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October 22, 2013 / itsnobody

Richard Dawkins – a closet Nazi White Nationalist racist

“It is an article of passionate faith among “politically correct” biologists and anthropologists that brain size has no connection with intelligence; that intelligence has nothing to do with genes; and that genes are probably nasty fascist things anyway.” – Richard Dawkins, from The Evolutionary Future of Man (1993)

“When you think about how fantastically successful the Jewish lobby has been, though, in fact, they are less numerous I am told – religious Jews anyway – than atheists and [yet they] more or less monopolize American foreign policy as far as many people can see. So if atheists could achieve a small fraction of that influence, the world would be a better place.” – Richard Dawkins, 2007 (

Richard Dawkins had organized anti-Israel protests back in 2002 ( So most likely Richard Dawkins IS a closet Nazi White Nationalist.

Dawkins seem to be pretending to be less racist now in modern times since many have criticized him for being racist (because of free speech, something atheists unanimously oppose).

Richard Dawkins’ beliefs fit in perfectly with White Nationalism:
– To support scientific racism as opposed to the creationist delusion
– To view Martin Luther King Jr. as just another dumb delusional creationist reverend
– To oppose Israel and hate Jews

So Richard Dawkins is probably secretly a White Nationalist, just like how the vast majority of White atheists are secretly or openly White Nationalists, and just like how 100% of all modern day atheist countries like Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, New Zealand, etc…are all White Nationalist countries.

You just have to realize that all atheists are in on this.

Here’s a comment from an atheist from a regular atheist fan site (not meant to be a racist web site):

Wow, you are very soft if Stromfront is too hard stuff for you. It is the most neutral place. You find VERY few republicans there, Biblebelt Neocons have NEVER been popular in the circles. They are even seen as bigger enemies than democrats! Stick around, once the shock and denial passes, you will follow the white rabbit too.

Read more:

We already know that in the US Tom Metzger (founder of the Neo-Nazi group White Aryan Resistance) is an atheist, and also that Larry Darby (former state director of the extremely popular atheist group ‘American Atheists’) is a holocaust denier.

People have to realize what atheists/racists are trying to do society before it’s too late, I don’t want the US to become as racist as modern day atheist countries are and there’s absolutely zero opposition towards racism in the atheist community.

I hope I can get society to view atheists as subhuman beings before it’s too late.

When you see an atheist, don’t hesitate, view this person as a subhuman being, like nothing.



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  1. Anonymous / Mar 22 2017 3:56 pm

    Moreover, I wonder why you problematize his atheism more than his paedophelia…

  2. Anonymous / Mar 22 2017 3:54 pm

    I find it ironic that you’re concerned about someone else being a White Nationalist and/or bigoted when you’re calling for an entire group to be considered “subhuman” based on their beliefs… That’s not very American or Christian of you.

  3. Anonymous / Nov 13 2016 6:04 am

    Kike confirmed

  4. Kurt / Oct 5 2016 11:38 pm

    I truly hate all religions, spiritualities and pseudosciences. However, I don’t hate the people who believe in any nonsense. I don’t even hate you, itsnobody (btw, why did you forget the apostrophe in “it’s”?).
    However, you surely are a coward not using your name.

    • Jesus / Oct 15 2016 7:28 pm

      God is a paedophile. He must be. Why would he allow children to be raped if he wasn’t one?

      • Darwin / Oct 15 2016 8:06 pm

        Why does evolutionism need the so called white superior race that Dawkins and the atheists cherish to abuse child ?

        Why Dawkins does not condemn paedophilia ?

  5. Kurt / Oct 5 2016 11:28 pm

    Wait… how could any human be a “sub” human.
    And why would Richard Dawkins have so much close contact and friendships with Jews if he was a “closet White National Racist”?
    Please try to make sense.
    Random groups of facts intentionaly put together equal cherry picking. And cherry picking and confirmation biasing are the best methods of idealogues.

    • Anonymous / Dec 30 2016 7:35 pm

      Are you sure ? I read many times that Dawkins hate the religious Jews.
      And having a ” black friend” is the typical racist alibi , isn’t it ?

  6. A. Alexander / Oct 23 2015 1:34 pm

    As Jews are hated simultaniously as communists and capitalists,so they are hated by believers and atheists simultaniously too! In generaly Jews are hated for everything. But the equality of atheists and believers in this noble feeling demonstrate the cheap price of the majority of so called “atheists” -thet sinply believe in atheism.

