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January 25, 2012 / itsnobody

Top 10 Questions for Swedes

Since white atheist Swedes like all atheists are inherently hateful people, the lowest of all human beings, the most disgusting form of life, the worst people, here’s some questions for subhuman Swedes.

The questions are in descending order (from #10 to #1).

#10 – Do you take pleasure in giving angry stares to people all day?

#9 – Do you consider racial discrimination to be racism?

#8 – Do you believe that the holocaust was a hoax?

#7 – Who do you express more hatred towards, Africans or Eastern Europeans?

#6 – Do you think non-white males should be allowed to enter bars or clubs?

#5 – Do you consider anything besides violence towards a certain race to be racism?

#4 – How many rocks have you thrown at Somalians?

#3 – How many Nazis do you personally know?

#2 – Do you think that beating Jews is wrong or immoral?

#1 – Who do you hate more, Jews or Muslims?

No doubt that atheist Swedes are the lowest of the low, that must be why atheists continue to celebrate Sweden, they agree with and support Nazism and racism so strongly that they just can’t stop celebrating Sweden.

Since I believe in non-violence I can only hope that one day some type of natural disaster comes and just kills every single Swede off to the extent that not even one is left living. I can only hope for a natural disaster, unless of course atheists Swedes give up racism, but that’s probably even more unlikely than a natural disaster.

If tomorrow I woke up and saw on the news that a natural disaster had just killed off all Swedes I would be exceedingly happy, just like how I would be happy if I found out that all terrorists, murderers, or rapists died off by a natural disaster.

Is it even possible to drop lower than a Swede?



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  1. rednig / Oct 29 2016 5:46 pm

    Why single out swedes? Carrots, brocoli and turnips are just as bad. Go pick on them for a change

  2. Steve / Oct 25 2016 9:30 pm

    The author accuses an entire nation of racism then wishes they were all dead. Using racism against racism doesn’t equal non racism.

  3. pixelguy10 / Jul 24 2016 5:29 pm

    1. I don’t stare at people angrily all day. Assumptions.
    2. Only assholes don’t.
    3. FUCK NO.
    4. I express no hatred towards them. Islam has its faults as well as Eastern Europe, but who doesn’t?
    5. I do believe they have the right to. It’s funny how you think Swedes are racist when they are known for hating themselves.
    6. Yes, I do.
    7. None. Somalians throw rocks at Somalians, we don’t get involved.
    8. Several. I go on 4chan a lot.
    9. Yes.
    10. I only hate individuals.

    What the fuck makes you think that Sweden is some far-right shithole? Do you not know anything? Also, you called Swedes and Danes subhuman beings and call atheists subhuman beings for being racist. The fuck is up with your hypocritical shit?

  4. Anonymous / Mar 28 2016 10:51 pm

    I thought a belief in non-violence generally meant an affinity for situations in which nobody is brutally killed, regardless of the means, but no:
    “Since I believe in non-violence I can only hope that one day some type of natural disaster comes and just kills every single Swede off to the extent that not even one is left living.”
    Seriously… Look I think you need to get checked out by a psychiatrist, I mean this is certifiably insane. I hear big organizations like to hire sociopaths though, so at least you’ve got a decent job outlook.

  5. Ryan Schick / Jul 27 2014 3:41 pm

    Now itsnobody is judging people by where they live.
    Itsnobody completely ignores that afghanistan and Iraq are FAR WORSE but that’s probably because they are theistic countries.
    Sweden is a great peaceful country and they had pewdiepie.
    You just can’t beat pewdiepie, itsnobody, he’s just way more talented than you.

  6. Letro / Jun 10 2014 5:20 pm

    No reason to be angered by the hateful post of a troll blogger :), indeed, there is no reason to feel threatened in any way, for the absolute majority of people are going to be more sensible, which in turn makes this rather comical.
    /Some evil Swede

  7. J / Jun 23 2012 6:58 pm

    love you

    /from sweden

  8. J / Jun 23 2012 6:36 pm

    love you?

    /from sweden

  9. shane / Feb 22 2012 6:40 pm

    Lol. try not to feel to much hate for the guy who made this post. One day, society will recognise people such as the poster, and exterminate them all. i have faith that society will gain the intelligence and the abilities to hunt down and destroy people like this yankie american asshole who has nothing to do but express hatred on a country thats done far less harm to the world than his own.

    Fuck america. fuck americans and their government. Fuck you america.

    • itsnobody / Mar 5 2012 5:18 am

      Are you a Nazi? It makes sense that you would want anti-racists exterminated.

      lol…far less harm? Your pathetic < 9.5 million country harms all the people they racially discriminate against.

      In Sweden you can beat the hell out of a Somalian right in front of the corrupt Swedish police, they'll probably just laugh.

