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March 12, 2013 / itsnobody

The historical truth about Nazism and Christianity

“We are the joyous Hitler Youth,
We need no stinkin’ Christian virtue
Our Fuhrer is our savior and future
The Pope and Rabbi shall be gone
We wish to be pagans once again.

We follow not Christ, but Horst Wessel,
Away with incense and Holy Water vessel,
The Church should hang for all we care,
The Swastika brings salvation on Earth everywhere.”
– Nazi Youth Song (The 12-year Reich: a social history of Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 By Richard Grunberger. P. 442)

The fools (atheists) have tried to convince people of laughably historically inaccurate claims like “Nazism had it’s roots in Christianity” or that “Hitler was a very religious Christian motivated by Christianity”.

Atheists as a whole are weak, primitive, and small-minded people, this is why they discourage people from looking at actual historical sources and what the historical evidence shows. Atheists only encourage people to read things from atheist fan sites and live in denial.

The main sign of how weak the atheist kind are is their disgust with criticism and scrutiny (one of the main principles in science). Since they know that all of their claims are false and wrong they don’t allow people to question, criticize, and scrutinize their claims. If something really is true then it will stand up to any amount of criticism and scrutiny, this is why criticism and scrutiny is an important principle in science (as I repeatedly explain in many of my articles).

Time to wake up the atheist/anti-science crowd: The historical consensus is that Nazism is either unrelated to Christianity or fundamentally opposed to Christianity.

Even the supposedly intelligent atheist Richard Dawkins (the leader of the foolish and disgusting) has made the historically inaccurate error of claiming that Hitler was a Christian (even though every valid historical source indicates otherwise).

Of course atheists aren’t very fond of using actual historical sources, just nonsense found on atheist propaganda sites (these sites obviously do not allow criticism and scrutiny of their laughably historically inaccurate claims or even cite any historical sources).

Let’s start off with what the most prominent Nazi officials thought of Christianity (during a time period when Germany was a very religious Christian country):

  • “We will have to deal with Christianity in a tougher way than hitherto.  We must settle accounts with this Christianity, this greatest of plagues that could have happened to us in our history, which has weakened us in every conflict.  If our generation does not do it then it would I think drag on for a long time” – Nazi leader, Henrich Himmler (Nazism;  A History In Documents And Eyewitness Accounts, 1919 – 1945 by J. Noakes and G. Pridham)

    “One is either a Christian or a German. You can’t be both.” – Nazi associate, Hermann Rauschning (Gesprache mit Hitler (Zurich, 1940))

    “We do not want any other god than Germany itself. It is essential to have fanatical faith and hope and love in and for Germany.” – Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler (Heiden, Konrad (1935). A History of National Socialism. A.A. Knopf, p. 100)

    “National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable” – Nazi Party Chancellery, Martin Bormann (Conway, John S. (1997). The Nazi Persecution of the Churches, 1933-1945. Vancouver: Regent College Publishing, p. 383. Full Letter)

    Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi Party philosopher wrote in his 30-point plan for the National Reich Church:
    “- The National Reich Church claims exclusive right and control over all Churches.
    – The National Church is determined to exterminate foreign Christian faiths imported into Germany in the ill-omened year 800.
    – The National Church demands immediate cessation of the publishing and dissemination of the Bible.
    – The National Church will clear away from its altars all Crucifixes, Bibles and pictures of Saints.
    On the altars there must be nothing but Mein Kampf and to the left of the altar a sword” ( Shirer, William Lawrence (1990). The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany. New York: Simon and Schuster, p. 240.)

Historians and Researchers on Hitler’s religious views:

  • “[Hitler] was not a Christian in any accepted meaning of that word.”

    – Historian, Max Domarus (Adolf Hitler; Max Domarus (1 April 2007). The Essential Hitler: Speeches and Commentary. Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers. pp. 137–. ISBN 978-0-86516-627-1. Retrieved 6 August 2012.)

  • “”Hitler did not believe in the afterlife, but he did believe he would have a life after death because of what he had achieved.”

    – Historian, Laurence Rees (Rees, Laurence (11 September 1997). The Nazis: A Warning from HistoryBBC BooksISBN 978-0-563-38704-6.)

