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July 21, 2011 / itsnobody

The rise of the Nazis versus Sweden Democrats

Nazi Party Symbol
  Sweden Democrats

Recently a Nationalist political party called the Sweden Democrats have gained 20 seats in the liberal atheist country Sweden.

So how do the Sweden Democrats compare to the National Socialists (Nazis)?

Well let’s see:

– The Nazis never campaigned on any kind of holocaust or extermination of Jews. Instead they simply campaigned on patriotism, nationalism, and anti-immigration policies. There’s no mention of any holocaust or extermination of Jews in the NSDAP 25-point program. The NSDAP program simply mentions anti-immigration policies and only considering those of German blood as citizens (ethnic Jews were not considered as Germans). They campaigned on making all non-Germans (not just Jews, but any non-German) emigrate back to their own country. Their policies were mostly fiscally liberal.

– The Sweden Democrats never have campaigned on anything like a holocaust. They campaign on patriotism, nationalism, and anti-immigration policies. The Sweden Democrats campaign on placing strong limitations on immigration, forced cultural assimilation, and encouraging non-Swedes to emigrate back to their own country. Most of their policies are fiscally liberal.

– The Nazis were a very radical party initially, they got banned by the German government. Hitler was arrested and jailed for treason. After Hitler came out of jail, in 1925 he tried to re-organize the Nazi party to appear more acceptable to the public, they disavowed any intention to take power by force and began to admit women.

– The Sweden Democrats were a very radical party initially, they almost got banned by the Swedish government, members of the Sweden Democrats use to show up in Nazi uniforms. In 1995 the Sweden Democrats newly appointed leader Mikael Jansson re-organized the party in order to appear more acceptable to the public. They banned members from showing up in Nazi uniforms and claimed to have no problem with immigrants.

– Prior to the Nazis taking over Germany, antisemitism in Germany caused many Jews to flee Germany.

– Prior to the Sweden Democrats winning 20 seats, Jews began fleeing Malmo because of the growing antisemitism in Sweden.

– In 1928 the Nazi party only had 2.6% support and won 12 seats. No one ever imagined that the radical Nazi party would gain any real power in Germany.

– In 2010 the Sweden Democrats only got 5.7% support and won 20 seats in Sweden. No one in Sweden imagines that the radical Sweden Democrats will gain real power in Sweden.

– In 1930 the Nazis gained 18.3% support and 107 seats. From there on the Nazis and Hitler quickly rose to power.

– In 2011 support for the Sweden Democrats grew to 8.5% according to a February 2011 poll.

So anyone else see the similarities?

No one really imagined that a holocaust would’ve ever happen since the Nazi party never mentioned any such thing anywhere at anytime while campaigning. Still even today there are only very few references found of Nazi officials referring to any kind of holocaust.

People remained silent in opposition to the Nazis in Germany. In modern times, will people continue to remain silent in opposition to Nationalism like they did in the past?


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  1. Anonymous / Aug 1 2012 2:33 pm

    antisemitism is largely a result of massive Muslim immigration

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