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January 26, 2012 / itsnobody

What’s going on here?

I’ve noticed that within the past 3 days my blog has received more than 2,000 views, normally I get around 50-100 views per day.

I’ve also noticed during in the same time period my YouTube video entitled “Atheists/Racists Trying to Take Over” ( got taken down from YouTube for supposed hate speech. I’m guessing that some atheists started crying and got it taken down from YouTube. The video actually had an enormously positive effect and had caused many atheists to oppose racism.

Apparently the low-life YouTube atheist moderators don’t consider videos about the holocaust being a hoax as “hate speech” but they consider a video criticizing racists atheists as “hate speech”….what a joke YouTube has become now that atheists have taken it over.

YouTube at one point use to be a place where people could freely criticize basically anything, but now criticizing racist atheists is considered as hate speech. Eventually once atheists take over YouTube they’ll make it so that no one is allowed to criticize atheists, atheistic arguments, or atheistic beliefs by labeling any kind of criticism as hate speech.

All of the sites, forums, etc… atheists take over turn into an atheist fan site where people are just forced to agree with atheists and not allowed to criticize or question them. Why is this? Well atheists are naturally anti-science fanatics and very strongly oppose free and open criticism, one of the most important principles in science.

Once atheists take over YouTube it’s just going to turn into a lame atheist fan site agreeing contest where everyone either has to agree with atheists, or really agree with atheists. Otherwise if you disagree then it’s considered as “trolling” and “hate speech”.

Even countries atheists take over like Sweden have hate speech laws restricting and limiting free and open criticism. Basically all atheists strongly oppose the idea of free and open criticism. They want it so that certain authority figures subjectively determine what kinds of criticisms should be allowed or disallowed, they believe in limited and closed criticism.

Why should free and open criticism be encouraged and not discouraged like how atheists insist? If something really is true it will stand up to any amount of criticism. The more people question, criticize, and scrutinize things the closer we come to the truth.

But since atheists probably view “seeking truth” as nothing more than philosophical nonsense and a waste of time they probably don’t value the truth or care about the truth. I guess that explains why atheists discourage criticism and label all forms of criticism as “trolling” or “hate speech”.

What atheists value is protecting atheists, atheistic arguments, and atheistic beliefs from criticism and scrutiny, not the truth, so they are essentially anti-science fanatics.

Alhazen, the inventor of the scientific method said: “Thus the duty of the man who investigates the writings of scientists, if learning the truth is his goal, is to make himself an enemy of all that he reads, and, applying his mind to the core and margins of its content, attack it from every side”

Charles Babbage said “Perhaps it would be better for science, that all criticism should be avowed”.

There’s no reason to protect any belief from criticism since any true statement will stand up to any amount of criticism with no problem. If anyone is concerned with learning the truth then they will always allow free and open criticism.

On my blog everyone is allowed to freely question, criticize, and scrutinize anything that I say. People are even allowed to throw insults at me or say anything freely. It doesn’t matter if I personally feel that a criticism is “stupid” or anything like that, I still believe that people should be free to criticize anything regardless of how strongly I agree or disagree with them.

On the other hand, which atheist allows free and open criticism? They are always out to ban and block anyone who questions, criticizes, or scrutinizes them.

What’s wrong with allowing free and open criticism? What’s the harm?

So my question for atheists is: What’s the reason that you’re an anti-science fanatic and strongly oppose, are disgusted with, and disagree with free and open criticism?



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  1. Hey Moron / Feb 6 2012 9:48 pm

    “what a joke YouTube has become now that atheists have taken it over.”

    “Once atheists take over YouTube…”

    So did they take it over or not, smartypants? You can’t even make it three paragraphs without contradicting yourself.

  2. Richard Eis / Feb 6 2012 1:55 pm

    All of the sites, forums, etc… atheists take over turn into an atheist fan site where people are just forced to agree with atheists and not allowed to criticize or question them

    It is bad logic to assume that because a site has moderation policies it has been taken over by the “atheist police” (but as a master of logic you knew that of course). Science does however belong to us, because god is untestable by the very definition of science. I’m afraid you will just have to concede that one. You get church, we get science… and technology… and medicine… and cool new inventions. That’s the way of things.

    Actually I think your next article should be “What I think the definition of an atheist is”. You have spent a great deal of time using the word in subtly wrong ways to the point where it is simply quite easy to say “your definition does not actually match atheism, therefore your arguments against atheism are irrelevent”.

  3. Not an atheist but still / Feb 6 2012 2:42 am

    I don’t get this “atheists are naturally anti-science fanatics and very strongly oppose free and open criticism” idea. Atheists are for science (well I guess more the scientific method) and what it shows to be true in hence for criticism, both free and open as it makes the scientific method complete.

  4. Acleron (@Acleron1) / Feb 5 2012 11:56 pm

    ‘Atheistic beliefs’ ???

    Come back when you find out what the word means.

  5. Chris P / Feb 5 2012 11:06 pm

    Have you stopped beating your wife?

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