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January 24, 2013 / itsnobody

Martin Luther King Jr. – A Delusional Creationist Reverend

A few days ago, in the US, Americans celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day. According to liberal atheist biologists Martin Luther King Jr. was just another delusional creationist reverend.

In 2007, the most celebrated liberal atheist biologist James D. Watson attempted to debunk creationism, propounded by Martin Luther King Jr. that “all men are created equal”:
“there was a natural desire that all human beings should be equal but people that have to deal with black employees find this not true” – October 2007, liberal atheist, James D. Watson

Liberal atheist biologists believe that certain ethnic groups are more aggressive, more prone to crime, that some can run faster than others, and that certain ethnic groups are more intelligent than others.

Evolution tells us that it’s absolutely impossible for different ethnic groups that evolved to have different brain sizes and brain structures (that were geographically separated for at least 30,000 years) to have the identical intelligence.

Liberal atheist Richard Lynn published his book “Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis” in March 2006. According to Richard Lynn, sub-Saharan Africans have an average IQ less than 70 and admixtures lower the IQ.

All of the atheists that commented on my article called “Why are atheists so racist?” agreed that blacks were genetically less intelligent and we know that in modern times 100% of White atheist countries (like Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, etc…) are extremely racist.

So it’s only a matter of time before the US becomes as racist as say New Zealand or Sweden.

According to the 2008 ARIS report the US has only a 0.7% atheist population, and Tom Metzger founder of the Neo-Nazi group White Aryan Resistance is an atheist, Larry Darby former state director of the extremely popular atheist group “American Atheists” is a holocaust denier.

The US right now is one of the very least racist countries (in comparison to most other countries). Racism will become more visible in the US within 10-20 years from now specifically because of the rise in the atheist population in the US.

The atheist population directly causes racism to increase because:
– Opposition towards racism ceases once the liberal atheist population goes up (there’s no mainstream Christian denomination that accepts or allows White Nationalism)
– Support for scientific racism (accepting evolution and natural selection as fact as opposed to the creationist delusion) grows
– Race-mixing and admixtures will be discouraged (because according to liberal atheists admixtures lower the IQ)
– Justifying anti-immigration laws will become extremely easy once society accepts the links between ethnic groups, IQ, and crime
– Atheists intentionally refuse to criticize other racist atheists (which means that they either agree with and support racism or don’t disagree strongly enough with racism to criticize other racist atheists)

People have to just face reality and realize what’s going to happen to society once the liberal atheist population goes up. It’s happened in 100% of all modern day predominantly White atheist countries.

The  best form of government for White Nationalists is obviously socialism and anti-immigration (similar to the Nazi Germans). In a socialist society everyone is viewed as inequals and assigned a job by the government according to their ability (their ability would be determined using IQ testing or some other tests administered by the government). With socialism there would also be no need for any immigration or any benefit from immigration, and no one would be able to boycott anything or criticize any racists. People would be stuck with jobs that the government decides they are capable of and it would be extremely easy to keep the low IQ people down. So the far-left liberal atheist Karl Marx style socialism is perfect for a Whites-only type of society (whereas a free market free society is a terrible thing for a Whites-only type of society).

A fine example of how racists benefit with socialism can be seen with Sweden’s socialist health care system. In Sweden (on a daily basis) there is discrimination in the health care system. Doctors, nurses, and other government employees freely discriminate against anyone. What’s going to happen if Swedes don’t serve some immigrant seeking medical treatment? The answer is nothing. The government won’t go out of business, boycotting the health care system would do nothing, the employees won’t be fired, and serving more immigrants would actually hurt them.

On the other hand with a pure free market health care system companies benefit financially from serving anyone who has money regardless of their race and people can boycott companies. So if companies don’t serve someone in a free market health care system they run the risk of going out of business or being boycotted.

So with socialism racists can racially discriminate as much as they want without anything negative happening to them or the government.

It’s just a matter of time now, so all the non-whites in the US enjoy these last few years leftover before the atheists/racists take over.

I’m just warning the world, again.



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  1. Diggory / Jun 9 2013 9:05 am

    All of the atheists that commented on my article called “Why are atheists so racist?” agreed that blacks were genetically less intelligent and we know that in modern times 100% of White atheist countries (like Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, etc…) are extremely racist.

    – not all of the atheists do.

  2. brendhain / Jan 25 2013 11:44 am

    In Sweden, the population doesn’t have to boycott because they get to Vote. So if the health care system did something that they don’t like then they Vote against them or their ideas. In a Free Market System only those with money vote and the more money then the more they get to vote with their dollars. 20% of the population can out vote the Vast Majority 80% of the population. Disproportionate Representation towards the small minority and their needs. Hence, the 20-30% receive inadequate care (to put it mildly). Plus, 10’s of millions of middle class who are also part of the 80% Vast Majority. The population in Sweden wouldn’t tolerate that result out of their system. So all are covered equally by the government system, plus there are private insurance policies on the market in Sweden, too. A broad variety of them. Sweden simply has the results of a system which cover everyone equally. The cost, of coarse, is not the same for all groups within society. Many of the rich have private insurance and therefore don’t use the public system but they must still pay the taxes. These are mainly employer paid perks. Non Western immigrants have a very large disproportionally high cost per capita and are disproportionately low contributors. So your suggestion that it is a normal practice to turn immigrants away from health care then the numbers don’t support this hypothesis of yours.

    As to whether “some” are turned away based on their background then Sure, within human society strange things happen. Anomaly is a word for these things. Good people do bad things. If you look hard enough and keep vigilance then you can be practiced at noticing these anomalies. Good for You! Now you have to ask yourself, what good is it doing You to have learned how to do that. To focus on the negative anomalies which occur around you and ignore the positive ones?! To notice the patterns of negative anomalies and understand them can be very useful but if you try to interpret(see) the Normal/Good things with your negative focus/perspective then you will never understand anything at all nor anyone else. For even the evilest of men has broken the rules of God. Good people do bad things. There is no such thing as perfection. It is a man made concept. Look for it, you will not see it. Try to point to it then you will fail. One example doesn’t describe the whole.

  3. Bertuz / Jan 24 2013 11:20 am

    I can’t stop reading his old posts, because I believe there should be something hidden inside, a secret that can be read only if you posses a brilliant mind.

    Something like “Help, I’m hostage on an alien ship and my only way to communicate is using a fake blog about how atheists suck. Read only the letters at the end of each paragraph and you’ll find the coordinates, but please be quick, ’cause they are talking something about a big probe”

    Or it is probably just another retarded that will end up shooting his classmates.

    Keep posting! I love your style =D

  4. Anonymous / Jan 24 2013 7:24 am

    So, wait… you think that all atheists are racists? And atheism somehow will lead to something similar to the Nazis? Ummm… Wow! What was the last level of schooling you completed? It’s hard to really be mad at you; I actually feel sorry for you. I think a psychological evaluation may help you.

  5. 123fakest / Jan 24 2013 6:46 am

    Somebody has posted this article in the atheism forum in Reddit in an attempt to muster an army of atheists to come and be angry with you. Just so you know in case you get a flurry of hateful comments soon.

    • itsnobody / Jan 20 2014 6:31 pm

      Really? It’s been almost a year since this article was posted and there still hasn’t been any type of opposition towards racism from atheists or the atheist community, and I predict that there never will be, never.

      What the atheist worldview represents is Nazism, Nationalism, and racism.

      In Sweden and other atheist/racist countries they always say something stupid like “Nationalism isn’t racism” whenever you confront them with their low-acting ways.

      • Anonymous / Mar 28 2016 9:34 pm

        fuck you

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