  7. rednig / Mar 30 2015 5:02 am

    Dawkins has admitted to one reason he dislikes Christianity in a talk about pedophilia. He claims “There’s nothing actually wrong with pedophilia, so long as it doesn’t go too far”. I do not know a single child psychologist who would agree with that statement, or, allow any child with him without supervision.

    Hitler was a member of the Vogel Jungen, a gay youth that depended on violent rape (by the adult male leaders) to bring in more boys. That is the result of decades of German atheism.

    • Yves / Mar 31 2015 7:52 am

      Yes , you’re right.
      The nazis only sent in concentration camps gays who opposed the 3rd Reich . Those who were more supportive were given full protection. Emil Maurice was Hitler chauffeur and bodyguard : he was gay ( or bisexual ) and had Jewish roots but never was concerned by antisemitic laws and never suffered from discrimination against gays. It has been said that Hitler and Maurice had sex relations while they both dated Gelli Raubal who was Hitler’s niece.
      Ernst Rohm was a prominent avowed nazi gay figure and he was well known to be the cornerstone of the nazi party in the very beginning.

      • Croaker / Dec 27 2016 10:34 am

        Until Rohm got the long knife. It’s refreshing after reading the invective polemic above this to see some sanity in the comments.

      • Yves / Dec 31 2016 1:02 am

        The Nazis compared themselves to Spartan soldiers. Unless they were all uncultured I’m pretty sure they knew the Spartan warriors were gay. I was not that amazed by some German footages shot in occupied Europe that show German soldiers flirting with local gay male civilians on the grass of some big cities parks.
        In the beginning of the war , when all went right for the Germans , they were not shy to film their own troops having fun with foreigner males.

    • Yves / Mar 31 2015 8:13 am

      When talking about pedophilia only – during the nazi era – we must remind that Hitler’s Youth was the official catalogue for nazi leaders who liked blond boys.

  8. I am not Charlie / Jan 13 2015 1:22 am

    Last week , France was stroke by terrorist attacks made by 3 homegrown Muslim fundamentalists.

    As a French Christian , I am devastated by the brutality of their murderers and mourns the death of the innocents : the 3 police officers and the 4 hostages who died in the Hyper Casher market.
    But the media did not notice that many French don’t support Charlie Hebdo because the paper spread atheism and the material was often racist.

    In France , Charlie Hebdo has a right to publish whatever it wants , and never hesitated to reinforce racial hierarchy and bully minorities whenever it can.
    The deceased journalists who put lipstick on sexism and racism are victims and martyrs ( of atheist mythology ) but not innocent. They were vulgar atheists.

    This is not a racial war : the Kouaci brothers shot a French Muslims cop named Ahmed Merabet in cold blood. The victim who has died in the street before a camera , and the murderers are both French Arabs.
    Their accomplice is a Black Muslim : Amédy Coulibaly killed a Black police officer from Western Indies.

    It is not even a religious war : many Jewish hostages were saved and supported by Muslim employees like Lassana Bathily , the Malian who hide 7 Jews before the police stormed the Hyper Casher market.

    It is an atheistic plan to provoke a civil war : the slaughter is the result of years of vile insinuations to incite the white French to bully minorities under the pretext of free speech.

    I support freedom of speech , not hate speeches.

    Je ne suis pas Charlie.

    Glad to see that abroad , some know what is really Charlie Hebdo :

  9. Anonymous / May 19 2014 1:34 am

    Former atheist East Germany championed skinheads  

     The Stasi, the East German secret police, supported and sponsored neo-Nazi groups in the West throughout the 1970s and 1980s, German newspapers reported yesterday.
    The prime aim of the Stasi, according to documents found in the Gauck archives, which guard the communist secret police files, was to destabilise West Germany.
    In cities with large concentrations of guest workers – mainly Turkish and Italian immigrants – thousands of leaflets were circulated bearing the headline: “Germans defend yourselves!” Using phrases reminiscent of the Hitler era, the leaflets urged West Germans to drive foreigners out of their country. The leaflets, crafted by the Stasi, bore the signature German People’s Union – DVU – which is a real, far-right party with headquarters in Munich.
    The subversion began in 1961 when Israel started its trial of Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal responsible for the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Jews. The East German police dreamt up an operation called “Forget Me Not,” which was intended to stir neo-Nazi violence in West Germany and make plain to the world the links between new and old Nazis.
    Chain letters, composed in East Berlin, were circulated in West Germany: “The Eichmann trial is an attempt by the Jewish underworld to taint our honour. We have taken up the struggle again. Our comrades are already launching a counter-attack against the Jews.”
    The Stasi followed up this campaign with hate letters aimed at German Jews: “Obviously you Jews have not understood that you must disappear from West Germany.” The East German establishment considered these campaigns to be a success.