      But I forgot Swedes don't consider racism as immoral or anything as immoral. The US has done far greater good than harm.

      What a great joy it would be if a natural disaster just came and killed every single one of these people off.

      • Anonymous / Sep 30 2012 6:41 pm

        You are anti-racist. Funny joke. Especially on an article expressing hate to Sweedish atheists, which is definitely racism. And to Shane, I would like to apologize for the ignorant comments posted by itsnobody but I am also insulted by your generalization of America almost as much as itsnobody’s generalization of Sweeden. And as an American I would like to say that bigots like itsnobody do not represent our country or government accurately.

  10. Anonymous / Feb 20 2012 12:48 am

    0/10 Troll harder bro

    • itsnobody / Mar 5 2012 5:47 am

      I don’t care if I troll harder or softer.

      No one really knows why Swedes are such disgusting people, the very very lowest form of life.

      You can find lots of your low-life Swedish friends on Stormfront, the White Nationalist forum.

      Just remain silent in opposition to racism like all your other low-life atheist friends.

      Remain silent, just like how people remained silent in opposition to the Nazis.

      Just say nothing, do nothing, and voice no opposition except for of course accusing anyone who criticizes racists atheists as trolling.

      Don’t become upset that racists atheists or racist atheist countries exist.
      Become upset that someone is criticizing racist atheist countries.

      • Steve / Oct 25 2016 9:34 pm

        nonody really knows why itsnobody is such a hateful person. Maybe he got kicked out of the Black Power movement? Maybe he’s a closet homosexual? Maybe he;s just mentally ill? Who knows.

  11. Anonymous / Feb 17 2012 12:34 pm

    You sound pretty hateful yourself.

    • itsnobody / Mar 5 2012 5:24 am

      Atheists are definitely not going to criticize other racists atheists and racist atheist countries specifically because they want racism to continue on and on.

      So who’s going to criticize this low-life atheist/racist country if I don’t? Definitely not other low-life atheists/racists.

      They’ll just stick with their same argument “Nothing can be considered as evidence that atheists or atheist countries are racist, but anything can be considered as evidence that the US is racist, since I’m an atheist and therefore subhuman in terms of intelligence that makes lots of sense to me”

  12. Agda / Feb 13 2012 8:19 pm

    You are so stupid!!!! Why does racism have anything to do with atheism? And if you lived here you would know that what you saying is totally screwed up… :O

    • itsnobody / Feb 15 2012 11:55 pm

      Racism and atheism don’t have any direct connection, but racism, evolution, and the brain being the mind do have a connection.

      Just ask liberal atheists like James D. Watson, Richard Dawkins, or Richard Lynn about it or Tom Metzger the founder of the Neo-Nazi group White Aryan Resistance.

      Why would I want to live in Sweden for? I’m a non-white male, not female or white-looking. So that means that the only way to escape racism for me would be to pretend to be a visitor, speak English only, or stay inside all of the time.

  13. Anonymous / Feb 8 2012 1:54 am

    As an atheist White Swede, let me answer.

    #10 yes
    #9 no
    #8 a bad joke indeed
    #7 being a Swede I am expressionless
    #6 They should be allowed to club bars or bar clubs, but not the other way around
    #5 no
    #4 one, but I pick it up and reuse it
    #3 I don’t know
    #2 depends on the jew
    #1 depends on the jew or muslim

  14. Richard Eis / Feb 6 2012 2:05 pm

    There is something incredibly amusing about an American complaining of other people’s “supposed” racism.

  15. Penn T. / Feb 6 2012 3:39 am

    This is some kind of parody, right?

  16. Chris P / Feb 5 2012 11:42 pm

    Funny – they have much better living conditions and health care than the people in the USA. They don’t spend all their time fantasizing about guns and killing Muslims and small animals.

    They have better education and by almost every measure are better than Americans. This post confirms that.

    • itsnobody / Feb 8 2012 2:03 am

      Funny, the US has a higher human development index than Sweden (the US is #4, Sweden is #10) and is about a million times less racist.

      But I forgot atheists and Swedes don’t consider racism to be immoral or not peaceful, they only consider violence as not peaceful.

      As for their education, at the most prestigious university in Sweden, Lund University, some white atheist Swedes held a slave auction, I guess that’s what Swedes do with their education, lol.

  17. Roberet Birdwell / Jan 25 2012 10:28 pm

    “UK Muslim tells cops: “I’m going to cut your head off”

    … to Allah’s sadistic word, the Qur’an:

    (graphic video) Sharia law in action
    … beheading according to Qur’an 8:12 + 47:4

    • itsnobody / Jan 25 2012 11:03 pm

      Are you trying to tell me that you hate Muslims more? I’m not interested in the common anti-Islamic rhetoric I hear from low-life atheists in order to justify their hatred against all non-whites.

