantities is, as well. Why do you think the most productive sites in the world are all on the slopes of active volcanoes? And where is all this methane coming from? How is it produced? Bacteria feed on organic matter and minerals to create it, which is then consumed by fungi specializing in it, which are eaten by bacteria and so on. From this we get crude oil.

      • itstransvestitenobody / May 10 2017 11:13 pm

        As well as carbon dioxide, volcanic eruptions also blast a cloud of ash, dust and sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere, which is quickly blown around the globe.

        Sulphur dioxide combines with oxygen and water to form sulphuric acid “aerosols”. These particles directly reflect sunlight and encourage clouds to form.

        This cooling effect outweighs the warming contribution from carbon dioxide, causing an overall cooling that tends to lasts for about two years after a major eruption.

        The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 was one of the century’s most powerful eruptions. Its huge dust and aerosol cloud cooled parts of the world by up to 0.4 degrees Celsius.

        There have been no significant eruptions since Mt Pinatubo in 1991, though a few small events caused fairly significant cooling in the first decade of the 21st century. The 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption’s effect on climate was about 10,000 times less than Mount Pinatubo.

        Overall, volcanic eruptions have had very little influence on the temperature changes we’ve seen in the last century, except for the brief period following an eruption.

        Along with other natural variability, such as ocean cycles and changes in the sun’s activity, volcanic eruptions contribute to ups and downs in global temperature from year to year.

        Scientists think the cooling effect of volcanic eruptions together with a drop in solar activity since about 2005 is one reason why temperatures at earth’s surface have risen slower in the last 15 years than previous decades, for example.

        Most of the so called “hiatus” in surface warming is down to natural cycles changing where heat is stored in the ocean, pushing it into deeper layers, scientists say.

        Scientists expect some large eruptions this century but can’t predict when.

        Since any contribution to global temperature will be small compared to human sources, all IPCC’s forecasts for future warming assume no major volcanic eruptions.

        Based on greenhouse gas emissions alone, the IPCC expects between 0.3 and 0.7 degrees Celsius temperature rise by 2016-2035 compared to 1986-2005.

        While volcanic eruptions don’t have a lasting effect on global climate, evidence suggests summers in Central Europe immediately following a major eruption are cooler and drier than usual. By contrast, winters in Northern Europe tend to be warmer and wetter.

        Volcano eruptions provide an insight into what would happen if we deliberately inject aerosols into the atmosphere. This has been suggested by some as a way to “geoengineer” the climate to bring global temperatures down.

        Research suggests the impact on the global water cycle is likely to be large. Both the African and Asian monsoons were weaker in the year following the Mt Pinatubo eruption in 1991.

      • rednig / May 14 2017 12:11 am

        Yep. Two biologists in the family, chico. By the time the average tree is 25 years old, it’s beginning to produce quite a lot of CO2. The global warming/cooling/climate change scam has been on-going since the 1830s when scientists asked Prez Jackson for money to study the sun. It was expanding, they said, and would blow up. Scientists are coming out and suing for their names being used to promote the scam. Al Gore is no scientist, and the last thing he worries about is nature. He owns two superfund sites and refuses to clean them up. His rental villages are a disgrace, with sewage running from broken pipes. And neolibs adore him. Just like Muslims do. Imams bent on terrorist activities use his movie to teach children that the West wants them dead. And remember, Muslims hate atheists more than anything else.

  2. rednig / Jul 31 2015 10:12 pm

    CO2 is fertilizer. no CO2, no crops. Greenhouse people have to buy it because plants cannot get enough. In fact, if there were 200% more in the atmosphere, it would suit them much better. Fewer insect pests, and less fungal diseases. No religion in this, honest! 🙂

  3. pixelguy10 / Jul 30 2015 10:32 pm

    Thank you for posting something not on the lines of religion. I enjoyed reading this, I hope to see you never post something related to religion anymore. This blog would probably be much more popular.

  4. Lolcat / Jun 28 2015 6:59 pm

    How is 2 degrees the same as 4 degrees?

    • rednig / Jun 29 2015 1:42 am

      C to F. Global warming is junk science.

    • rednig / Jun 29 2015 1:44 am

      And, he’s saying 2-to-4, not 2 becoming 4.

    • itsnobody / Jun 29 2015 8:49 pm

      Well they predict that with the best mitigation we might be able to limit the temperature increase to 2 C or below, and with no mitigation it might go up to 2 C to 4 C….so doing nothing might be the same as doing something.

      It’s better prepare first, then worry about something as trivial as global warming later, because there’s all types of catastrophic things that could happen unrelated to human caused global warming.

      If you had a time machine and traveled back to the year 1880 you wouldn’t notice any “global warming” because the global temperature increase is 0.8 C…unnoticeable.

      The graphs they use to show the big temperature rise use like 0.05 degree intervals.

