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August 6, 2011 / itsnobody

Contributions vs IQ and Child Prodigy

Recently, now that atheists or racists (it’s the same thing) are taking over, contributions are becoming de-valued in their significance and atheists like the one who made this video are even discouraging people from valuing contributions highly. IQ is being valued as worth even more than contributions.

The people who care about IQ the most and value IQ as being worth the most are atheists or racists (it’s the same thing). No other group of people besides atheists or racists value IQ so highly. Nothing is more pleasing to atheists than to hierarchically rank groups based on IQ. All that matters to atheists is IQ and IQ alone. Atheists are terrible people, the worst you will ever find.

So what does IQ measure? IQ measures how well you can answer IQ-style questions using your mind alone (the use of paper, pencil, and other resources is not allowed on IQ tests). That’s all that it actually measures. The higher your IQ score, the better you are at answering IQ-style test questions using your mind alone. The majority of people with IQs of 130 or higher would be able to correctly answer most IQ-style questions if they were given limitless time and allowed to use pencil and paper. Because of this IQ is not really that relevant after it goes above 130. IQ becomes completely irrelevant after it goes above 150 and really really irrelevant when it goes above 170.

What do contributions measure? Contributions measure how much you changed the world, advanced a certain field, and how much you progressed mankind. Contributions involve things beyond and outside of IQ test puzzles, different from mere academic achievements. Contributions are also usually connected to originality and creativity.

No contributions = No human progress

In the past when IQ tests did not exist or were not popular no one really cared about child prodigies or IQ scores.

When someone would say “he’s a genius” in the past they would refer to their contributions that displayed their genius.

In modern times when people say “he’s a genius” they refer to child prodigy and high IQ alone.

If someone contributes absolutely nothing or nothing significant but is a child prodigy or has a very high IQ they will be called a great genius in modern society. On the other hand if someone makes profound great contributions that forever change the entire world, but was not a child prodigy and does not have a super-high IQ they are not viewed as much of a “genius” as non-contributing child prodigies.

When people look up a list of the smartest people of all time today they will usually find estimated IQs of the people from the past or actual tested IQs of people in modern times, and the list will talk rarely about contributions. But why? What’s so special about being able to answer IQ-style questions well and not contribute anything significant?

We can see this trend of valuing IQ and child prodigy as being worth more than contributions in modern times. Just look at someone like Christopher Langan who has contributed virtually nothing but is celebrated in the media for having one of the highest IQs 195-210. Then look at Grigori Perelman, who proved the Poincaré conjecture, but is virtually ignored by the media. Obviously Grigori Perleman has contributed much more than Christopher Langan, yet the media celebrates Langan and completely ignores Perleman. If it is found out that Perelman’s IQ is less than 180 he will not be viewed as that much of a genius anymore. Right now his IQ is unknown and untested.

If Einstein hadn’t contributed anything to physics, but was a child prodigy, with an IQ of 200+, and got all A’s, which physicist would really care? He would just be another fast learner. I wouldn’t care at all.  Look at someone like William Sidis, this guy was probably one of the fastest learners in history, and is estimated to have an IQ of 250-300, but he contributed absolutely nothing significant, nothing at all. Then look at someone like Henri Poincare who flunked an IQ test but greatly advanced and changed physics and mathematics forever. Poincare is usually ranked within the top 10 best mathematicians of all time.

When mathematicians, physicists, engineers, biologists, etc…look back at the history of their fields all that actually matters is contributions, not IQ tests scores, GPA, wealth, child prodigy, or anything like that.

We can see that contributions are worth infinitely more than IQ alone, and far greater in significance.

It should be that IQ has very little worth in society rather than contributions. But in modern times now that atheists are taking over contributions are being completely devalued and losing all their significance.

Being able to answer IQ-style puzzles using your mind alone and not contributing anything is not a sign of genius, but rather a sign of someone who ‘s good at answering IQ puzzles using only their mind or a sign of someone who’s a very fast learner. For this reason IQ should not stand for “Intelligence Quota” but instead “Learning Speed Quota”.  If someone can learn very fast, has a super high IQ, but can’t contribute, they’ll never be viewed as a genius my mind, just simply a fast learner.

It seems that in modern times no one really values contributions as highly as they use to.

What a shame it is that now in modern times if someone makes revolutionary contributions they will be ignored but someone who has an extraordinarily high IQ who contributes nothing will be celebrated as a great genius.