      Sweden has an extremely low murder rate, one of the lowest in the world, so I guess the Muslims in Sweden must not be murdering much. Switzerland has a higher percentage of Muslims than Sweden and an even lower murder rate than Sweden. The murder rate in Switzerland has actually decreased as the Muslim population has grown in Switzerland.

      The country with one of the highest murder rates in Europe, Latvia, has one of the lowest Muslim populations in the entire world, less than 2,000 (less than 0.1% of the population). The other countries in Europe with the highest murder rates like Estonia and Lithuania also have some of the lowest Muslim populations in the entire world (less than 0.1%).

      I’m not talking about discrimination against Muslims only or whatever, so what’s your point in mentioning the common anti-Islamic rhetoric?

      If the discrimination in Sweden was against Muslims only then I would understand, instead it’s against all non-white males. Swedes simply mention Muslims only because they know that lots of groups already hate Muslims.

      In the US we have the constitution not Sharia law and if a Muslim tells a cop that he wants to behead someone we can send him to Guantanamo.

      I guess the UK is weak.

      • Chris P / Feb 5 2012 11:47 pm

        Right we have the US constitution not CHRISTIAN LAW. You already have your stupid laws on the books. Are you worried about competition from the Muslims?

        You already have “In God we trust” on our money. And that “One nation under God” in the pledge. Presumably you’ll never be satisfied until we have a pure Christian theocracy. However, as I have sated in other posts. you cannot even agree amongst yourselves as to what Christianity is and who really is a Christian. Pitiful. You claim to know about string theory but cannot define Christianity in a form agreeable to all Christians. Clueless.

      • itsnobody / Feb 8 2012 2:08 am

        What are you talking about? lol…this post is just a straw man. When did I ever claim that I wanted to force some kind of “Christian theocracy” onto people?

        What are you referring to when you mentioned defining “Christianity”? Your whole post is just a laughable straw man.

        Personally I believe that religion is something that’s supposed to be private and separate from the government.

        The only one clueless is you, it’s really funny to see how confident and clueless you are at the same time.