  10. itsnobody / Dec 24 2013 12:53 pm

    I just hope I can get society to view atheists as fully subhuman before it’s too late

    • Chris / Mar 10 2014 4:38 pm

      They’re not subhuman, they’re just deficient in their mental capacities.

    • Ryan Schick / Jul 17 2014 5:37 pm

      I hope i can get society to view you as a bucket of liver before it’s to late.

      • Shlomo B. / Jul 18 2014 12:25 pm

        In atheistic countries , handicapped like Stephen Hawking would have ended up like this… in a bucket.

  11. Anonymous / Dec 20 2013 2:19 pm

    Plz , don’t speak about “modern day” atheists. Atheists are all the same , whenever the period they live in. They’re only two sorts of atheists. Those who have power (in China or in North Korea) and those who have lost it or at least tried to impose atheism : the Khmers Rouge , the Soviets , the Nazis etc… The atheists who live in Christian countries are parasites who try to influence the Christian culture by inspiring subversive ideas but they are not quite different from the North Korean barbarian regime. They just don’t rule for the moment. Atheists are all the same , they’re violent , immoral people.

    • Rushdoony's Ghost / Feb 2 2014 12:50 am

      Hear hear! That’s exactly right. Atheist are the scummy people of the earth, usually engaged in hideously sinful lifestyles. Gross people. Gross bumblers! They need to pipes down, and keep their mouths shut.

      • Anonymous / Feb 3 2014 3:45 pm

        Yes , on the New Testament , it’s written that the apostates are the “sons of perdition”. it’s so true : they’re vulgar and wicked. They always try to lead people astray.

    • Ryan Schick / Jul 17 2014 5:39 pm

      Budhism is an atheistic religion and the least violent. The tallaban is a theistic religion and crashed a plane into the twin towers. You have been proven wrong.

      • Banana culture / Jul 17 2014 9:36 pm

        Are you going bananas ? Before you went berserk Buddhism was a philosophy very compatible with local polytheistic religions.
        Most Buddhist scholars do not reject the existence of deities -known as Devas- unlike atheism.
        According to Encyclopedia Britannica :
        While the contemplative elite may deny the real existence of gods and demons together with the rest of phenomenal existence, the majority of Buddhists from the earliest times in India, and in other countries where Buddhism has spread, have never neglected indigenous religious beliefs.
        China who is the most atheistic country persecutes Uyghur Muslims , Christians and Buddhists as well.

      • Christopher Corvino / Jul 7 2015 5:58 pm

        Really is that why in Thailand Cambodia and India with it sizable Buddhist pop all the people there told me how they worship Buddha as god. The whole Buddhism is atheistic is a common misconception ive noticed and often made by ignorant white western atheists who don’t know shit about others beliefs.

  12. itsnobody / Dec 8 2013 8:55 pm

    Well the case is closed, a 100% of all modern day White atheist countries are White Nationalist/Nazi-ish.

    I just hope I can get society to view atheists as fully subhuman before it’s too late.

    The historical evidence is so clear and concise that the Nazis hated Christianity and the stuff on atheist fan sites and blog sites isn’t supported by the historical consensus. I don’t really know how atheists can be this stupid and gullible.

    Atheists are subhumans to society.

    • Ryan Schick / Jul 17 2014 5:42 pm

      Whenever I ask a theist what they think of atheists, they say they have nothing against them.
      Atheists are geniuses to society. Stephen Hawking is the smartest man in the world (Don’t you dare say you are.) And he is an atheist.

      • Anonymous / Jul 18 2014 11:27 am

        Every cultivated person have heard of one of the greatest scientist : the devoted Christian astrophysicist Isaac Newton who spent most of his time studying the Bible. Cosmology was just a funny past-time for this genius. Do you think Stephen Hawking is smarter than Isaac Newton ?