  • “….if we consider Christianity in its traditional or orthodox form: Jesus as the son of God, dying for the redemption of the sins of all humankind. It is a nonsense to state that Hitler (or any of the Nazis) adhered to Christianity of this form.”

    – Researcher, Samuel Koehne (Koehne, Samuel, Hitler’s faith: The debate over Nazism and religion, ABC Religion and Ethics, 18 Apr. 2012)

  • “[Hitler was not a] practising Christian”

    – Historian, Richard Overy (Overy, R. J. (2004). The Dictators: Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia. New York: W. W. Norton, pp. 280-282.)

  • Many historians believe that Hitler hated Christianity but did not want to directly confront the situation (since Germany was a very religious Christian country)

    Source: (Robert S. Wistrich (1 May 2007). Laboratory for World Destruction: Germans and Jews in Central Europe. U of Nebraska Press. pp. 375–. ISBN 978-0-8032-1134-6. Retrieved 25 August 2012.)

But what about Hitler’s alleged “pro-Christian” speeches, “Positive Christianity”, and ties between Nazism and the Church:

  • The historical consensus is that the biggest opposition towards Nazism was the Church

    (Yahil, Leni; Friedman, Ina; Galai, Hayah (1991). The Holocaust: the fate of European Jewry, 1932-1945. Oxford University Press US. pp. 57. ISBN 978-0-19-504523-9. Retrieved 2009-08-10)

  • Many historians believe that the Nazis wanted to exterminate Christianity, this is supported by Alfred Rosenberg’s statements, and other historical evidence

    Sources: (Bonney, Richard, Confronting the Nazi war on Christianity: the Kulturkampf newsletters, 1936-1939, p. 10, Peter Lang, 2009, Griffin, Roger (2006). “Fascism’s relation to religion”, in Cyprian Blamires World Fascism: a historical encyclopedia, Volume 1. Santa Barbara CA: ABC-CLIO, p. 10, Mosse, George Lachmann (2003). Nazi culture: intellectual, cultural and social life in the Third Reich. Univ. of Wisconsin Press, p. 240: “Had the Nazis won the war their ecclesiastical policies would have gone beyond those of the German Christians, to the utter destruction of both the Protestant and the Catholic Church.”, Bendersky, Joseph W. (2007). A concise history of Nazi Germany. Rowman & Littlefield, p. 147: “Consequently, it was Hitler’s long range goal to eliminate the churches once he had consolidated control over his European empire.”, Shirer, William L. (1990). Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany. New York: Simon and Schuster, p 240: “And even fewer paused to reflect that under the leadership of Rosenberg, Bormann and Himmler, who were backed by Hitler, the Nazi regime intended eventually to destroy Christianity in Germany, if it could, and substitute the old paganism of the early tribal Germanic gods and the new paganism of the Nazi extremists.”, Wheaton, Eliot Barculo (1968). The Nazi revolution, 1933-1935: prelude to calamity:with a background survey of the Weimar era. Doubleday, pp. 290, 363: The Nazis sought to “to eradicate Christianity in Germany root and branch.”)

  • Hitler’s alleged “pro-Christian” public speeches come from during the time period when Germany was a very religious Christian country and when the Nazis didn’t have power (and thus needed to support Christianity to gain power), after the Nazis gained power, in the mid-1930s Hitler’s “pro-Christian” attitude fell away completely, and many Churches were closed down by Hitler

    (Halls, W.D. (1995). Politics, society and Christianity in Vichy France. Oxford: Berg. pp. 179–81. ISBN 1-85973-081-7.)

  • Many historians believe that the gap between Hitler’s public views and private views had to do with  not wanting to publicly fight against the Church since Germany had been an extremely religious Christian country during Hitler’s time

    (Evans, Richard J. (2008). The Third Reich at War: How the Nazis led Germany from conquest to disaster. London: Penguin. pp. 547–8. ISBN 978-0-141-01548-4.)

  • “Positive Christianity” which was invented by Alfred Rosenberg (who already hated Christianity) gained very little support and failed miserably since it was not supported by any mainstream Christian denomination, by 1940 Hitler gave up on supporting “Positive Christianity” since it failed to gain any traction

    (Poewe, Karla (2006). New Religions and the Nazis.Routledge, p. 30.)