    • globalistagenda / Mar 17 2012 4:39 am

      @Roberet Birdwell the circus clown who is using the propoganga techniques of
      misquoting the quran and
      quoting verses out of context to spread hate against Islam. First of let me
      explain Quran 8 : 12 Some
      non-Muslims either through
      ignorance or Islam-bashing
      continue taking the verses of
      the Holy Quran out of context and its history to
      justify their false
      propaganda. In order to gain
      a proper understanding of
      many verses in the Holy
      Quran, it is important to
      understand and know the
      historic context of the
      revelations. So many
      revelations in the Holy
      Quran came down to provide
      guidance to Prophet
      Muhammad (peace be on
      him) and the fellow Muslims
      based on what they were
      confronting at that time. The
      verse 8:12 is one such verse
      which is misinterpreted. The
      verse and its brief
      explanation follows:
      8 : 12 Remember thy Lord
      inspired the angels (with the
      message): “I am with you:
      give firmness to the
      Believers: I will instill terror
      into the hearts of the
      smite ye above their necks
      and smite all their finger-tips
      off them.”
      This verse and the verses
      before and after were
      revealed about the Battle of
      Badr, which occurred in
      Arabia in the early seventh
      century. A battle in which the
      pagans of Makkah traveled
      more than 200 miles to
      Madinah with an army of
      about 1000 to destroy
      Muslims. Prophet
      Muhammad (peace be on
      him) and fellow Muslims had
      suffered severe persecutions
      and torture for 13 years in
      the city of Makkah. And now
      that they had fled Makkah
      and found a sanctuary in the
      city of Madinah, they were
      once again threatened.
      Muslim Army was only about
      300 strong. God Almighty
      gave the order to Muslims to
      fight to defend their lives
      and faith. The enemy came
      to them with the intent to kill
      Muslims. It was a war to
      defend themselves and their
      Faith. It was a war imposed
      upon Muslims.
      And when you fight, you
      strive to kill the enemy
      during the fight.
      However, even during the
      war, Islam has the highest
      moral law of war. You don’t
      kill children, women or any
      one who is not fighting with
      you. See the page on human
      rights here
      You also don’t
      fight, if the enemy wants a
      peace treaty:
      8 : 61 But if the enemy
      incline towards peace, do
      thou (also) incline towards
      peace, and trust in God: for
      He is One that hears and
      knows (all things).
      God Almighty also says in
      60 : 08 God forbids you not,
      with regard to those who
      fight you not for (your) Faith
      nor drive you out of your
      homes, from dealing kindly
      and justly with them: for God
      loves those who are just.
      60 : 9 God only forbids you,
      with regard to those who
      fight you for (your) Faith,
      and drive you out of your
      homes, and support (others)
      in driving you out, from
      turning to them (for
      friendship and protection). It
      is such as turn to them (in
      circumstances), that do
      For the ignorant,
      misquotation is a habit they
      enjoy. Misquoting the Holy
      Quran is a sin and a shame
      for the one who commits
      such an act, as God says in
      the Quran:
      Behold! how they invent a lie
      against Allah! but that by
      itself is a manifest sin! [The
      Holy Quran,4:50]
      And He says:
      Who does more wrong than
      those who invent a lie
      against Allah? They will be
      turned back to the presence
      of their Lord, and the
      witnesses will say, “These are
      the ones who lied against
      their Lord! Behold! The curse
      of Allah is on those who do
      wrong! [The Holy Quran,11:18]
      Imagine if the following
      Biblical paragraph is used in
      the same way the above
      verse is used. Muslims know
      that Jesus, peace be upon
      him, like all prophets, came
      with the message of peace
      to earth. However, a
      misquotation may change
      the whole meaning. Read:
      “34 Do not suppose that I
      have come to bring peace to
      the earth. I did not come to
      bring peace, but a sword.
      35 For I have come to turn ”
      ‘a man against his father, a
      daughter against her
      mother,a daughter-in-law
      against her mother-in-law—“
      KJV-Matthew 10. Hope the
      hate spreader atheist
      Roberet Birdwell has
      understood the true meaning
      of verse 8 : 12 now let me
      explain true meaning 47 : 4 Misquoted Verse on many
      anti-islamic websites like
      Qur’an 47:4 So, when you
      clash with the unbelieving
      Infidels in battle, smite their
      necks until you overpower
      them, killing and wounding
      many of them. At length,
      when you have thoroughly
      subdued them, bind them
      firmly, making (them)
      captives. Thereafter either
      generosity or ransom until
      the war lays down its
      burdens. Thus are you
      commanded by God to
      continue carrying out Jihad
      against the unbelieving
      infidels until they submit to
      Islam .
      Once again a poor
      translation serves the
      purpose of the Islam-haters
      very well. Let us examine a
      more accurate translation
      before analyzing the verse:
      47:4 Therefore, when ye
      meet the Unbelievers in
      battle, smite at their necks;
      At length, when ye have
      thoroughly subdued them,
      bind a bond firmly (on them):
      thereafter (is the time for)
      either generosity or ransom:
      Until the war lays down its
      burdens. Thus (are ye
      commanded): but if it had
      been God’s Will, He could
      certainly have exacted
      retribution from them
      (Himself); but (He lets you
      fight) in order to test you,
      some with others. But those
      who are slain in the Way of
      God,- He will never let their
      deeds be lost. So we now see
      some grievous mistakes
      made in the poor translation
      quoted. 1. The verse makes
      NO mention what so ever of
      “killing and wounding” 2.
      “Thus are you commanded
      by God to continue carrying
      out Jihad against the
      unbelieving infidels until they
      submit to Islam ” is a
      complete addition to the
      verse and is not found
      anywhere in the Qur’an! 3.
      That verse does not use the
      word Jihad at all It is very
      clear that the context of this
      verse is in battle, and when
      in battle the defenders of
      humanity should attack the
      unjust oppressors until they
      are subdued. Professor
      Shahul Hameed comments
      on verse 47:4 by
      sayingImagine if a start to
      attack Christianity or Judaism
      in light of an out-of-context
      verse from the Bible, such as:
      “Now go and smite Amalek,
      and utterly destroy all that
      they have, and spare them
      not; but slay both man and
      woman, infant and suckling,
      ox and sheep, camel and
      ass.” (1 Samuel 15:3)
      Or this verse: “The people of
      Samaria must bear their guilt
      because they have rebelled
      against their God. They will
      fall by the sword; their little
      ones will be dashed to the
      ground, their pregnant
      women ripped open.” (Hosea
      13:16)This is certainly not a
      fair or scientific way to
      understand the Bible nor the
      peaceful message of
      Christianity or Judaism. The
      Quran, like all other
      scriptures, cannot be
      understood except within its
      context. Taking a verse out
      of its theological or historical
      context can lead to
      misinterpretations, often the
      hallmark of extremists. So this fool known as Roberet Birdwell has to answer wheather that muslim in UK and that police officer were in the 7 century battle of badr i am eagerly waiting for his answer.

      • GreenDiamond / Jul 27 2012 5:30 pm

        Geez tht was a boring lesson from the Koran!

        So all of the raping and child molestation that the traveling salesman/profit said that god told him to do was just taken out of context?! Thanks for clearing that up, and here I was thinking tht your man said that it was okay to rape women in front of their husbands (as long as your hand possesses them, meaning the wives) and that he thought it was fine to have sex with a six year old girl (the favorite of his ‘go to girls’). Clearly I am reading your little green book all wrong!

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