  13. / Dec 1 2013 1:44 am

    The jonas pell wrote many racist comments against African-Amercian on other websites. He only cares abou Jewish atheist. He also is a Christian hater,Muslim hater etc…

  14. itsnobody / Nov 27 2013 11:08 pm

    Well the case is closed, atheists are subhuman beings.

    Their responses all fit into these categories:
    – Agreeing with and supporting racism or Nazism
    – Doing everything they can to make atheists look good and/or Theists look bad

    So basically atheists thought in their low-life atheist mind “I can give one fuck about ending racism but I care so much about making atheists look good”

    The stuff on atheist fan sites about how the Nazis were pro-Christian isn’t accepted by the historical consensus.

    Since atheists are naturally anti-science and strongly discourage criticism and scrutiny of their own claims they wouldn’t know though.

    Just imagine atheists accuse me of trolling just for criticizing atheists for being racist, they wouldn’t ever go on a Nazi, or holocaust hoax fan’s site, or a racist atheist’s page and accuse them of trolling, because they disagree much more with me than with them.

    I’m glad we still have free speech in the US I can criticize low-life atheists for being racist as much as I want.

    In conclusion: View atheists as fully subhuman

    • Oliver Thiele / Jan 1 2014 5:50 am

      Have you heard of Humanism? Or more specifically, the Humanist Manifestos? In the Humanist Manifesto II (published in 1973), Nazism (and WWII in general) is strongly condemned as well as racism and discrimination of minority groups in general.

      “Events since then make that earlier statement seem far too optimistic. Nazism has shown the depths of brutality of which humanity is capable. Other totalitarian regimes have suppressed human rights without ending poverty. Science has sometimes brought evil as well as good. Recent decades have shown that inhuman wars can be made in the name of peace. The beginnings of police states, even in democratic societies, widespread government espionage, and other abuses of power by military, political, and industrial elites, and the continuance of unyielding racism, all present a different and difficult social outlook. In various societies, the demands of women and minority groups for equal rights effectively challenge our generation.”

      Several non-Caucasian’s have also signed the Humanist Manifestos (mostly on the Third Manifesto). What are your thoughts on this Itsnobody?

      • Anonymous / Jan 1 2014 2:48 pm

        Who cares about a manifesto published about 30 years after the war by a bunch of alcoholics ? Their first manifesto in 1933 did not even stopped the wars or Hitler to exterminate many theists in Europe. My guess is that prayers remain more efficient that your lousy manifesto.
        Have a nasty new year , Oliver !

    • Chris P / Jan 21 2015 10:38 am

      We don’t need to make theists look bad – you are the shining example of their stupidity.

      • itsnobody / Jan 25 2015 11:06 pm

        But who cares…like I said all the fools (atheists) can do in desperation is throw personal attacks at me.

        You keep proving that atheists indeed are subhuman beings.

  15. Anonymous / Nov 14 2013 9:38 am

    Need to click off the conspiracy sites and do some basic history reading buddy… Start with the Nazi Party, learn about how it was a religious organization. Then study a bit about Christian history and it’s abusive racial history. Then do some light reading about White Supremacists so you can drop this absurd notion that white propagation is an atheists movement since it a fundamental Christian movement.

    And then, finally take some remedial English classes so you can understand context. That will help you see that Dawkins was making a very common statement about how well organized the Jewish community is, and that if the Atheist community was as well organized and vocal in policy making many age old arguments over the division of church and state could be finally laid to rest.

    • itsnobody / Nov 26 2013 9:57 pm

      LOL! Hey stupid I think you should learn basic history, the historical consensus is that Nazism is either unrelated to Christianity or opposed to it.

      The simple fact is the stuff on atheist fan sites/anti-science sites (it’s the same thing) about how the Nazis were so pro-Christian isn’t supported by the historical consensus.

      Here’s a wikipedia article about it:

      The historical evidence clearly shows that the founders of Nazism (Alfred Rosenberg, Heinrich Himmler, and Martin Bormann) were all staunchly anti-Christian and viewed Christianity as a disgusting Semitic religion.

      You can also read my other article about it (which cites valid historical sources).

      I could easily cite at least 20 valid historical sources indicating that the Nazis were anti-Christian.

      I understand English fine I got A’s in my college writing and English classes, did you?