      I hope people can prepare for all catastrophic events in general by natural disaster proofing their homes, producing their own food, etc…

      • rednig / Jun 30 2015 10:07 am

        Agreed. But, we’re in the bottom of a heat well. Warm is unnatural and cold is normal. If science is correct, ice ages are the norm. If you look back to 1834, I think it is, scientists told Prez Jackson (D/AKA woman-killer) that the sun was expanding and would destroy all life on earth, please fund s so we can study it. He did and it’s been that was ever since. When one thing loses popularity, they latch onto something else. It’s domestic terrorism. “Never waste a good crisis.” I’m more concerned with all the OTMs coming into the states than Yellowstone blowing. Popocatepetl is immanent danger to America. Temperatures rise and temperatures fall. A serious volcanic incident is deadlier than nuclear war. *Good news* sociologists are claiming they see atheism leveling off in 2017 and collapsing before 2050. Christianity is in an explosive growth, and a lot of missionaries are coming here, to the US, to teach and that’s raising awareness, especially as many come from formerly atheistic nations. Peace to you, and many thanks for the teachings.

  5. rednig / Jun 26 2015 1:25 am

    All prediction of global catastrophe are interesting, but it would be nice if the loony left would use science, not emotion. Bad news, we have gone through much, much worse than a little temperature rise. Try the little ice age. It wrecked the Anasazi in America and caused some major shifts in politics around the world. A 100-yeah-long drought here, a century of ice age across the northern parts of the world. Then when Krakatoa blew, two years, no summer. If you want something to worry about, worry more that Islam is dying, losing believers faster than they can gain them. The imams are talking all-out war to force the nations to bow to Islam and stop both atheists and Christians from ‘stealing’ believers away. They have nuclear weapons and call them holy fire. then you can worry about a nuclear winter, if you’re unlucky enough to survive.

    • itsnobody / Jun 29 2015 10:19 pm

      Well global warming predictions are almost like psychic predictions, since they use the word might and there are too many different variables involved to get an exact prediction.

      Here are some things I predict (based on the evidence):
      – A global food crisis is likely in the 2030s-2040s (best case scenario is higher food prices with no immediate crisis in the US and other developed countries)
      – A WWIII like scenario is possible with Russia and China heavily involved
      – Eventually the US will withdraw from South Korea, and North Korea will attack South Korea shortly after
      – White Nationalism and Nazism will rise as the atheist/agnostic/non-religious population rises
      – The world population will go up to around 9-10 billion then down to 500 million or less by the 2200s (because of the entropy, STDs, famine, disease, wars, etc…)
      – By the 2200s or earlier certain human ethnic groups will be intentionally separated out or exterminated for some reason or another in many regions around the world

      It seems that in the future they developed a strange form of contraception that when used once meant that a woman wouldn’t be able to get pregnant for many years….this ended up causing lots of STD related deaths in the future and made STDs a leading killer, killing much more than global warming.

      Some people might laugh at these predictions but it’s really easy for people to just die off as opposed to live.

      Looks like a pretty grim future…I wonder if I can do anything to change things.

      Better prepare first than worry about global warming stuff.

      • rednig / Jun 30 2015 11:17 am

        Niio, walk in beauty. I was just talking to a friend in CA about the so-called Mayan warnings. Most of it was BS they made up to sell books. All the Mayan said was, the calendar shows the end of the era. But, disasters will come, but over a stretch of time to cleanse the earth.

        The best prep is in the mind. I do not own guns. I don’t see why I would need them. After all, all my family and friends do.

        I hear there’s another new STD stalking gays. I keep telling those I work with, use protection, but most won’t till it’s too late. Now rumors are coming from some people in the know that Ebola can be airborne and that it can attach itself to some types of plants. Worries of a new, man-made Black Plague are there, as well. Having family in the medical profession means I get some news. Most of the stuff they laugh off, but not those last two. and, we’re all listening to those of us in the military, especially to those who are officers.

        We’re not preppers, but just old-fashioned. We can and butcher, know the woods well, how to cobble boots, and to just listen. Psychiatrists say never block fear, but compartmentalize it. Put it in a file all its own and leave it there. If the need rises, it opens to be used, not to abuse you. Knowledge of any situation is added constantly and knowledge leads to understanding, and that, to wisdom.

        “Fear is a nervous fellow who has caused more deaths than the Black Plague.” Better to not worry, but understand that these things happen. America is a strange place where what’s normal in the rest of the world–constant calamity–is considered out of the ordinary. If you were Native American, you’d understand. This is just one more crap happening on humanity. I say that and don’t live on a rez nor ever have, but the scars on my body speak loudly about the future. Peace. Remember that ultimately, you’re in charge of your life. God said so.

      • rednig / Jun 30 2015 11:19 am

        BTW, it wasn’t ice that wreck the Anasazi, but a century of drought. They survived it pretty well, just broke into smaller towns and villages. Hopi, Zuni, Tohono, and others. It’s blamed on ‘witches’ because the confederacy went sour and forgot Who was in charge.

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