Let us not forget that contributions and contributions alone that forever change this world, forever change the course of human history, forever change people’s lives, and will forever be remembered until the end of recorded civilization.



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  1. Latok Ogre / Mar 18 2016 3:16 am

    ” atheists or racists (it’s the same thing) ”

    Mind boggling stupid and/or dishonest assertion

  2. Vercingetorige / Jul 18 2015 12:11 pm

    oh my god , I was going to write a second message to discuss about the rest of the message , namely iq / contributions etc. , but taking a look at your blog I realize that I lost 10 minutes of life to talk to a mental patient or perhaps a troll ( I hope) , then it is not worth discussing serious topics , although the arguments in the post were interesting ( and also partly right … in part inaccurate ) . However , I ask you this sense of insecurity (which shines through hatred you feel towards atheists ) in front of atheists from where derives ( reminds me of Hitler’s attitude towards the Jews ) . I hope you will understand that you need help and you do care as soon as possible ( no offense ) .

  3. Vercingetorige / Jul 18 2015 11:33 am

    It is understood very well what basis your mental delusions on the simple fact that you know one (or few) people that is both an atheist that racist.

    Your speech is not only a stupid, but also racist in itself and I’ll explain why.

    A person racist, gives for real, his assumption (objectively meaningless) about a group of people that share some characteristics. For example, a white person, racist, can discriminate against a person of color by combining the fact that it is colored to the fact that it is stupid or less as a person, probably implying a cause-effect (although this is obviously association not sense, or you can not prove it, or at least is easily demonstrated the opposite).

    And ‘precisely or your case when you speak of the relationship between atheism and racism with absolute certainty. Already this certainty alone sufficient to suggest that you are an idiot. Been to all the atheists in the world? Apparently you already contradicted by saying that you know a woman atheist color that is not racist. Perhaps what you meant was, “In my humble opinion and according to my modest (and I mean very small) experience, you can (not sure, not likely, but possible) that a good proportion of atheists is racist, or perhaps it is more easy to find a racist in a group of atheists that in a group of believers. ” It would have been your opinion, certainly debatable, but at least placed in an intelligent and above all non-racist, that is respectful towards atheists and so respectable. But it is not so.

    Strange but true, my (limited) experience is exactly opposite to yours. First of all tell you now that I’m an atheist (if we understand God as understood in the Catholic religion, and others), but they are not racist, in fact, are less racist than many believers … and this partly upsets me. My values ​​are certainly due in part to the education that my parents gave me as a person, partly because they consider acceptable and these shared values, and partly to the fact that these values ​​coincide with the teachings of Christ. For a long time not a believer, but that does not mean that it can not share some ways of thinking, or that it should deny all Christian education that I received, but I’ll tell you more …

    Here most of the people are believers, but in life I behave more according to Christian teachings myself, rather than the majority of people who believe in God, and I put in front of all the fact of not being racist! The few atheists I know have a mindset much more tolerant towards different, to strangers, to the less gifted, etc., although here the most widespread religion (Christianity) teach their love for one’s neighbor.

    Yet I can not do all the same brush, in fact I can tell you that my wife is very religious, yet it is the least racist person, smarter and more tolerant I know. I prefer to think that the stupid (or racist) are equally in every group and in every place (then equally between atheists and believers), but my own experience tells me that where there is more ignorance there are more believers, and is under for all to see that the Catholic Church the common idea is to condemn the different (although it should be the other way).

    In fact, just consider the idea of ​​the church against homosexuals to show how silly it was that phrase.

  4. Vore / May 11 2014 6:22 pm

    Atheists, religious and agnostic people are not homogeneous groups to be categorised and generalized in such a way. To categorize and generalize in insulting and spurious ways is how racism came about in the first place. I agree with what you say about genius however. IQ is poor indicator of ‘worth’. Then again we measure worth using other meaningless values just as often in a capitalist society.