      The conclusion is simple: Richard Dawkins hates Jews, opposes Israel, and thinks that the Jews control the US

      Thanks for showing how gullible and stupid atheists are, they are the dumbest and basically subhuman beings.

      I don’t consider atheists as partially human, but as fully subhuman and always will unless they come out to oppose racism which will most likely never happen.

      • Anonymous / Dec 9 2013 3:58 pm

        Have you considered a career as an in-patient at a mental hospital?

      • itsnobody / Dec 13 2013 11:42 pm

        No, have you?

        Everything I’ve said is un-refuted and true, if you disagree feel free to refute it.

        The reason why you fools (atheists) only throw personal attacks at me is because you can’t refute any statement that I made.

        Since you fools (atheists) are only capable of throwing personal attacks I think you all belong in a mental hospital.

        The simple fact is atheists can’t do shit, other than mimic and copy and throw personal attacks.

      • Ryan Schick / Jul 17 2014 5:44 pm

        When are you ever gonna say what subhumanity has to do with racism?
        And btw only 39-49% of atheists are racist.

      • Chris P / Jan 21 2015 10:40 am

        Well this atheist designed stuff you use – I doubt you even know how to start doing my job let alone excelling at it. You really are the most worthless idiot.

      • itsnobody / Jan 25 2015 11:03 pm

        Repeatedly throwing personal attacks at me doesn’t refute any statement that I made fool (atheist).

        I doubt that you can do my job either.

        All of your comments are just stupid things that lack substance, you just throw personal attacks or just change the subject to discussing authority like “you can’t do my job”…just keep re-confirming that atheists are subhuman beings.

    • Christopher Corvino / Jul 7 2015 6:01 pm

      and yet majority of todays christians r people of color while majority of todays atheists r white people from the west. Why is that?

      • Émilie / Jul 7 2015 7:37 pm

        Well said , Christopher !

        The Catholics championed black men and women ordinations since 1850 or so. They were polyglot ; even read Latin and Hebrew and logically became the pride of many Blacks (at a time atheists questioned the humanity of Africans and led weird racist expeditions in Africa to find the so-called missing link that presumably could have prove the Bible was wrong about Blacks and Whites’ common ancestor ).
        It’s no surprise that many European Catholic churches have now many black priests.
        Some of them were recruited very recently in Africa. In some european’s rural area ( in France and Belgium for instance ) , priests are often Blacks whereas churchgoers are mostly Whites ; but in urban areas churchgoers are Blacks and Whites.
        The same in some Protestant countries ; many Protestants are Blacks.

  16. Anonymous / Nov 14 2013 9:31 am

    You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the definition of logic, so I will use small words… One school of thought requires a magic man to exist, the other doesn’t. Is it logical to think the woman is actually being cut in half, or is logic what shows you it’s a trick? You made your choice, I made mine.

    Keep on trolling.

    • itsnobody / Nov 26 2013 10:51 pm


      I understand logic fine, but you don’t understand basic history.

      Hey stupid, the Church viewed “dealings in magic and divination” as a heresy was responsible for people learning natural philosophy.

      The historical consensus is that Christianity was responsible for causing methodological naturalism. The ones who believed in magic were the pre-Christian Europeans and people of other religions.

      The Church encouraged people to pursue knowledge and truth and come up with natural explanations, not magical explanations.

      Newton, Euler, Faraday and all the other extremely religious Christians were “natural philosophers”. They didn’t believe in ‘magic’ or in a ‘magic man’, this whole “natural vs. supernatural” war is just a lie invented in the early 1980s.

      I’m sure you didn’t know this because atheists are stupid gullible people.

      There really is no difference between the ‘natural’ or ‘supernatural’, it’s just a useless label.

      My personal belief is that there is no such thing as the ‘supernatural’.

      You can either look at it this way: “That there are no miracles or that everything is a miracle”.

    • atheists are thugs / Dec 3 2013 4:29 am

      @ anonymous atheist
      Are you only an asshole ? Have a happy holiday in North Korea , you will see your nice friends at work…in labour camps.
      Oops, I forgot that you atheists hate Asian atheists that you call the “chinamen”.