Another important thing to note:

  • Recently a great fool (atheist) Richard Carrier has claimed that the book “Hitler’s Table Talk” is nonsense and full of false quotes. This is propounded on many atheist fan sites and most atheists being exceedingly gullible really believe that it’s true.

    However the opinion of Richard Carrier (the source atheist use for this claim) is not accepted by historians and the historical consensus, this entire claim is just nonsense atheist propaganda found on atheist/anti-science fan sites.

    Richard Carrier offers no hard evidence of his claims. Carrier and his supporters are about the only ones who believe that the book “Hitler’s Table Talk” is entirely inaccurate.

    An example of a joke atheist fan site that propounds this lie is ( The site actually provides no hard evidence that the book “Hitler’s Table Talk” is inaccurate and simply discusses circumstantial things that would apply to any book published in the past during Hitler’s time (like no recorded audios leftover of the conversation). Even in modern times there are no recorded audios of many conversations that people have. The entire site in general just ignores the historical consensus and historical evidence.

    The original Table Talk books were published in 1951-1953, and everything indicates that these books are as legit as any other Table Talk book in history could be.

    Every historical source (except for Richard Carrier) clearly indicates that the book “Hitler’s Table Talk” is authentic, reliable, and accurate, despite what atheists want to believe and what Richard Carrier believes.

    Sources: (Kershaw, Ian (2001). Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris. London: Penguin. pp. xiv. ISBN 978-0140133639., Piper, Ernst (January 2007). “Steigmann-Gall, The Holy Reich (extended review)”Journal of Contemporary History 42 (1): 47-57, esp. 49-51. Retrieved 14 January 2013., Shirer, William (1960, 1998). The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. London: Arrow Books. pp. 234–240.ISBN 978-0-09-942176-4., Evans, Richard J. (2008). The Third Reich at War: How the Nazis led Germany from conquest to disaster. London: Penguin. pp. 547 (546–9). ISBN 978-0-141-01548-4.).

  • There is also lots of other nonsense found on atheist sites about how every anti-Christian Nazi quote is some how inaccurate. The main strategy these atheists use is to point out one historian who disagrees and ignore the historical consensus as a whole. So you might as well be arguing that the holocaust was a hoax.

    The reason why most historians do not accept this nonsense propounded by atheists that “every anti-Christian Nazi quote is a lie” is simply because multiple different sources (that have nothing to do each other) clearly indicate how anti-Christian the Nazis were.

    It is highly unlikely that different sources that have absolutely no connection to each other would just decide to intentionally lie and some how match up with each other.

    There are many other different sources besides “Hitler’s Table Talk” that all clearly indicate that Hitler was anti-clerical at at least one time period in his life.

    How can every different source that indicates that Hitler was anti-clerical be a made up lie? It doesn’t make sense.

    Besides this we also have undeniable evidence that many Nazi officials were anti-clerical, so it all matches up and explains why the historical consensus doesn’t side with the “pro-Christian Nazi” arguments delusional atheists use.

    Why can’t atheists face reality instead of living in denial?

To summarize the weak pro-Christian Nazi arguments atheists use:
– Make up lies about how the book “Hitler’s Table Talk” was false or how any source indicating anything anti-Christian about the Nazis is false, even though every historical source and the historical consensus indicates that it’s completely accurate and reliable
– Ignore the historical consensus that Nazism is either unrelated to Christianity or fundamentally opposed to Christianity
– Point out pro-Christian speeches Hitler made when the Nazis didn’t have power and when Germany was an extremely religious Christian country (meaning that if Hitler opposed Christianity it would’ve been political suicide and the Nazis would’ve dramatically reduced their chances of gaining power)
– Ignore the historical fact that after the Nazis gained power all of Hitler’s supposed “pro-Christian” behavior ended
– Point out Nazis mentioning a type of “God” even though Henrich Himmler made it clear that when he mentions “God” he is referring to the Pagan Germanic God “Wralda” and Martin Bormann also indicated that he was not referring to any Christian God
– Point out “Positive Christianity” (which was invented by the Nazis and not accepted by any mainstream Christian church) and ignore the fact that Hitler abandoned supporting “Positive Christianity” because it failed and churches continued to oppose it and Nazism in general
– Ignore the fact that the vast majority of historians do not believe that Hitler was a Christian at all, only a very small minority do
– Ignore everything anti-Christian that Hitler did or said
– Ignore all the anti-Christian speeches Nazi officials made
– Ignore how anti-Christian in general Nazism was even during Hitler’s time when Germany was a very religious Christian country
– Ignore the undeniable fact that during Hitler’s time and in modern times no mainstream Christian denomination accepts White Nationalism or any form of it

