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July 19, 2012 / itsnobody

Tired of ad hominems and baseless statements….

The fools (atheists) keep throwing ad hominems and personal attacks at me, it’s getting really boring.

I don’t know why atheists just can’t understand that you can’t refute a statement by personal attacking someone (unless the personal attack directly refutes a statement).

Personally attacking me isn’t equivalent to refuting an argument.

I’ll give examples to illustrate why ad hominems are invalid like:
“Newton’s geometric proofs are wrong because Newton was a crackpot”
“A 3rd grader claims that the Earth revolves around the Sun, since that person is a 3rd grader they must be wrong”
“The mathematician Ramanujan flunked out of college more than once, so most of his theorems must be wrong”

I don’t really mind personal attacks with refutations (which would be name-calling). I just get really bored of people throwing personal attacks and making baseless statements.

All atheists talk about is authority and incredulity, it’s gets really really boring. Why can’t atheists talk about empirical observations and valid reasons?

If you have a statement to make, then please go ahead and provide empirical observations and valid reasons to support your assertion.

There is no such thing as any atheist-run site that allows free and open criticism like I do. Atheists are anti-science fanatics disgusted with the idea of free and open criticism (one of the main principles in science).  Since atheists know that their arguments and statements are all wrong and false, why would they allow people to question, criticize, and scrutinize the things that they say?

That which is true shall stand up to any amount of criticism, which is why atheists intentionally discourage criticism and labeling any criticism as “trolling”.

Usually what will occur in atheist-run sites is if someone criticizes an atheistic argument (without using any insults or personal attacks) the atheist will personally interpret that as “trolling” some how and ban and block the person from criticizing their statements. Or the atheist will disable comments or not allow anyone to question them.

What atheists desire is a world where people are all forced to agree with them and no one is allowed to question them.

My site is one of the only ones that allows any criticism, even insults.

People are allowed to freely say whatever they want and no one ever gets banned here on my blog, but I encourage people to come up with reasons and empirical observations to support their assertions.

I don’t even know how it’s possible for anyone to be this stupid and idiotic. It’s as if atheists really believe that personal attacks are equivalent to refutations.

In the end, atheists are the most disgusting people that exist, the most anti-science, the very lowest possible form of existence, lower than any other form of life. No other group of people have set back scientific progress as much as the atheists have.

Why would anyone as disgusting and as anti-science as an atheist even participate in science? All they’re doing is ruining science and turning it into a pseudo-scientific joke all about authority and incredulity.

In the delusional atheist world science is about agreeing with what authority figures say and using incredulity to determine what’s true or false, lol.

To prevent criticism and scrutiny, encourage people to agree with what authority figures say and use incredulity, and discourage questioning – this is the way of the atheist.

When faced with irrefutable statements, I guess all that the fools (atheists) can do in desperation is throw personal attacks without refutations (ad hominems).

Since my goal is to learn the truth, I encourage criticism, scrutiny, and questioning. The fools (atheists) do not.



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  1. Anonymous / Dec 24 2015 11:59 pm

    You seem to know what the Ad Hominem logical fallacy is. I am grateful that you point it out, I too notice that it is too common in the comments on your posts, and, frankly, the rest of the Internet. But you are not innocent, Itsnobody. I mean, seriously, you started your complaint about Ad Hominem use by calling the offenders fools. I recommend that you avoid such mistakes, it would make you more relatable and probably reduce the incentive for your Atheist dissenters to personally attack you.

  2. itwillsetyoufree / Sep 20 2013 12:59 am

    itsnobody, I think I understand where you are coming from. I can only disagree with calling people “subhuman”.I believe in order and respect . I would rather say that atheistic thinking is DANGEROUS and unproductive (for those that read i will explain my statement another time , although i can now say that it’s more or less because of their bad science but i will attempt to explain it through another angle or with other words). I believe that you want to educate ?or convince? or warn someone? .. I don’t really know. i encourage you to continue firmly but with LOVE. Also i perceive that you have great depth of thoughts……..respond me and i will discuss more iF yu don’t mind.

  3. Whateverman / Aug 1 2012 4:44 pm

    Be more obvious, bro…

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