  5. Aisy / May 5 2013 6:37 am

    Hadis says : “The best person is a person who benefits others” and “The smartest person is the one who always prepare for his death”

  6. Anonymous / Dec 30 2012 7:48 am

    What world is this? The atheists on this blog are idiots, and the theist is much smarter, but still has some logical fallacies (like equating racists to atheists, although I’m pretty sure that was rhetorical humor, since they are very similar, even though one tends to be a bit stupider than average, and the other slightly above average). The whole race-IQ gap thing is known to not be genetically based, as experiments providing equal nutrition and a stimulating (aka non-ghetto) environment to black kids with mom’s with 68 IQs have been able to get the children’s IQs up to 120. I love how ignorant Atheist is, with his straw-man attack equating IQ to intelligence the same way temperature would be equated to heat (and thus physical properties arising from this). This article, however, is great, because it exposes a trend in the devaluation of qualitative intelligence majors and their replacement with qualitative measures that don’t capture the entire picture. One example of an element IQ doesn’t capture is creativity. Creativity allows for the construction of new ideas, and the ability to approach old problems in novel ways to gain solutions others never could have discovered. It’s more commonly known for being important in things like art, music, theatre, and entrepreneurship, but in reality, much of math and science relies on this ability. Without creativity, Einstein’s theory of general relativity couldn’t have been conceived, as it’s conception required a type of thinking about physics that hadn’t existed prior to then. Additionally, if it weren’t for Tesla’s creativity, we wouldn’t have AC electricity or radio, and we would have needed to attach seperateDC wires from the power station to each home. Einstein’s IQ was supposedly only 160, but he’s done very much. What evidence, aside from useless tests, do we have that Christopher Langan, Marilyn vos Savant, or William Sidis, all three of whom didn’t do incredible things, have even half of Einstein’s true intelligence?

    • Anonymous / Dec 30 2012 7:50 am

      Oops, I put ‘intelligence majors’ where I wanted to say ‘intelligence measures’. Fuck IPhone autocorrect.

  7. Chris P / Feb 9 2012 12:12 am

    There is no argument – you can measure you it you clown. Just as some people are shorter or blacker or whiter or have a higher occurrence of red hair. IQ is currently going down and brains are getting smaller in developed countries because the people with perhaps lower intelligence and more stupidity are able to be revived and repaired after they have got drunk, fell off a cliff or whatever. Atheists have a lower representation in jails than Christians. People with higher IQ’s are less likely to believe in creationism. These are measurable facts.

    Racism is life in the South where whites do not believe in equal treatment of their fellow citizens – as in the provable examples of black farmers being unable to get the same loans as white farmers.

  8. Anonymous / Feb 6 2012 7:48 am


  9. Chris P / Feb 5 2012 11:59 pm

    Reporting factual information about IQ is not racist. Why do you call blacks blacks? Isn’t that racist?

    Calling Italians Italian is racist according to you?

    The good news is that IQ is going down and our brain sizes are getting smaller because we keep idiots alive.

    • itsnobody / Feb 8 2012 2:31 am

      Well at least you can agree that you’re a racist and support Richard Lynn unlike other atheists who refuse to admit that they are racists.

      • Chris P / Feb 9 2012 12:04 am

        How exactly am I a racist? I treat people equally and work with people from many different countries and religions. I think that gays and women should be treated as equals whereas religion spends its time marginalizing them. Provably so.

        Every day we hear news of attempts to take away women’s rights from the religious.

      • Brian / Feb 11 2013 11:30 am

        I have no idea where you people think you’re getting your correlation between atheism and racism. Can you provide me a SINGLE quote from a outspoken atheist that even condones racism of any kind? They all abhor it. In fact I can find you HUNDREDS of christian quotes that are EXTREMELY racist. How about some pictures of some christians wearing their sunday best posing under a bloody, hanging, half charred body of a human being of another color. They went out there to watch torture and lynching of disobedient slaves just for the fun of it. There are hundreds of christian quotes from pastors and priests and christian politicians across the last few centuries who pulled their racism and support of slavery DIRECTLY FROM THE BIBLE. How can you possibly even imagine that the atheists sprouting up everywhere now even have a remotely racist agenda? Give me some quotes. I’m very curious to see these bigot atheists you’re talking about. If they exist I (an atheist) hate them right along with you.

  10. Atheist / Oct 13 2011 2:30 pm

    This was obviously written by an ignorant person. Just by the first sentence one can tell that the author does not know the difference between an atheist and a racist and is very ignorant towards IQ. People that don’t know anything about the subject they’re going to talk about shouldn’t speak at all. This is what makes some atheists(not all) see religious people as closed-minded ignorants. If no one cared about prodigies, then how do most educated people know about them and how did you mention them? Also, IQ tests measure your thinking ability not just for IQ tests. That’s like saying that a thermometer only measures your temperature and nothing else can be determined from your temperature. Of course religious people do not care about IQ tests since they still believe there can be such thing as a divine being that is omnipotent, but answer me this, if God is omnipotent could he create something more powerful than him? Doesn’t make much sense does it? Anyways have fun being an ignorant and keep thinking religion is the same as a race.