Henrich Himmler and the other Nazis were very worried about Christianity, but with the non-religious and atheist population rising they won’t have to anymore. The rise in the atheist and non-religious population is a great thing for the Nazi movement.

An ominous warning to the world:
–  The best thing that ever happened to the Nazi/White Nationalist movement is people being less religious and atheistic, because this would guarantee that oppositions towards White Nationalism ceases (since the main opposition towards White Nationalism is Judeo-Christian religions)
– In the US with a 0.7% atheist population Tom Metzger founder of the Neo-Nazi group White Aryan Resistance is an atheist
– It’s happened in 100% of all White atheist countries (they’ve all become Nazi-ish) like Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, etc…, and will happen in countries with growing atheist populations (Australia, Canada, The Netherlands), and eventually in the US once the atheist population goes up

In conclusion:
– The historical consensus is that Nazism as a whole was either unrelated to Christianity or opposed to it
– Most historians do not believe that Hitler was actually a Christian
– In time Nazism will grow in popularity as the atheist and non-religious population rises (specifically because this causes opposition towards Nazism to cease)
– Everything I’ve written about Nazism and Christianity can be confirmed by concrete reliable historical sources and the historical consensus, just double-check, or tripe-check it if you want
– Atheists will try everything in their power to prevent people from criticizing other racist/Nazi/White Nationalist atheists  and racist atheist countries, this is because atheists strongly agree with and support racism and White Nationalism.

Enjoy these last days in the US, once the atheist and non-religious population goes up that’s it, the Nazis and White Nationalists will attempt to take over!



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  1. Jacob / May 18 2015 6:03 pm

    “– Most historians do not believe that Hitler was actually a Christian” point but I’ve shown that consensus isn’t that he was an atheist
    – “In time Nazism will grow in popularity as the atheist and non-religious population rises (specifically because this causes opposition towards Nazism to cease)” no evidence.

  2. Jacob / May 18 2015 5:55 pm

    “Recently a great fool (atheist) Richard Carrier has claimed that the book “Hitler’s Table Talk” is nonsense and full of false quotes. This is propounded on many atheist fan sites and most atheists being exceedingly gullible really believe that it’s true.
    However the opinion of Richard Carrier (the source atheist use for this claim) is not accepted by historians and the historical consensus, this entire claim is just nonsense atheist propaganda found on atheist/anti-science fan sites.”
    ….ad hominem? Really? And you give no evidence for this.
    Second your song turned out to be unhistorical:
    Third Hitler flirted with assorted deistic paganistic ideas of Christianity and religion, all of which basically amounts to not being an atheist in any recognisable way.
    As for consesidespread consensus among historians, sustained over a long period of time following the initial work of William Shirer in the 1960s, maintains that Hitler was anti-clerical. This continues to be the mainstream position on Hitler’s religious views, and these views continue to be supported by quotations from the English translation of the Table Talk. Michael Burleigh contrasted Hitler’s public pronouncements on Christianity with those in Table Talk, suggesting that Hitler’s real religious views were “a mixture of materialist biology, a faux-Nietzschean contempt for core, as distinct from secondary, Christian values, and a visceral anti-clericalism.”
    Hence the opposition to the church.
    As for table talk Ian Kershaw notes, that they are imperfect translations, with a tendency to miss words and leave out lines. He uses the original German sources for preference, advising “due caution” in using the English translations. So Richard Carrier was right to translate them…And guess what the original German said?
    “Many historians believe that the Nazis wanted to exterminate Christianity, this is supported by Alfred Rosenberg’s statements, and other historical evidence” actually some wanted to replace Christianity, though I agree that it was abandoned in the end.

