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March 20, 2012 / itsnobody

I got a Twitter Account

I created a Twitter account for itsnobody so now I can track and preserve all my short-thoughts (Twitter has a 140 character limit) and update things even when I’m busy.

I wonder when I’ll ever get lots of spare time…hopefully soon



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  1. Chris P / Apr 7 2012 8:55 pm

    Hey you have 23 people following you. Quite the Messiah.

    • itsnobody / Apr 19 2012 11:15 pm

      Well given my current state I wouldn’t be fit to be a world-teacher at least not yet, even though right now I would still be one of the Greatest human beings that ever existed in Earth’s history that even the highest angels envy.

      If I really do achieve the truth that I am seeking then I will definitely turn this Earth into a heavenly Utopia-like world, either secretly or in public.

    • Anonymous / Mar 11 2013 2:06 pm

      Chris P,
      Jesus had little followers at a time, but now, he has more than your friends Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot all together.

  2. Chris P / Apr 2 2012 10:26 pm

    So, apparently, your vocabulary has expanded beyond “ad hominem” to “racism” and “atheist”.

    Your tweets seem to consist of those words in different order.

    More like rants – or a broken record.

    Do you know anything useful?

  3. Chris P / Mar 29 2012 11:38 pm

    “short thoughts” is the word. Short on thought might be more appropriate. Short on facts too.

    • itsnobody / Mar 30 2012 1:13 am

      Ad hominem might be the word, but with your subhuman atheist mind you still haven’t figured out what that means.

      Atheists are truthfully the dumbest form of life always out to cause problems and tell lies.

      • Chris P / Apr 1 2012 11:46 pm

        Call it what you like – you aren’t worthy of much else. If I’m dumb then this country must be in a bad way.

        So what lies have I told? I’m too lazy to lie mostly because you have to keep track of what differs from the truth.

        I’ll admit that I do try to cause problems – problems for religious clowns who want to turn this country into a theocracy.

      • itsnobody / Apr 19 2012 10:58 pm

        I call it as it is.

        You fools (atheists) can throw as many ad hominems you want at me, but in the end it does nothing to refute any of arguments.

        Your lies mostly manifest themselves in the form of straw man.

  4. Whateverman / Mar 21 2012 8:34 pm

    Hopefully your spare time will be spent trying to make yourself look less like a bigot.

    • itsnobody / Apr 19 2012 10:49 pm

      I don’t care about what I appear to the world, what I care about is the truth, valid reasoning and empirical observations.

      So atheists could never understand…

    • Dannaday Coats / Apr 29 2013 5:35 am

      Another atheist trying to project his own bigotry. Go back to Stormfront, racist SCUM!

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