    • itsnobody / Oct 14 2011 5:16 pm

      That’s strange, you seemed to agree with everything I said yet claimed that I was ignorant.

      I don’t see any difference between an atheist or a racist (it’s the same thing). Is there a such thing as a non-racist atheist? I’ve never met one, except for one non-white female atheist.

      – “If no one cared about prodigies, then how do most educated people know about them and how did you mention them” – I said when mathematicians, physicists, biologists, and others are looking back at their field all that matters is contributions, not IQ. I said people in modern times do care a lot about useless prodigies and IQ more than contributions just like you do.

      – “IQ tests measure your thinking ability not just for IQ tests” – The conclusion drawn through Ockham’s razor is that IQ measures how well you answer IQ test questions. If you can’t answer IQ-style questions well then you cannot have a high IQ. Anything outside of IQ-style questions IQ does not measure.

      – “That’s like saying that a thermometer only measures your temperature and nothing else can be determined from your temperature” – I never claimed nothing could be obtained from IQ, instead I claimed that IQ was not as important as contributions and that IQ best reflects learning speed or learning ability, not necessarily genius or intelligence, meaning that having a super high IQ alone would only mean that you are a super-fast learner or have great learning abilities (not necessarily a genius or intelligent).

      – You agree that value IQ very highly and don’t care much about contributions just like racists do so why are you arguing with me? I hope you and all your other low-life atheist friends just stop being racist

      – “if God is omnipotent could he create something more powerful than him? Doesn’t make much sense does it?” – This is just a straw man based off a flawed understanding of what omnipotence means. If we define omnipotence as “the ability to do anything that is within the realm of all possibilities” then there is no contradiction or problem. Based off the flawed the atheist definition of omnipotence “the ability to do anything that is possible or impossible” then omnipotence would have to be impossible by definition.

      – “Anyways have fun being an ignorant and keep thinking religion is the same as a race.” – Just a straw man, no where did I claim religion was the same as race or whatever

      In your mind you may view William Sidis as a great genius but I never will. I’ll view Henri Poincare and any other great contributor as a far greater genius than Sidis.

      In conclusion I’ll always view contributions above all.

      Well it’s always a great laugh to see subhuman atheist arguments arising from the subhuman atheist mind. Perhaps I should complete a new article on why society shouldn’t consider racists as human beings.

      The superhuman Theist mind is always superior to the subhuman atheist mind.

      • Anonymous / Nov 19 2011 5:33 pm

        You’re insanely ignorant, “itsnobody”.

        Hopefully you’ll realize that there is no argument to how stupid/smart a person is based on their race or religion.

        Go fuck youself, you retarded moron.

      • itsnobody / Nov 19 2011 7:26 pm

        The EXACT SAME liberal atheist who claims that atheists have higher IQs, Richard Lynn, is the EXACT SAME author of the book “Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis”

        So why don’t you go tell your liberal atheist friends that “there is no argument to how stupid/smart a person is based on their race or religion”

      • Brian / Feb 11 2013 11:50 am

        So how many atheists have you “met?” Can you give a single quote, in context, that supports your view? You haven’t. Oh and your definition of omnipotence is vacuous. You now need to define what you mean by “within the realm of possibilites.” If by that you mean can be proven unlike any singular supernatural event then even black holes are outside of gods realm of omnipotence. Under your definition of omnipotence the miracles attributed to jesus do not fall under the power of god since things like walking on water, changing water into wine, curing the blind without surgery, and casting out demons do not fall under the “realm of possibilites” your talking about. Anyway, where do you get these stipulations? The bible? The bible never talks about the contradictions and paradoxes of the bible. That’s just you trying to square a circle, and quite badly too. There is no god. That’s the answer your looking for. Ask yourself ANY question about all the contradictions and immoralities in the bible and then apply that answer. It answers ALL of them. It’s so simple. There is no god and it was all made up by illiterate prehistoric peasants around camp fires and you fell for it. It’s alright, lots of people have. You’re obviously delusional and fiercely stupid but you’re not the first and won’t be the last and it’s not too late to change.

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