    • ComradeDimitri101 / Aug 4 2015 5:26 am

      I looked on the source you listed at Reddit and translated it using Google translate. It’s still not that much different from the original listed above in this article:


      Here is it in German:

      Wir sind die fröhliche Hitlerjugend,
      Wir brauchen keine christliche Tugend,
      Denn unser Führer Adolf Hitler
      Ist stets unser Mittler.

      Kein Pfaffe, kein böser, kann uns je hindern,
      Uns zu fühlen als Hitlers Kinder.
      Nicht Christus folgen wir, sondern Horst Wessel,
      Fort mit Weihrauch und Weihwasserkessel!

      Wir folgen singend unseren Fahnen
      Als würdige Söhne unserer Ahnen,
      Ich bin kein Christ, kein Katholik,
      Ich geh mit SA durch dünn und dick.

      Die Kirche kann mir gestohlen werden,
      Das Hakenkreuz ist Erlösung auf Erden,
      Ihm will ich folgen auf Schritt und Tritt,
      Baldur von Schirach, nimm mich mit!


      Now, here it is in English (translated):

      We are happy Hitler Youth ,
      We do not need Christian virtue ,
      Because our leader Adolf Hitler
      Is always our Mediator .

      No priest , no evil can ever prevent us
      We feel as Hitler’s Children .
      Not Christ we follow , but Horst Wessel ,
      Fort with incense and holy water font !

      We follow singing our flags
      As worthy sons of our ancestors ,
      I am not a Christian , not a Catholic ,
      I’ll go with SA through thin and thick.

      The church can be stolen from me ,
      The swastika is salvation on earth ,
      I will follow him at every turn ,
      Baldur von Schirach , take me with you !


      So, it’s not that much different from the version given above in the article… The general Anti-Christian tone of the HJ song is still there…

      And even if we consider the Table Talks fakes as Richard Carrier suggests, there are a ton of other sources that indicate Hitler’s Anti-Christianity. Such as Albert Speer’s memoirs, Goebbels Diaries, Alfred Rosenberg’s experience, Traudl Junge’s memoirs. And keep in mind, all of these people are Hitler’s closest associates and highest-ranking officials. So why would someone so devoutly Christian allow so many people who were so rabidly Anti-Christian into his Party?? Also, the CIA precursor, the OSS, confirms the Nazi intent and process of eradicating Christianity from the Third Reich…

      Also, on the so-called “Positive Christianity” movement. This “religion” was largely created by Alfred Rosenberg, the known and openly Anti-Christian member of the Nazi Party… That is why when you look at the religious views of Positive Christianity, it rejects virtually all of the core elements of conventional Christianity (such as the Old Testament and the Apostle’s Creed). Because it’s foundations weren’t Christian to begin with…

  3. rednig / Mar 30 2015 4:48 am

    Hitler said, “I want to raise a generation of young people that will be void of a conscious, relentless, imperious, and cruel.” And, he did. Modern atheism is proof of that. Nazis do not debate, they trample on. Nietzsche was correct, atheists are destroying atheism. The education system is dying in the West with every now atheist, but flourishing in areas where Christianity flourishes. God lives, God reigns.

  4. oogenhand / Jul 27 2013 12:05 pm

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    The Liberal/Radical-Left mythos requires the equation of Christians with Nazis.

  5. Creator / Apr 15 2013 1:53 am

    So they are Pagans, not Christians or Atheists. Wow you are dumb, so what if people are pagans? What have you got against the local religions of Europe? Oh that’s right you’re a Christian, they slaughtered all of them if they refused to be subjugated under Jew Supremacist Judeo-Christianity.

    Plus you are Not White, you have no monopoly on what the European people do in European nations. If they become Pagans then that is their choice not yours, if you are so scared of White People rising up why don’t piss off to Africa or whatever desert you crawled out from? No you won’t, you suck off the European teat like a little baby just as your ancestors have always done.

    • Yves / Apr 15 2013 9:10 am

       you suck off the European teat like a little baby  

      Hi Aryan one,
      I can assert that White women like their teat to be sucked off by Blacks.
      I also can assert they don’t like tiny dicks.
      I then conclude they don’t like White nationalists.
      That is the reason why you are so pissed off with Blacks.