  17. jonas pell / Oct 23 2013 3:22 pm

    Calling some one a Nazi and a racist with no proof just proves you are a lying pig who is prolly the racist Nazi yourself. Being Jewish, not a low class pile of white trash who hides behind his Xtianity like you, I can assure yo that every Antisemite I ever met was a Xtian too. As well as the KKK were all good religious types. You are an utterly dishonest contemptible little man and you have earned my derision.
    If you want to see some real antisemitic anti-Israeli types, check out the Vatican, the Greek then Russian Orthodox churches, you low class bigot

    • itsnobody / Nov 12 2013 9:45 pm

      But I did offer evidence, although not proof.

      – White Nationalists oppose Israel, and so does Richard Dawkins
      – White Nationalists support the belief in evolution and that brain size is linked to intelligence, so does Richard Dawkins

      So I’m pretty sure that Richard Dawkins is a closet Nazi/White Nationalist. Of course, because of free speech (giving people the ability to criticize) he won’t come out and openly admit it, but it’s obvious.

      The other stuff you mentioned is just a lie, since I’m not White and also the typical atheist attempting to change the subject to claiming that “Christians are racist” in order to make atheists look better.

      All (or almost all) mainstream Christian denominations teach people to support Israel. The KKK is composed of only 5,000-8,000 members in the US (which has a population size of over 311 million).

      There’s no mainstream Christian denomination that accepts White Nationalism or Nazism.

      On the other hand basically all White non-Jewish atheists oppose Israel and support the belief in evolution as opposed to the creationist delusion.

      I’m not low-class, I’m high-class, but since you are an atheist I don’t consider you to be of any class, but as fully subhuman, lower than a dog or cat.

      So everything you’ve said is either a lie or a distortion.

    • Virtual finger / Dec 1 2013 4:02 am

      Read this idiot :

      «Study: Up to 13.6% of top communist functionaries in East Germany were Nazis
      Members of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party climbed top positions in communist East Germany, reveals a research at the University of Jena. The study reviewed 441 top communist functionaries in the current eastern state of Thuringia 1946-1989. 36 of these joined the Nazi party. That rate (13.6%) was a higher proportion than for the overall population of the region. The study shows that the belief that West Germany tolerated former Nazis in leadership posts, while East Germany’s “anti-fascist” stance barred them, is a myth. Among the top Nazi members in the East German state was Hans Bentzien: minister for culture (1960s) and the last director of East German state TV.


      In Germany, it’s rife to hear atheist communists saying in private conversation that Hitler should not have break the German-Soviet pact.

      • Virtual finger / Dec 1 2013 8:34 pm

        In fact , they logically only reviewed the 263 communist members who were born before 1928.
        36 of these joined the Nazi party before the end of the war. 
        The communist regime who knew everything on every citizen obviously did what necessary to conceal their heinous past.

    • Mussolini was an atheist / Dec 1 2013 5:22 am

      So KKK members are all Christians ?
      What about the fascist ?

      «Mussolini also denounced Pius XI, who saw the rise of anti-Semitism in the last years of his 1922-39 papacy, as harming the Catholic Church. Pius commissioned an encyclical to denounce racism and the violent nationalism of Germany, but he died before releasing it and it was never published. »


      Also , let me remind you that Mussolini mistress was not a Christian, she was a Jewish. 

    • Mussolini was an atheist / Dec 1 2013 5:26 am

      So KKK members are religious type ? What about the fascist atheists ?

      «Mussolini also denounced Pius XI, who saw the rise of anti-Semitism in the last years of his 1922-39 papacy, as harming the Catholic Church. Pius commissioned an encyclical to denounce racism and the violent nationalism of Germany, but he died before releasing it and it was never published. »


      Also , let me remind you that Mussolini mistress was not a Christian, she was a Jewish. 

    • Virtual finger / Dec 1 2013 10:28 pm

      I couldn’t find a comprehensive translation in English of the article about the secret relations between the communists and the former nazis in East Germany , so for those who read German , here is my very credible source :
      “Die Welt” is a well established German newspaper which is considered to be one of the most serious. 

      «Die Wissenschaftler um Heinrich Best haben, im Rahmen eines von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft finanziertes Sonderforschungsbereichs über Eliten in Deutschland, alle SED-Spitzenfunktionäre auf dem Gebiet des heutigen Thüringen für die gesamte Herrschaftszeit der ostdeutschen Staatspartei untersucht. Zwischen 1946 und 1989 waren das insgesamt 441 Personen. 263 davon wurden vor 1928 geboren, konnten also noch Mitglied der NSDAP werden.

