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February 14, 2012 / itsnobody

Everything is lame now….

So I’m super-busy with work, projects, and college, but I’ll try to sneak away some time to write this post.

From trying nothing, not working hard and having absolutely no dedication some how within the past week my blog has gained 10,000+ views.

For some reason my re-made version of  “Atheists/Racists Trying to Takeover” which simply criticizes racists atheists and racists atheist countries was taken down from YouTube for supposed “hate speech”. For some reason YouTube’s moderators don’t consider pro-Nazi and holocaust denier videos as “hate speech” so we can clearly see what the YouTube moderators are after is protecting atheists, atheistic beliefs, and atheistic arguments from criticism and scrutiny (an anti-science/atheistic view) or taking down videos that they personally disagree with. I don’t really understand how anyone can view criticizing racism or racists as “hate speech”.

Atheists all unequivocally oppose free and open criticism and are therefore anti-science fanatics (since free and open criticism is an extremely important scientific principle). Is there even one atheist in the world who stands up for or strongly supports free and open criticism?

Prior to atheists taking over, YouTube use to be a place where people could freely criticize basically anything, but now it’s just a place for Nazis/atheists to post their propaganda.

Other videos I thought of making:
“Rant on Stink Atheists”
“Top 10 Things Stink Atheists Don’t Know”
“The Slick Thick Atheistic Skull”

But with YouTube’s new anti-science “Must agree with atheists” I mean “hate speech” rules those videos will probably be taken down if I made them. Whatever happened to valuing free and open criticism?

If I don’t want a video be taken down from YouTube for “hate speech” all I have to do is:
– Post a pro-Nazi or holocaust is a hoax video
– Post a video supporting the idea that sub-Saharan Africans are genetically less intelligent
– Make fun of, condemn, or ridicule religion
– Voice some type of criticism that the YouTube moderators personally agree with

If I posted videos like those I know that YouTube’s moderators would never dare label it as “hate speech”.

No doubt that atheists are disgusting people. For some reason atheists on YouTube have accused me of being a Jew, hillbilly, Asian, African, etc…Atheists I know in real life have thrown racial slurs at me as well. I had never experienced any racism in the US up until around 2004 when I got to know lots of atheists. No one really knows why atheists are so racist. It’s easy to see why 100% of atheist countries are extremely racist. People just have to realize that as long as atheists exist a non-racist world is basically impossible.

The entire world is becoming lame now, following the “hate speech” anti-science stance of the atheists. Whatever happened to people who loved and valued free and open criticism? I guess there are only a few left.

Back in like 2007 I use to just say whatever I was really thinking. Now I have to go through a special process before I say something:
– Censor out
– Check if comment injures someone’s emotions too much
– Check if criticism is allowed

Wtf? Things are so lame now.

Speaking of free and open criticism I’ve noticed that the majority of comments from atheists in the past week have simply been weak ad hominems, straw man, or baseless statements. Atheists’ comments show their uncivilized nature. The atheists who actually try to use arguments come up with the typical laughable weak atheistic arguments. I guess atheists have no ability to question or independently think, all they can do is copy.

It’s the Theist’s duty to teach atheists just as how Jesuit priest astronomers taught the flat square Earth believing Chinese about a round Earth.

Atheists’ comments also show how they value authority and incredulity above everything instead of valuing empirical observations and what’s actually valid or true above everything, thereby entirely ruining science and society.

In modern times science has turned into a laughable popularity contest where those with authority can propose anything unscientific and be taken seriously, and those without authority cannot propose scientifically sound things, being laughed at for simply lacking authority.

Modern day scientist don’t even try to be scientifically sound initially, they try to find authority figures to endorse them or gain authority themselves first. Look at all the things that appear in peer-reviewed journals that do not adhere to the scientific method or even attempt to adhere to scientific method.

Instead of focusing on empirical observations and the scientific method modern day scientists focus on who has authority and who doesn’t, what a joke. Why don’t scientists instead focus on arguing about empirical observations and what’s actually valid and true instead of arguing about who has authority and who doesn’t?

Imagine how far science, technology, and medicine would’ve been if atheists hadn’t ruined science, turning into a popularity contest.

No greater threat has arisen to mankind than the uprising of atheists.

Man I can’t wait to until I have time again so I can come back and entirely annihilate all the atheists’ comments…..



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  1. Anonymous / Nov 20 2017 5:36 am

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    What migһt you suggest in rеgards to yopur publish thwt ʏou simply
    made ѕome days ago? Anny ⅽertain?

  2. Ryan Schick / Jul 17 2014 5:25 pm

    Hey guys I just realized that itsnobody only argues with people he can compete with. What a coward.

  3. Ryan Schick / Jul 16 2014 6:14 pm

    thos website has more haters than viewers. no wonder.

  4. Anonymous / May 21 2012 7:34 am

    You are a fucking idiot. True athiests are all about science! Surely you jest because nobody could be this fucking stupid. I suspect that you must be a troll of the highest caliber. It is spelled Occam by the way you twit.

    • Anonymous / Mar 24 2015 7:11 pm

      You give no reason to back up claim that author is stupid. You just Insult, point out grammatical mistakes, and use profanity. This is sign of ignorance. Please give proof for why author is wrong.

  5. Chris P / Feb 23 2012 12:31 am

    Yep – still a clueless moron. I do science and engineering to design and make stuff.

    You haven’t a clue and offer nothing but word salad.

    “Arguing about who has authority” – Never do that – it’s always about facts. Nobody gets to say “I have more authority so I am right”.

    Learned that at IBM when I was just out of college. Room full of experienced engineers and managers.

    I’d suggest getting out in the world and get a real job in science or engineering and then you might be able to comment. Currently you seem unqualified to discuss the subject.

    • Anonymous / Mar 24 2015 7:07 pm

      Saying author is Unqualified to discuss subject is just another proof of authority figure ideals of atheists

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