  6. Yves / Mar 23 2013 1:30 am
  7. Yves / Mar 23 2013 1:26 am

    DNA tests reveal Hitler’s Jewish and African roots

    The Fuhrer ‘would not have been happy’ to learn he was more Berber tribesman than Aryan superman.

    According to an 
    Israeli newspaper  Hitler was implicitly even less culturally related  to Christendom than Stalin…or Richard Dawkins. 
    Other source:

    Poor atheists,once again thanks to science you will have hard times to back the demonic thesis that Hitler was a Christian.

    • Creator / Apr 15 2013 3:01 am

      FYI, the gene you are talking about in Hitler ,Yves, is E1B1, it is not Jewish ,or African – Genes A is Berber. E1B1 gene is a rare gene floating around Europe, many great people have had it such as the Napoleon family. The claim to make him sound as if he had African AND Jewish ancestry is simply laughable, it is grasping at straws to make him sound like the worst possible person(And hypocrite) in every way just like the claim he had many mistresses that he ‘manipulated’ including his Niece into having sex with him, and all of them just so conveniently killed themselves(Yeah I’m sure, just like the jew skin lamp shades and soap fairytale >.>).

      Which I find so outrageously funny because little known fact about Jews is they still do circumcision the old fashioned way, taught by the raging fag for the man in the sky ‘Moses’, they cut a little slit on the foreskin of the baby, the man then orally sucks the penis dry so they can pull the flaps around and then tie it in a knot, pretty sick huh? Don’t believe me? Sure many people have done terrible things, but it’s just like you Judeo-Christians(Especially non-white ones) and your butt boy Jews to distort history in your favor, you never learn your place, your place is in the desert.

      • Yves / Apr 15 2013 7:20 am

        Your Hitler was just not an Aryan.

  8. Yves / Mar 12 2013 10:43 am

    British Prime Minister Winston Churchill have officially said, just after the defeat of France in june 1940 :

    What General Weygand called the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization.  
    Churchill speech 
    World War 2 was before all a stand for christian values against the nazi-communist alliance of august 1939. 

    • TriCountySyndicate / Jun 5 2013 2:25 pm

      So I guess allied war crimes and murder like the bombing of Dresden and soviet rape of german civilians wa part of that Stand for christian values huh?

      • Yves / Jun 7 2013 8:58 pm

        Dropping tons of pop corn on Dresden would have been much less efficient.
        Don’t you think so ?

        It seems that you don’t understand this speech is about the deal between the Soviet and the Nazis to share Europe and eradicate the two Semitic religions. It’s not only about nazism.  

        I knew that the Red Army was not shy with the aryan females , but I don’t care about what the soviet union did to its former ally. 
        I don’t care about the aryan females raped by their former soviet friends , they should have chosen some better friends.
        Nazis and commies can kill each others… I don’t give a damn ! Yes, the aryan females were victims too but they weren’t innocent.
        I mean it .

      • Yves / Jun 7 2013 9:36 pm

        There was another solution instead of burning the entire city of blond craps.
        It’s the haemorrhoid solution : a real pain in the ass indeed.
        This is mainly practised by God Himself :  
        « And it was so, that, after they had carried it about, the hand of the LORD was against the city with a very great destruction: and he smote the men of the city, both small and great, and they had emerods in their secret parts. »

        See , it’s cool , isn’t it ?

    • TriCountySyndicate / Jun 9 2013 11:57 pm

      I so I guess part of those Christian values includes rape, immolation of large population centers, murder, and crimes against POWs. War is war an it invokes loss of life. Hitler, although an asshole and mass murderer, was different than western plutocrats. He stood out against banking and the gold standard that bound governments to private bank gold reserves. He used autarky to bypass embargos and he traded goods directly to bypass tarrifs and taxes. He was a threat to political stability and had the potential to usurp the power of others, that’s why he was the enemy.

      • rednig / Aug 4 2015 9:26 pm

        Yves chickened out, so, yes, it is cool, but the emerods were from the bubonic plague. But, the really cool thing is, the Israelites never mention catching a very common, endemic disease like the Plague. I winder why. They talk of a great many other things, but rarely do they suffer what all their neighbors suffered.


  1. Was Hitler A Christian? | john baskette
  2. National Socialism and Christianity are irreconcilable - NoAtheism

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