      Der überraschende Befund: Immerhin 36 der 263 Männer wurden in der zu vier Fünfteln erhaltenen NSDAP-Mitgliederkartei geführt. Die Quote liegt bei 13,6 Prozent und damit sogar noch etwas höher als der Anteil der NSDAP-Mitglieder an der Gesamtbevölkerung. Noch bemerkenswerter aber ist: 35 der 36 jetzt durch den Vergleich von NSDAP- und SED-Archivalien entdeckten Mitglieder der Hitler-Partei unter den thüringischen SED-Spitzenfunktionären verschwiegen ihre Vergangenheit auch in SED-internen Unterlagen. »


      It is also said that East Germans knew well that many of them were nazi members. Nowadays , the former East Germany is the stronghold of neo-nazism in Germany thanks to the genuine effort of the atheistic regime to eradicate fascism. 
      Jonas pell , you low-class godless trash should spend some days with your atheist friends in the former East Germany to see the good results of 45 years of communism.

  18. pig in sheep's clothing / Oct 22 2013 9:42 pm

    «So Richard Dawkins is probably secretly a White Nationalist, just like how the vast majority of White atheists are secretly or openly White Nationalists»

    The nicest atheist is just a smelly pig in sheep’s clothing. The others are coward hyenas in search of the weakest.

    • jonas pell / Oct 23 2013 3:26 pm

      And you are a complete stupid pig but very open about it, What gets me about low class trash like you is that you think that somehow your reilgion can make your shit smell turn into rose scent

      • itsnobody / Nov 12 2013 9:46 pm

        If you want to see low-class trash just visit any White atheist country.

        You’re obviously just another delusional atheist mad that White non-Jewish atheists hate Jews.

        100% of all White atheist countries hate Jews like Denmark, Sweden, etc…

        The US has only a 0.7% atheist population and Tom Metzger (founder of the Neo-Nazi group White Aryan Resistance) is an atheist, and Larry Darby (former state director of the extremely popular atheist group ‘American Atheists’) is a holocaust denier.

        We already know that 100% of all White atheist countries are extremely racist/nationalist/Nazi-ish in modern times, just imagine what’s going to happen in the US once the atheist population goes up to around 25%.

        It’s just starting off in the US.

        Just ask any White Nazi what they think of Christianity or what they call “Christ-insanity” or “a disgusting Semitic religion” or “something from the Joo’s texts” if you don’t believe me.

        Heinrich Himmler said it back in the early 1940s:
        “We will have to deal with Christianity in a tougher way than hitherto. We must settle accounts with this Christianity, this greatest of plagues that could have happened to us in our history, which has weakened us in every conflict” – Nazi executioner, Heinrich Himmler, June 9, 1942

        But with people becoming less religious and more atheistic the Nazis won’t have to worry about Christianity anymore. There’s not even one atheist who’s commented on this blog site willing to oppose racism and racist atheists just in the form a comment, so I’m a 100% certain that a high non-religious or atheist population will directly cause Nazism and White Nationalism to rise.

        The site that I linked to isn’t a special racist site, it’s just a regular atheist fan site. White Nationalists atheists are just regular White people all around us, they are the worst.

      • Nobama / Nov 16 2013 1:11 am

        Hello, Jonas, you big prick.

        Your atheism is disgusting. Burn in HELL!

      • Virtual Finger / Dec 1 2013 4:14 am

        No religion consider the Jews as a race.Especially not the Christians who know that Jesus, Mary , Joseph etc…were middle eastern Jewish. Atheists classified the Jews as a race since the Enlightenment. And many KKK members were closet Jews , so jonas pell, you’re just a professional moron.

      • Rushdoony's Ghost / Feb 2 2014 12:53 am

        Hey, Jonas. You’re a mama’s boy and smell like a poo stain.

    • itsnobody / Nov 12 2013 11:20 pm

      The main sign of their weakness is the fact that they prevent criticism and scrutiny of their lame arguments and weak statements.

      Stay tuned, once the atheist population goes up in the US things will become really Nazi-ish and White Nationalistic really quickly (like nearly overnight)

      • Ryan Schick / Jul 17 2014 5:46 pm

        Let’s not forget you ignore free and open criticism.

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